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Battle of the Planets (comics)

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Title: Battle of the Planets (comics)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Gold Key Comics, Gatchaman, David Wohl, Wilson Tortosa, List of G-Force: Guardians of Space episodes
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Battle of the Planets (comics)

Battle of the Planets
Cover to issue #1 of Battle of the Planets, June 1979.
Publication information
Publisher Gold Key Comics
Top Cow Productions
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date Gold Key Comics: June 1979 - October 1980
Top Cow Productions: August 2002 - August 2003
Creative team
Writer(s) Gary Poole
David Wohl
Artist(s) Winslow Mortimer
Wilson Tortosa
Penciller(s) Wilson Tortosa
Inker(s) Erik Ko
Letterer(s) Dennis Heisler
Colorist(s) Shane Law
Editor(s) David Wohl
Collected editions
Trial By Fire Digest ISBN 1-58240-337-6
Destroy All Monsters Digest ISBN 1582403848)

The Battle of the Planets comic book series was based on a television series of the same name. It was originally published by Gold Key Comics, with Top Cow releasing a number of comics more recently.[1][2]

Publication history

Originally released in comic book form by Gold Key Comics in 1979, the series was later revamped by Top Cow Productions with a new twelve-issue limited series starting in 2002.[3][4][5] The series was originally planned as an ongoing comic, but low sales led to its cancellation at issue 12, which ended the series with a cliffhanger. A two-issue mini, Endgame (originally listed as Coup De Gras), was solicited in 2005, and was meant to tie up the loose ends, but never made it to print.

In 2003, there were a number of crossover one-shots starting with Witchblade. This was followed by two crossover issues with the ThunderCats; the first (May 2003) was published by Top Cow and the second (July 2003) was published by Wildstorm.[6][7]

These were followed by a number of other comics: a Battle Book one-shot, one-shots focused on Mark and Jason, and a six-issue limited series called Battle of the Planets: Princess released in 2004, which was written by David Wohl and illustrated by Wilson Tortosa. Top Cow also published three issues of a manga version in 2003–2004.

Top Cow's license is now lapsed, and there are no plans for future Battle Of The Planets works from them, including the unreleased Endgame.

Collected editions

The various series have been collected into a number of trade paperbacks:

The Gold Key series:

  • Battle of the Planets Classics Volume 1 (140 pages, collects Battle of the Planets (1979) #1-10, Dynamic Forces, 2003)

The Top Cow comics:

  • Trial by Fire (collects Battle of the Planets #1-3, 80 pages, Titan Books, March 2003, ISBN 1-84023-607-8, Top Cow, May 2003, ISBN 1-58240-289-2)
  • Blood Red Sky (collects Battle of the Planets #4-9, 144 pages, Titan Books, November 2003, ISBN 1-84023-747-3, Top Cow, December 2003, ISBN 1-58240-323-6)
  • Destroy all Monsters (collects Battle of the Planets #10-12, Mark, Jason and Battle of the Planets/Witchblade, 208 pages, Top Cow, December 2003, ISBN 1-58240-332-5)

Digests of the Top Cow comics:

  • Trial By Fire ('collects Battle of the Planets #1-9 and Mark, 244 pages, Top Cow, January 2004, ISBN 1-58240-337-6)
  • Destroy All Monsters (collects Battle of The Planets #10-12, Battle of the Planets: Manga #1-3, Jason and Battle of the Planets/Witchblade, 248 pages, Top Cow, August 2004, ISBN 1-58240-384-8)

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