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Czech Republic–Republic of Macedonia relations


Czech Republic–Republic of Macedonia relations

Czech-Macedonian relations refers to the bilateral political relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Macedonia. Republic of Macedonia has an embassy in Prague, whilst the Czech Republic has a consular agency in Skopje.

Bilateral relations are excellent and besides the fact that Macedonia became an independent country only in 1991, Czech-Macedonian relations have a long tradition.[1][2]


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Historical relations

Before 1991, much of the relations occurred in the context between Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

Between the two world wars, from 1924 to 1938, the Czechoslovak Republic had a consulate in Skopje, which in that period was (as was the whole of today's Republic of Macedonia) a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The Czechoslovak consul in Skopje in 1928, Vladimír Znojemský, underlined in his reports the existence of a Macedonian nation in Macedonia, which is "different from what the others are, whose people speak a different language and feel different".[2][3]

In the period between 1918 and World War II Czechoslovakia supported the several Macedonian initiatives on recognition of the Macedonian nation.[2] At that time, the Macedonian nation was not recognized by the authorities of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Instead, the Macedonians were regarded as (Southern) Serbs.

In 1968, when the Warsaw Pact invaded Czechoslovakia, the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (at that time a republic within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) supported Czechoslovakia.[2] A lot of manifestations were held throughout Macedonia in order to support Czechoslovakia and to protest against what was happening.[2]

Relations today

The Czech Republic offers continuous support to the Republic of Macedonia considering the country's accession to the European Union and NATO, which is among the top strategic priorities of Macedonia.[1]

The cooperation in the field of economy between Macedonia and the Czech Republic is good and improving. The level of trade exchange between the two countries shows a positive trend.[1] Many companies from the Czech Republic have so far invested in Macedonia.[1]

Other spheres of good cooperation between the two states are tourism and education.[1]

The Czech Republic is also a country that recognizes Macedonia under its constitutional name Republic of Macedonia[4][5] and supports it in the name row with Greece.[6] The Czech Republic therefore is one of 131[7] states in total, which have also recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name.

Diplomatic representations

The embassy of the Czech Republic in Macedonia was opened in September 2006 and is located in Skopje.[8] The Macedonian embassy in the Czech Republic, which was opened in January 2008, is in the capital Prague.[2][8]

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