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American Eagle (Standard Comics)

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Title: American Eagle (Standard Comics)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Dynamo (Fox Feature Syndicate), Captain Freedom, Bouncer (Fox Feature Syndicate), Dynamic Man (Dynamic Publications), Spirit of '76 (Harvey Comics)
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American Eagle (Standard Comics)

American Eagle
Publication information
Publisher Standard Comics
AC Comics
America's Best Comics (DC)
First appearance Exciting Comics #22 (Oct. 1941)
Created by Richard E. Hughes
Kin Platt
In-story information
Alter ego Tom Standish
Team affiliations SMASH
Abilities Flight, enhanced strength, and the "fighting qualities of America's national bird"

The American Eagle is a fictional superhero from the Golden Age of Comics. He first appeared in Exciting Comics #22 (cover-dated Oct. 1941), published by the Standard Comics imprint, Nedor Comics. American Eagle was revived by two others comics publishers: first AC Comics, and then by America's Best Comics, by writer Alan Moore as part of his Tom Strong comics and its spinoff Terra Obscura.

Nedor Comics

American Eagle was the secret identity of scientist Tom Standish. While performing experiments for the US government, he was accidentally exposed to a mysterious black ray. The ray gave him the powers of the bald eagle--flight, strength and (of course) patriotism. Standish used his powers to fight the Nazis and other enemies during World War II. He was accompanied by his young companion Bud Pierce who, as "Eaglet", had powers similar to the American Eagle.

Nedor Comics bibliography

The American Eagle appeared in Exciting Comics 22-27, 29-38, 40-47, and 49-50; The Fighting Yank #18; and America's Best Comics (not to be confused with the later DC Comics imprint) 2, 6, 7, 10-12, and 14. The American Eagle's origin was explained in America's Best Comics #2 (September 1942).

AC Comics

AC Comics has reused the Golden Age American Eagle in their revival of the Nedor Comics superheroes. He has appeared in issues of The Fighting Yank, set during the 1950s.

America's Best Comics/DC

The Golden Age version of the American Eagle was also revived by Alan Moore for his Tom Strong comics, published by America's Best Comics (now an imprint of DC Comics). Moore used the Nedor Comics public doman characters to populate Terra Obscura, the alternate universe version of Tom Strong's Earth. In Moore's story, the heroes had been placed in suspended animation in 1969, and were revived 30 years later by Tom Strong. The American Eagle made a brief appearance in Tom Strong #12 (June 2001).

The American Eagle is featured briefly in the Terra Obscura spinoff series. Issue #4 reveals that the American Eagle and Eaglet had been looking for the missing Captain Future, and had traced him to the lair of Dr. X. In the struggle that followed the American Eagle and Eaglet were both killed; their bodies were discovered three years later by the Scarab and the Liberator.

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