Biblioteca Communale (Siena)

Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati
Saint Catherine praying, from Orazioni in volgare italiano, 15th century, Biblioteca Comunale Ms. T. II. 7, f. 161r
Country Italy
Established 1759
Location Via della Sapienza 3, 53100 Siena

43°19′14″N 11°19′46″E / 43.3206°N 11.3295°E / 43.3206; 11.3295Coordinates: 43°19′14″N 11°19′46″E / 43.3206°N 11.3295°E / 43.3206; 11.3295

Size over 500,000

The Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati is the library of the comune of Siena, in Tuscany, Italy.

The library was opened to the public use in 1759 by Sallustio Bandini. The first librarian of the library was Giuseppe Ciaccheri (1724-1804). He was interested in everything related to the arts in Siena. In 1774 the library contained more than thirteen thousand volumes and coins, seals, etc... In 1786 the library received works housed in the Santa Maria della Scala, among them the precious Byzantine lectionary Gospels (designated by 283 on the list Gregory-Aland) already part of the treasure of the same institution (X. IV. 1).[1]


In 1935 the collection of the library was estimated at 120,000 volumes, 86,000 brochures, 820 incunabula, 5,226 manuscripts, 20,000 autographs, and stamps. Currently, the library's collection of printed books and manuscripts is estimated at over half a million units. The archive of the library is divided in twenty-nine series.[1] Special value have documents from the time of Renaissance and Reformation.[2]

It contains documents of Giuliano da Sangallo’s Sienese (ms. S. IV. 8), drawings and manuscripts made by the hand of Antonio di Pietro Averlino called Filarete (Trattato di architettura civile, ms. L. V. 9), Francesco di Giorgio Martini (Trattato d’architettura civile e militare, ms. S. IV. 4, and others), Baldassarre Peruzzi and his school (the so-called Taccuino senese di Baldassarre Peruzzi, ms. S. IV. 7, and others); Spiritual Document of Saint Catherine of Siena (T. II. F - cc. 29-30).[3]

It houses the diary of Luca Landucci.[4]


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