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Boomtown Records

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Title: Boomtown Records  
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Subject: The Getaway Plan, Sounds Like Chicken, Australian independent record labels, Eighth Day Slice/Fiddlin on Ya Roof, Boomtown (disambiguation)
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Boomtown Records

Boomtown Records
Founded 2002
Founder Jaddan Comerford
Status inactive
Distributor(s) Shock Records
Country of origin Australia
Location Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Official website

Boomtown Records was an independent record label founded by Jaddan Comerford in October 2002 and based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2011 the label was rebranded with Staple Management to new company, UNFD.[1]


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The label was established by Jaddan Comerford when he was 18, after being inspired by thriving independent labels like Epitaph Records.[2]

It is incredible how far everything has come. This is literally something I started in my bedroom when I was eighteen. I had just started a degree at university and I absolutely loved music, so I wanted to do something that involved both of those things.
— Jaddan Comerford [2]

After operating the label out of his basement, Comerford moved into an office building in 2005.[2] In March 2006 Comerford established the Staple Group with two arms; that being Artist Management (Behind Crimson Eyes, The Getaway Plan, Horsell Common and Antiskeptic) and Marketing, which focuses on direct, street level and viral internet marketing (with clients including Warner Music Australia and Hurley Clothing).

Boomtown had its first ever 'Boomtown Showdown Tour' in May 2005, showcasing the label’s talent (Behind Crimson Eyes, Wishful Thinking, Angelas Dish and Sounds Like Chicken),[3] which sold out to 800 people in Melbourne. In 2006 the 'Boomtown Showdown Tour' went national with eight shows on the east coast of Australia. The performance in Melbourne, featuring Horsell Common, The Getaway Plan, Angelas Dish, Wishful Thinking and In Fiction, was recorded and released on DVD.[4] The 'Boomtown Showdown Tour' continued in 2007, featuring The Getaway Plan, In Fiction, The Amity Affliction and Elora Danan with thirteen dates across the east and west coasts of Australia, and included the first ever Boomtown Showdown shows in Western Australia.[3][5][6]

Boomtown bands

Behind Crimson Eyes

Behind Crimson Eyes (Melbourne) - Boomtown signed the band in late 2004, releasing the band's debut EP, Pavour Nocturnus in 2005. It entered the Australian Independent Record (AIR) charts at number two. The band's follow up, Prologue: The Art of War/Cherry Blossom Epitaph was also released by Boomtown in 2005, spending eight weeks in the Australian charts and peaking at #81.[7] In August 2006 the band went onto sign with US heavy metal label, Roadrunner Records.

The Getaway Plan

The Getaway Plan (Melbourne) - Boomtown released the band's debut album Other Voices, Other Rooms in February 2008. The album debuted at number 14 on the ARIA charts,[8] number three on the Australian ARIA charts and number one on the AIR charts,[9] where it stayed for over a year. The second single from the album, "Where the City Meets the Sea", peaked at number 28 on the ARIA singles charts.[10] The Getaway Plan were nominated for 'Best Australian Independent Artist' at the 2008 Jägermeister AIR Awards.[11] In February 2009 The Getaway Plan formally announced that it would be disbanding following final performances in March, although they have since reformed and released a new album.

Elora Danan

Elora Danan (Perth) - Boomtown released the band's debut Mini-Album We All Have Secrets in 2007[12] and they toured as part of the Boomtown Showdown in 2007.[3] The band's debut album entitled In the Room Up There was released on 6 March 2009 on Boomtown Records. The label has released two singles from the album "Door, Up, Elevator" and "The Greater Good".[13]

In Fiction

In Fiction (Adelaide) - Boomtown released both the band's EPs, The Four Letter Failure - which reached number 72 on the ARIA singles chart and Ghost which reached number 11. The band's debut album, The Forecast, was released in June 2008.[14]

Horsell Common

Horsell Common (Melbourne) - Boomtown released their debut album The Rescue in September 2007, with the album reaching number six on the AIR album charts.[15] The first single from the album, "Satellite Wonderland", reaching number one on the AIR singles chart.[16]

Mere Theory

Mere Theory (Adelaide) - In June 2007 Boomtown signed Mere Theory and released their debut album 'Catalan Atlas' in September 2007.[17]

Boomtown Records also have exclusive deals for the Australian releases of American artists Blackpool Lights, Lifetime,[18] Copeland and Jonah Matranga.

List of artists

Current We Are Unified roster


One-Off International Releases

Boomtown releases

Cat. # Artist Title Format Release Date
BTR001 Wishful Thinking Standing Still (2003) CD/LP First official Boomtown release
BTR002 Wishful Thinking I Don't Need You (2003) CD Single
BTR003 Sounds Like Chicken Global Domination (2003) CD Single
BTR004 Wishful Thinking Kicking Goals, Banging Gongs and High Fives All Round! (2004) CD/LP
BTR005 Sounds Like Chicken ...Like a Cannonball to the Ocean Floor (2004) CD/LP Debut Album
BTR006 Various Artists Attack of the Bee Killers (2004) CD Compilation
BTR007 Behind Crimson Eyes Pavour Nocturnus (2005) CD/DVD Boomtown’s Breakthrough Artist & Release
BTR008 Angelas Dish Lie Die (2005) CD/EP Debut EP
BTR009 Wishful Thinking "The Day You Went Away" (2005) CD Single
BTR010 Sounds Like Chicken "Take a Bullet to the Grave" (2005) CD Single
BTR011 Behind Crimson Eyes Prologue: The Art of War/Cherry Blossom Epitaph (2005) CD Single Double A-side Single
BTR012 The Getaway Plan Hold Conversation (2006) CD/EP Debut EP
BTR013 Angelas Dish My Body Is An Ashtray (2006) CD/EP
BTR014 In Fiction The Four Letter Failure (2006) CD/EP Debut EP
BTR015 Wishful Thinking You Never See It Coming (2006) CD/EP
BTR016 Jonah Matranga The Three Sketchys (1999-2005) (2006) CD/LP First International Release
BTR017 Horsell Common Satellite Wonderland (2006) CD/EP
BTR018 Various Artists Boomtown Showdown 2006 (2006) DVD First Official Boomtown Showcase
BTR019 In Fiction Ghost (2007) CD/EP
BTR020 Behind Crimson Eyes Scream Out Your Name to the Night (2007) Re-Release CD/DVD
BTR021 Copeland In Motion (2007) CD/LP
BTR022 Mere Theory "Gracefully" (2007) 7" Debut Single with B-Sides
BTR023 Mere Theory Catalan Atlas (2007) CD/LP Debut Album Release on 1 September 2007
BTR024 Elora Danan We All Have Secrets (2007) Mini-Album [EP] Debut Release on 18 August 2007
BTR025 Blackpool Lights This Town's Disaster (2007) CD/LP Album Release on 18 August 2007
BTR026 Horsell Common "Good from Afar" (2007) CD Single Single Released 1 September 2007
BTR027 Horsell Common The Rescue (2007) CD/LP Debut Album Released 29 September 2007
BTR028 Lifetime Lifetime (2007) CD/LP Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen / Boomtown Records
BTR029 The Getaway Plan "Streetlight" (2007) CD Single First Single from 'Other Voices, Other Rooms'
BTR030 The Getaway Plan Other Voices, Other Rooms (2008) CD/LP Debut Album Released 9 February 2008
BTR031 The Getaway Plan "Where the City Meets the Sea" (2008) CD Single Second Single from 'Other Voices, Other Rooms'
BTR032 In Fiction Liar, Liar (2008) CD/EP
BTR033 In Fiction The Forecast (2008) CD/LP Debut album
BTR034 A Year to Remember (Wherewolves) Targets (2008) CD/EP Debut album
BTR036 The Amity Affliction Severed Ties (2008) CD/LP Debut album


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