Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis
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OMIM eMedicine MeSH D002178

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis[1] is an immune disorder of T cells.[2] It is characterized by chronic infections with Candida that are limited to mucosal surfaces, skin, and nails.[3]:310 However, it can also be associated with other types of infections, such as human papilloma virus.[4]

An association with chromosome 2 has been identified.[5]

Types include:

Type OMIM Gene Locus
CANDF1 114580  ? 2p
CANDF2 212050 CARD9 9q34.3
CANDF3 607644  ? 11
CANDF4 613108 CLEC7A 12p13.2-p12.3
CANDF5 613953 IL17RA 22q11
CANDF6 613956 IL17F 6p12

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