Canton of doullens

Coordinates: 50°9′27″N 2°20′29″E / 50.15750°N 2.34139°E / 50.15750; 2.34139

Canton of Doullens
French canton
Country France
Region Department Arrondissement Amiens
Seat Doullens
Communes 14
 • Total 159.55 km2 (61.60 sq mi)
Population (1999)
 • Total 13,158
 • Density 82/km2 (210/sq mi)
Cantonal code 80 21
¹ French Land Register data, which exclude estuaries, and lakes, ponds, and glaciers larger than 1 km2.

The Canton of Doullens is a canton situated in the department of the Somme and in the Picardie region of northern France.


The canton is organised around the commune of Doullens in the arrondissement of Amiens. The altitude varies from 47m at Hem-Hardinval to 174m at Lucheux for an average of 97m.


The canton of Doullens comprises 14 communes and a total of 13,158 inhabitants (census of 1999, without double counting).

Demographic Composition
Commune Population Post Code INSEE Code
Authieule 356 80600 80044
Beauquesne 1176 80600 80070
Beauval 2243 80630 80071
Bouquemaison 485 80600 80122
Brévillers 87 80600 80140
Doullens 6279 80600 80253
Gézaincourt 466 80600 80377
Grouches-Luchuel 472 80600 80392
Hem-Hardinval 278 80600 80427
Humbercourt 279 80600 80445
Longuevillette 60 80600 80491
Lucheux 568 80600 80495
Neuvillette 179 80600 80596
Terramesnil 230 80600 80749


1962 1968 1975 1982 1990 1999
12865 13905 14152 13755 13556 13158
Census count starting from 1962 : Population without double counting

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