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Alpha Sigma Kappa

Alpha Sigma Kappa – Women in Technical Studies® (ΑΣΚ – WiTS) is a social sorority for women in the fields of mathematics, architecture, engineering and the sciences.


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Alpha Sigma Kappa grew out of a Little Sisters of Triangle organization formed in 1983 by University of Minnesota's Little Sister group wanted to continue the formal relationship, and decided that forming a new sorority would be the best way to keep the premise of the original group intact. Alpha Sigma Kappa was created on May 1, 1989 with eighteen founding Sisters:

Sonja (Antolik) Fisher, Nicholie (Olsen) Bufkin, Jacqueline (Dandurand) Seal, Jennifer (Parker) Zylko, Jean Etzell, Cheryl (Perusich) Kussow, Kelly (Gram) Riehle, Jennifer (Holland) Richards, Mara Hollinbeck, Ann (Romani) Felteau, Sharon Kosmalski, Karen (Schlangen) Steele, Sara Krawlewski, Leanne Wolske, Melissa Matschiner, Joan Zak, Donna Monson and Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Alpha Sigma Kappa was founded in the hopes of bringing women pursuing technical studies together in a social setting. Historically, these career fields were dominated by men — at the time the sorority was founded, only 17 percent of the students enrolled in the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota were female. Thus, the presence of an organization dedicated to supporting the few women who entered such fields was greatly needed. Alpha Sigma Kappa believes the need for a sorority that develops, encourages, and supports the academic and social needs of these women is an important aspect to society and the sorority.

Purpose and Quality Goal of Alpha Sigma Kappa

  • Our purpose is to promote friendship, academic achievement, unity within the organization, and philanthropy throughout the community.
  • We are a sorority of women committed to achieving our academic goals and promoting women in technical fields, through leadership, friendship, and support.


Acceptable technical majors for chapter or colony membership are defined in the chapter or colony bylaws. The requirements of these technical majors includes having a minimum of 1/3 of all credit hours in architecture, computer science, engineering, mathematics, the physical sciences, or the biological sciences. In addition, a minimum of 1/6 of all credit hours shall be upper division courses in the aforementioned majors. Physical sciences shall include: atmospheric science, chemistry, earth and space science, physics, astronomy, and other majors as defined by the respective university. Biological sciences include: biology, biochemistry, botany, genetics, microbiology, zoology, and other majors as defined by the respective university. Examples of majors that do not generally meet these requirements are social and behavioral sciences such as sociology, psychology, and kinesiology.

A woman in a graduate program may also be eligible for membership. An acceptable graduate program shall be defined as any acceptable major listed in the chapter or colony bylaws. In the event the graduate program does not possess a corresponding undergraduate program, the graduate program may be deemed technical and acceptable for membership by a 3/4 favorable vote of the active chapter.

Chapter List

Notable Alumnae Sisters of Alpha Sigma Kappa

|- style="vertical-align:top;" class="fn" | class="fn" | Karen (Schlangen) Steele | class="org" style="text-align:center;" | Alpha | class="note" | 1993 All-USA College Academic First Team (USA Today); National Science Foundation | style="text-align:center;" | |- style="vertical-align:top;" class="fn" | class="fn" | Dr. Christine (Tratz) Aikens | class="org" style="text-align:center;" | Beta | class="note" | Assistant Chemistry Professor at Kansas State University; National Science Foundation | style="text-align:center;" |

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