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Title: Borjgali  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Bolnisi cross, Zan people, Kartvelian languages, Flag of Georgia (country), Armenian eternity sign
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Borjgali (Sun with seven rotating wings over the Christian Tree of Life and is related to the Mesopotamian symbols of eternity. It is usually depicted within the circle that symbolizes the Universe. The roots of the Tree go into the "past" and its palm-like branches are for the "future". The Tree itself symbolizes the continuity between past, present and the future. The Borjgali is usually placed above the tree and symbolizes the Sun, eternal movement and life.


The term "Borjgali" is believed to derive from Megrelian word “ბარჩხალი” ("barchkhali"), which literally means "strong shining". Some other scholars believe that it has different origins. In old Megrelian "borj" means "time" and "gal" means "pass" or "flow". So the whole phrase would mean "the flow of time".

Modern usage

Georgian rugby player with Borjgali on his shorts and shirt

Nowadays, the symbol is used in Georgian IDs and passports, as well as on


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