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Daiyūzan Line

Daiyūzan Line
Type 5000 train of Izu Hakone Daiyūzan Line
Type Commuter rail
Locale Kanto region
Termini Odawara
Stations 12
Opened 1925
Owner Izuhakone Railway
Line length
No. of tracks single
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 VDC overhead catenary

The Daiyūzan Line (大雄山線 Daiyūzan-sen) is a commuter railway line of the Izuhakone Railway, a private railroad in Japan. The line connects Odawara Station in the city of Odawara to the Daiyūzan Station in the city of Minamiashigara, both within Kanagawa Prefecture.


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The Daiyūzan Line was originally built to carry pilgrims from Odawara city to the Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple of Saijō-ji (最乗寺), more popularly known by its mountain name of "Daiyūzan". As originally planned, the line was to have extended to Yamakita, where it would have connected to the Gotemba Line. Construction began on June 2, 1922. The first phase of construction, connecting Kari-Odawara Station (仮小田原駅) with Daiyūzan Station was completed on October 15, 1925. The terminal station was moved from Kari-Odawara to Shin-Odawara Station on April 10, 1927 and finally to Odawara Station on June 16, 1935, at which time both Kari-Odawara and Shin-Odawara stations were closed. The Daiyūzan Line was merged with the Sunzu Line on August 23, 1941, and became part of the Izuhakone Railway in June 1957. From November 25, 1976, the power rating on the line was raised from 600 Volts to 1500 Volts. Automatic wicket gates were installed on all stations by 2003 and were upgraded to accept both the Suica and PASMO IC Card systems by 2007.


No. Station in Japanese km from Odawara Transfar Lines Location
ID01 Odawara 小田原駅 - 0.0 JR East: Tōkaidō Main Line
JR Central: Tōkaidō Shinkansen
Odakyu Electric Railway: Odawara Line
Hakone Tozan Railway: Hakone Tozan Line
Kanagawa Prefecture
ID02 Midorichō 緑町駅 0.4 0.4  
ID03 Isaida 井細田駅 1.0 1.4  
ID04 Gohyakurakan 五百羅漢駅 0.9 2.3  
ID05 Anabe 穴部駅 0.8 3.1  
ID06 Iidaoka 飯田岡駅 1.2 4.3  
ID07 Sagami-Numata 相模沼田駅 0.7 5.0   Minamiashigara
Kanagawa Prefecture
ID08 Iwahara 岩原駅 1.0 6.0  
ID09 Tsukahara 塚原駅 0.3 6.3  
ID10 Wadagahara 和田河原駅 1.9 8.2  
ID11 Fujifilm-Mae 富士フイルム前駅 0.9 9.1  
ID12 Daiyūzan 大雄山駅 0.5 9.6  

Line Data


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External links

  • Izuhakone Railway home page (Japanese)
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