Andy Lemaster

Andy LeMaster
Origin Athens, Georgia
Genres Indie rock
Experimental rock
Occupations Singer-Songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Labels Saddle Creek Records
Associated acts Now It's Overhead
Bright Eyes
Azure Ray
Maria Taylor

Andy LeMaster is an American singer-songwriter and producer/engineer from Athens, Georgia. His primary band was Now It's Overhead. LeMaster has engineered, produced, and performed in many of the releases on the Saddle Creek label, including records by Bright Eyes, Now It's Overhead, Azure Ray, Maria Taylor, Orenda Fink, Beep Beep, The Good Life, and Mayday.

In addition to his association with Saddle Creek, LeMaster has recorded and contributed to many other albums since he began producing in the late 90's. He is co-owner of Chase Park Transduction studio in Athens with fellow producer/engineer, David Barbe.

LeMaster is also a talented visual artist, and has done all the covers for Now It's Overhead's records.

Album appearances

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  • Conor Oberst - Self-titled (2008) - Merge Records - Engineering, Mixing, Performance
  • Magnetic Morning - A.M. (2008) - Friend Or Faux Records - Engineering, Mixing
  • Rig 1 - Above the Tree Line West of the Periodic (2008) - Team Love Records - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Performance
  • The Fatales - Great Surround (2008) - Monopsone Records - Production, Engineering, Mixing



  • Elf Power - Self-titled (2010) - Orange Twin Records - Engineering, Mastering
  • Azure Ray - Drawing Down the Moon (2010) - Saddle Creek Records - Performance, Additional Engineering
  • Various Artists - Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine (2010) - Oh Boy Records - Engineering, Mixing
  • Venice Is Sinking - Sand & Lines (2010) - One Percent Press Records - Engineering
  • New Idea Society - Somehow Disappearing (2010) - SHYE Records - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Performance


  • Bright Eyes - The People's Key (2011) - Saddle Creek Records - Engineering, Performance
  • Drive-By Truckers - Ugly Buildings, Whores, and Politicians: Greatest Hits 1998-2009 (2011) - New West Records - Production, Engineering, Mixing
  • Haroula Rose - These Open Roads (2011) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Performance


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