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Alex Zakrzewski

Alex Zakrzewski
Occupation Television director and cinematographer
Years active 1995–present

Alexander "Alex" Zakrzewski is an American television director and cinematographer. He has directed episodes of Cold Case, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Numb3rs, and The Wire, as well as worked on several Tom Fontana produced shows including Homicide: Life on the Street, Oz, and The Jury. He is currently married to Renee Berberette.

For The Wire Zakrzewski directed Season 3, Episode 9, "Slapstick", in 2004.[1][2] He returned in 2006 to direct the ninth episode of the fourth season, "Know Your Place".[3][4] Show runner David Simon, who first worked with Zakrzewski on Homicide: Life On the Street, praised Zakrzewski's work on The Wire '​s restaurant scene between Howard "Bunny" Colvin and his students in the episode.[5]


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Year Show Episode Notes
2011 Treme "Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get the Blues?" Season 2, episode 4[6]
2010 Memphis Beat "One Night of Sin" Season 1, episode 5[7]
The Good Wife "Bad" Season 1, episode 13[8]
2008 Life on Mars "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows" Season 1, episode 4
Swingtown "Running on Empty" Season 1, episode 10
Numb3rs "High Exposure" Season 5, episode 1
"Pay to Play" Season 4, episode 17
CSI: NY "Enough" Season 5, episode 6
Cold Case "Shore Leave Season 6, episode 5
"Bad Reputation" Season 5, episode 16
2007 Cane "One Man Is an Island" Season 1, episode 7
Tell Me You Love Me "1.8" Season 1, episode 8
Smith "Six" Season 1, episode 6
The Unit "The Outsiders" Season 2, episode 19
Cold Case "Thrill Kill" Season 5, episode 1
"Stalker" Season 4, episode 24
"8:03 am" Season 4, episode 14
Numb3rs "Tabu" Season 4, episode 8
"Hollywood Homicide" Season 4, episode 2
"Contenders" Season 3, episode 16
2006 "Two Daughters" Season 3, episode 2
"Double Down" Season 2, episode 13
Cold Case "The War at Home" Season 4, episode 2
"Death Penalty: Final Appeal" Season 3, episode 20
"Sanctuary" Season 3, episode 15
The Unit "Off the Meter" Season 2, episode 7
The Wire "Know Your Place"[3][4] Season 4, episode 8
Saved "Cowboys & Independents" Season 1, episode 6
2005 Numb3rs "Judgment Call" Season 2, episode 1
"Counterfit Reality" Season 1, episode 7
The Wire "Slapstick"[1][2] Season 3, episode 9
E-Ring "Christmas Story" Season 1, episode 11
Close to Home "Double Life Wife Season 1, episode 7
Law & Order: Criminal Intent "Unchained" Season 5, episode 4
"My Good Name" Season 4, episode 22
Wanted Unknown episodes
CSI: NY "Recycling" Season 1, episode 12
Cold Case "Committed" Season 3, episode 5
"Creatures of the Night" Season 2, episode 21
"Revolution" Season 2, episode 14
2004 "The House" Season 2, episode 4
"Resolutions" Season 1, episode 18
CSI: NY "Three Generations Are Enough" Season 1, episode 8
The Jury "Last Rites" Season 1, episode 5
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Criminal"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent "Eosphoros" Season 4, episode 5
"Fico Di Capo" Season 3, episode 19
2003 "Pravda" Season 3, episode 5
"The Gift" Season 3, episode 3
"Con-text" Season 2, episode 10
10-8: Officers on Duty "A Hard Day's Night" Season 1, episode 2
The Handler Unknown episodes
Oz "Exeunt Omnes"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Abomination"
2002 "Disappearing Acts"
Oz "Impotence"
Boomtown "Coyote"
Hack Unknown episodes
Crossing Jordan "Acts of Mercy"
2001 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Scourge"
Oz "Medium Rare"
The Agency Unknown episodes
2000 The Beat Unknown episodes



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