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Caddo Public Schools (Louisiana)


Caddo Public Schools (Louisiana)

Caddo Public Schools is a school district based in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States. The district serves all of Caddo Parish.

Its founding superintendent was Clifton Ellis Byrd, a Virginia native, who assumed the chief administrative position in 1907 and continued until his death in 1926. C.E. Byrd High School, which was established in 1925 and is located on Line Avenue in Shreveport, bears his name.

A former Caddo Parish school superintendent, Walter C. Lee of Shreveport, has been since 1991 a member of the elected Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

In 1970, the first three Republicans of the 20th century were elected to the Caddo Parish School Board, Joel B. Brown, E. L. "Ed" McGuire, and Billy Guin, later the last of the Shreveport municipal utility commissioners. Among those elected with Brown, McGuire, and Guin was Pike Hall, Jr., a Shreveport attorney who later served on the state appeal court and the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Another former board member, Mike Powell, was the District 6 state representative from 2004 to 2007.


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Secondary schools

High schools

Middle schools

Elementary/ Middle Schools

  • Herndon Magnet School (K-8)
  • Keithville Elementary/Middle School (PreK-8)
  • Turner Elementary/6th Grade Academy (PreK-6)
  • Oil City Environmental Sciences Magnet School (K-8 - Year-Round Calendar)
  • Oak Park Micro-Society/ Middle Magnet School (Magnet Status as of Fall 2014 - Former Bethune Campus)
  • J.S. Clark Elementary/ 6th Grade Academy (PreK-6)
  • Vivian Elementary/Middle School (PreK-8)
  • Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School (PreK-8)

Primary schools

A.C. Steere Elementary School on Youree Drive in Shreveport is built in Mediterranean-style architecture.
  • Arthur Circle Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Atkins Technology Elementary Technology School (PreK-3 as of Fall 2014)
  • Barret Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Blanchard Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Caddo Heights Elementary School (PreK-3 Grade as of Fall 2014)
  • Cherokee Park Elementary School (PreK-6 as of Fall 2014)
  • Claiborne Fundamental Elementary School (K-5)
  • Creswell Elementary School (PreK-5 & ESL Program)
  • Eden Gardens Fundamental Elementary School (K-5)
  • Eighty-First Street ECE
  • Fairfield Elementary Magnet School (K-5)
  • Forest Hill Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Judson Fundamental Elementary School (K-5)
  • Midway Elementary Professional Development School (PreK-3 as of Fall 2014)
  • Mooretown Elementary PDS (PreK-3 as of Fall 2014)
  • Mooringsport Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • North Highlands Elementary School (K-5)
  • Northside Elementary School (PreK-6 as of Fall 2014)
  • Pine Grove Elementary School (PreK-6 as of Fall 2014)
  • Queensborough Elementary School (PreK-6 as of Fall 2014)
  • Riverside Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Shreve Island Elementary School (PreK-5) Year-Round Campus
  • Southern Hills Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • A. C. Steere Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • South Highlands Elementary/Magnet (K-5)
  • Summerfield Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Summer Grove Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Sunset Acres Elementary School (4-6th Grade Academy as of Fall 2014)
  • J. P. Timmons Elementary School (K-5)
  • University Elementary School (PreK-5)
  • Werner Park Elementary School (4-6th Grade Academy as of Fall 2014)
  • Westwood Elementary School School (PreK-6 as of Fall 2014)
  • E. B. Williams Stoner Hill Elementary School (PreK-5)

Unique schools

  • Caddo Career & Technology Center
  • Ombudsman (Caddo North, South, East and West Campuses)
  • Pathways in Education (Grades 7-12)
  • Rutherford House (Caddo Accelerated Remedial Effort)
  • Academic Recovery and Career Discovery Center (Ingersoll Campus)
  • Alexander Learning Center
  • Magnolia Charter School of Excellence

Current staff

  • Dr. T. Lamar Goree, Superintendent
  • Mr. Keith Burton, Academic Affairs
  • Mr. James Lee, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. James Woolfolk, Chief Operations Officer
  • Dr. Mary Nash Robinson, Chief of Staff

See also

External links

  • Caddo Public Schools
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