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Alain Payet

Alain Payet
Born (1947-01-17)17 January 1947
Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France
Died 13 December 2007(2007-12-13)[1]
Paris, France[1]
Nationality French[1]
Other names John Love, Jean Pardaillan, René Houaro, Luciano Agosta,[1] James Gartner, René Ouaro, Alain Paillet, Alan Payet
Ethnicity Caucasian[1]
Occupation Director, Actor, Writer
Years active 1970–2007

Alain Payet (born 17 January 1947, died 13 December 2007 in Paris as a result of cancer),[1] also known under the pseudonyms John Pardaillan, John and Frederick Brasil Amor, James Gardner, James Gartner and Alain Garnier, was a film director of French pornographic movies and erotica.[1]


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    • Selected filmography 1.1
  • Awards and nominations 2
  • Footnotes 3
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Payet began his career in the 1970s, and, for a decade, he served as an assistant director on shoots for Philippe Labro and Claude Vidal.[2] In 1973 and 1974, he oversaw the staging of pornographic comedies produced by Lucien Hustaix, such as Gambling Dens (Les Tripoteuses) or The Pleasures (Les Jouisseuses), before launching himself into the profession with the pseudonym of "John Love".[1]

Not shying from extreme or deviant sexual practices and amateur actors, Alain Payet cast a 287-pound actress, nicknamed Groseille (Currant), in the movie Sexplosion makes black, and he cast the dwarf Desire Bastareaud as the lead actor in films like Les Gourmandes du sexe (The Gourmet sex) and Les Aventures érotiques de Lili pute (The Erotic Adventures of a Little Whore Lili) . In 1985, he launched the fashion of "Hard-Crad" with the film La Doctoresse a de gros seins (The doctor has big tits), which remains one of the best selling erotic video of the 1980s in France.

Alain Payet led, among others, Elodie Cherie, Karen Lancaume, Laure Sainclair, Katsuni and Tabatha Cash.

In the traditional film industry, he produced some B-movies, like L'Émir préfère les blondes (The Emir prefer blondes), with Paul Préboist or, for Eurociné production company,Train spécial pour Hitler (Special Train for Hitler) and Helga, la louve de Stilberg (Helga, She Wolf of Stilberg). His favorite maxim was: "Those who do not masturbate to porn movies are sick".

Selected filmography

Year Title Crew Notes
2007 Section disciplinaire
2006 Yasmine à la prison de femme (VMD)
Urgences Yasmine Lafitte, Katsumi, Oksana D'Harcourt
2005 Oksana-Flic en uniforme (VMD)
2003 Infirmières de charme (VMD)
2002 Les Campeuses de Saint-Tropez
2001 L'Affaire Katsumi
2000 Les tontons tringleurs (VMD)
1999 La Dresseuse Zara Whites
1998 La Marionnette (VMD)
1997 Les nuits de la présidente (VMD)
Labyrinthe (VMD)
Prison (Colmax)
1996 Séances très spécial (Magma)
1995 L'Infirmière est vaginale
Bourgeoise le jour et pute la nuit II (René Chateau)
1985–1995 Petites salopes à enculer Production Cinevog 35 mn
Rèves de cul as Frédéric Brazil (Antarès)
Culs farcis (Penguin productions)
Réseau Baise-Sex opérator as Frédéric Brazil (Punch video) Production Cinevog 35 mn
La directrice aka La directrice est une salope (Penguin) Production Cinevog 35 mn
Elle suce aka Elle suce à genoux (Antarès) Production Cinevog
Cours très privés aka Cours très privés pour jeunes baiseuses (Antarès) Production Cinevog 35 mn
L'infirmière aux gros seins (Punch video) production Cinevog 35 mn
Les aventures érotiques de Lili pute
Prostitution clandestine
Les gourmandes du sexe
1983 L'émir préfère les blondes
1978 Nathalie dans l'enfer nazi aka Nathalie rescapée de l'Enfer
1977 Train spécial pour Hitler
1976 Helga, la louve de Stilberg
1974 Les jouisseuses Lucien Hesaix
Les tripoteuses Lucien Hesaix
Assistant Director

Awards and nominations

Hot D'Or Awards:

  • 1999 winner - Best European Director (Le Labyrinthe)[3]
  • 2000 winner - Best Remake or Adaptation (Les Tontons Tringleurs - Blue One)[4]

Venus Awards:

  • 2003 winner - Best Director (France)[5]

FICEB Awards:

  • 2000 Ninfa Award winner - Best Director (La fete a Gigi - International Film Grup)[6]
  • 2002 Ninfa Award winner - Best Director (Public)[7]


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