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Dargwa language

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Title: Dargwa language  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Dargin languages, Chirag language, Kajtak language, Kubachi language, Itsari language
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Dargwa language

дарган мез dargan mez
Native to Russia
Region Dagestan
Ethnicity Dargins
Native speakers
485 758  (2010 census)
Official status
Official language in
 Dagestan (Russia)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 dar
Glottolog darg1241[1]

The Dargwa or Dargin language is spoken by the Dargin people of the Russian Dagestan republic. It is the literary and main dialect of the dialect continuum constituting the Dargin languages. The four other languages in this dialect continuum (Kajtak, Kubachi, Itsari, and Chirag) are often considered variants of Dargwa. Ethnologue lists these under Dargwa, but recognizes that these may be different languages. Its people are Sunni Muslims. Dargwa uses a Cyrillic script.

According to the 2002 Census, there are 429,347 speakers of Dargwa proper in Dagestan, 7,188 in neighbouring Kalmykia, 1,620 in Khanty–Mansi AO, 680 in Chechnya, and hundreds more in other parts of Russia. Figures for the Lakh dialect are 142,523 in Dagestan, 1,504 in Kabardino-Balkaria, 708 in Khanty–Mansi.




Consonant phonemes of Dargwa[2]
Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Epi-
Nasal m n
Plosive voiced d ɡ ɢ ʡ
voiceless p t k q
ejective ʡʼ
Affricate voiced d͡z d͡ʒ
voiceless t͡s t͡ʃ
ejective t͡sʼ t͡ʃʼ
Fricative voiceless f s ʃ ç x
voiced v z ʒ ɣ ʁ ɦ
Trill r
Approximant l j
  • Note that the source is rather ambiguous in its using the term laryngeal for a row of radical consonants that includes both a voiced and a glottalic (i.e. ejective) plosive. A voiced glottal plosive cannot be made, because the glottis needs to be closed. Pending clarification, this row has been transcribed here as the epiglottal and glottal columns.


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