Church and dwight

Church & Dwight
Industry Dental, Medical
Founded 1847: as John Dwight and Company
1896: as Church & Dwight, Co.
Founder(s) John Dwight
Headquarters Ewing, New Jersey, U.S.
Key people James R. Craigie, CEO
Matthew T. Farrell, CFO
Bruce F. Flemming, CMO
Products Laundry detergent
Baking soda
Pregnancy tests
Revenue $2.6 billion (2011) [1]
Employees 3,600 (as of 2010) [2]
Divisions Arm & Hammer, Nair
First Response, OxiClean

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. is a major U.S. manufacturer of household products that is based in Ewing, New Jersey. While it manufactures many items, it is by far best known for its Arm & Hammer line which includes baking soda and many other items made with it.

Church & Dwight was ranked 723 in the Fortune 500 listing of companies in 2010.[3]


The company was founded in 1896 to unify two companies created by John Dwight of Massachusetts and his brother-in-law, Austin Church of Connecticut. Their partnership had begun in 1846 with the two founders selling sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) that they refined in Dwight's kitchen.[4]

While the brand name was not based on his name, the late Armand Hammer was a minority shareholder in Church and Dwight in his later years and served on the company's board of directors.

The company's UK arm is based in Folkestone, Kent.


Church and Dwight's brands include:

  • Aim Toothpaste (acquired in 2003 in the U.S. from Unilever)
  • Answer
  • Arm & Hammer
  • Arm & Hammer Spinbrush (known until 2009 as Crest Spinbrush; acquired in 2006 from Procter & Gamble)
  • Arrid (acquired in 2001 from Carter-Wallace)
  • Auro-Dri (acquired in 2008 from Del Pharmaceuticals)
  • Cameo
  • Carter's Laxative (originally known as Carter's Little Liver Pills and later as Carter's Little Pills, acquired in 2001 from Carter-Wallace)
  • Close-Up (licensing rights acquired in 2003 in the U.S. from Unilever)
  • Delicare
  • First Response (acquired in 2001 from Carter-Wallace)
  • Gentle Naturals (acquired in 2008 from Del Pharmaceuticals)
  • Kaboom, a tile cleaner (through merger in 2006 with Orange Glo International)
  • Lady's Choice
  • L'il Critters
  • Mentadent (acquired in 2003 in the U.S. from Unilever)
  • Nair (acquired in 2001 from Carter-Wallace)
  • Nice'n Fluffy (through merger in 2001 with USA Detergents)
  • Orajel (acquired in 2008 from Del Pharmaceuticals)
  • Orange Glo (through merger in 2006 with Orange Glo International)
  • OxiClean (through merger in 2006 with Orange Glo International)
  • Parsons
  • Pearl Drops (acquired in 2001 from Carter-Wallace)
  • Pepsodent (acquired in 2003 in the U.S. from Unilever)
  • Rain Drops
  • Rigident
  • RUB A535
  • Scrub Free
  • Sedomy Lite
  • SnoBol (toilet cleaner)
  • Trojan Condoms (acquired in 2001 from Carter-Wallace)
  • Vitafusion
  • Xtra laundry detergent (through merger in 2001 with USA Detergents)


Further reading

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  • Church and Dwight website
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