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Al Ayre Español

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Title: Al Ayre Español  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of early music ensembles, Amadigi di Gaula, Rodrigo (opera), Carlos Mena, Antoni Lliteres Carrió
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Al Ayre Español

Al Ayre Español is a vocal and instrumental ensemble specialized on early music founded in 1988 by Eduardo López Banzo (harpsichordist).

The name of the ensemble was inspired by the title for a guitar Fugue of the Calanda (Aragón) composer, Gaspar Sanz. In this Fugue he indicated the musician to play with "ayre español" (in the Spanish way).

Banzo has done a great deal to restore the Spanish Baroque musical heritage and in recognition of this work, the group was awarded the Premio Nacional de Música by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. In 2004, Al Ayre Español became an orchestra, broadening out their repertory to encompass much of the European Baroque.


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