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Elizabeth Hay, Countess of Erroll


Elizabeth Hay, Countess of Erroll

Elizabeth FitzClarence
Born (1801-01-17)17 January 1801
Died 16 January 1856(1856-01-16) (aged 54)
Edinburgh, Scotland[1]
Title Countess of Erroll
Spouse(s) William Hay, 18th Earl of Erroll

Elizabeth Hay, Countess of

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British Prime Minister David Cameron is a fourth great grandson of Elizabeth Hay, thus making him the fifth cousin, twice removed to Queen Elizabeth II according to Debrett's.[9]

  • Lady Alice Mary Emily Hay (7 July 1835 – 7 June 1881), wed to Charles Edward Louis Casimir Stuart (1824–1882; known also popularly as Count d'Albanie)[5] nephew of fraud John Sobieski Stuart, was the final child and daughter of the Hays.

Elizabeth and William Hay together had four children.[7]

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[1].Edinburgh, Scotland She died in [6] and kept a stone thrown at her father William IV and the gloves he wore on opening his first Parliament as mementos.House of Dun Hay is pictured in a FitzClarence family portrait in [5][4]

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