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Emperor of the Sea

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Title: Emperor of the Sea  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Soo Ae, Baek Sung-hyun, List of soap operas, Sea God, 2005 South Korean television series endings
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Emperor of the Sea

Emperor of the Sea
Poster of Emperor of the Sea.
Title card of the series
Also known as Sea God or Hae-sin
Genre Period drama
Based on Hae-sin 
by Choi In-ho
Written by Jung Jin-ok
Hwang Joo-ha
Directed by Kang Il-soo
Kang Byung-taek
Starring Choi Soo-jong
Chae Shi-ra
Song Il-gook
Soo Ae
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 51
Running time Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:50 (KST)
Original channel Korean Broadcasting System
Original run November 24, 2004 (2004-11-24) – May 25, 2005 (2005-05-25)
Preceded by A Second Proposal
Followed by Resurrection
Emperor of the Sea
Hangul 해신
Hanja 海神
Revised Romanization Hae-sin
McCune–Reischauer Hae-sin

Emperor of the Sea (Hangul: 해신; RR: Hae-sin; literally "Sea God") is a South Korean television drama series starring Choi Soo-jong, Chae Shi-ra, Song Il-gook and Soo Ae. It aired on KBS2 from November 24, 2004 to May 25, 2005 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:50 for 51 episodes. The period drama is based on Choi In-ho's 2003 novel Hae-sin, which depicts the life of Jang Bogo, who rises from a lowly slave to a powerful maritime figure who dominated the East Asia seas and international trade during the Unified Silla Dynasty.[1][2]

The series was received extremely well, holding the number one spot in the ratings for majority of the weeks it aired.[3][4][5] It was also exported to eight countries earning approximately US$1.8 million in profits.[6]

The filming set in Wando County, South Jeolla Province also became a tourist attraction.[7][8]


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Jang Bogo (Choi Soo-jong) rises from a lowly slave to the military commander of the sea during the Unified Silla Dynasty. Along the way, he battles pirates, and engages in a heated rivalry with Madam Jami (Chae Shi-ra), a Silla noble who squares off against Jang Bogo for trade rights in the South Sea. Yeom Jang (Song Il-gook), Jang Bogo's charismatic comrade, supports Jang in his ascension to become the "Emperor of the Sea." But Yeom Jang competes with Jang for the love of Lady Jung-hwa (Soo Ae).

Cast and characters

Jang Bogo is an historical figure who virtually dominated the seas of the East Asia (hence name "Sea God" or "Emperor of the Sea") and international trade from Tang China and Japan to the North China sea during the time of Unified Silla Dynasty.
Gungbok starts from lowest social class as a slave on the docks of Cheonghae. Gungbok lost his mother to pirates when he was young. His father was a slave carpenter in Police Office of Cheonghae. Working hard in the rough dock, Gungbok soon masters the sea and has the knack of building ships. Faced with challenges, he becomes calmer and bolder. Both Gungbok and his mate Nyeon learn martial arts from certain Choi Moo-chang. Such abilities helped him to rise from a gladiator to a security guard, military head of Muryongun and then ambassador of Cheonghae. As a part of this, he eliminated the pirates by installing Cheonghaejin on Wando, which is a geographically important sea route. With his clever battle strategies, he is able to defeat the army led by Madam Jami and install the true ruler of Korea. However, even after repeated requests by the king, he refuses the high positions. After the king is assassinated by the cunning Kim Yang, he prepares the army to lead a final assault and remove the corrupt ministers appointed by Kim Yang.
At the end, Consul Jang Bogo is fatally stabbed in his office with a concealed knife by Yeom Jang. Jang Bogo accepts his death without any resistance, and his body is found at midnight by Nyeon, Choi Moo-chang and Jung-hwa. Even after his death, his army fights to the last man as a mark of respect.
A Silla noble and businesswoman. She first plays a role in Lady Jung-hwa's destiny. But as the story progresses, her grudges towards Jang Bogo leads to her downfall, and her life ends in tragedy.
Raised by pirates, young Yeom Moon brandished short knives with remarkable skill and accuracy. Later in the story, he is captured by Jang Bogo, and receives the harshest punishment of branding as a pirate, and his forehead bears the burn mark. He is eventually released from prison by Kim Yang. For this, he trains Kim Yang's men in martial arts and leads the assault against Madam Jami's men, when they temporarily reconcile with Jang Bogo. He is later appointed the head of the king's bodyguards. With war looming against Jang Bogo, he visits Cheonghae to defuse the situation. He promises Kim Yang that if the need arises, he will assassinate him, provided Kim spares Jang Bogo's wife Jung-hwa and the people of Silla. During their meeting, he tries his best to deviate Jang from his attack, but Jang has made up his mind to put an end to the ineffective and corrupt ministers in the king's council. In the end, he betrays Jang Bogo and kills him. He receives a jolt after the assassination, when Kim Yang launches an attack on Silla. Imprisoned by Kim Yang, he escapes from custody and helps Jung-hwa escape the massacre. He is killed by a shower of arrows fired by Kim Yang's army.

Extended cast

  • Kim Heung-soo as Jung Nyeon
    • Ahn Jae-hong as young Jung Nyeon
  • Park Yeong-gyu as Seol-pyeong
  • Chae Jung-an as Lady Chae-ryeong
  • Kim Ah-joong as Baek Ha-jin
  • Lee Won-jong as Choi Moo-chang
  • Kim Kap-soo as Lee Do-hyeong
  • Jo Dal-hwan as Lee Soon-jong
    • Heo In-beom as young Soon-jong
  • Jung Sung-hwan as Chang-kyeom (Jung-hwa's brother)
  • Lee Hee-do as Mak Bong (Soon-jong's father)
  • Kang Sung-pil as Jong Dal
  • Jung Ho-keun as Dae Chi
  • Park Jung-hak as Neung Chang
  • Go Do-young as Da Bok
    • Lee Eun-hye as young Da Bok
  • Kil Yong-woo as King Shinmu
  • Seo Do-young as Moo Jin (Jung-hwa's bodyguard)
  • Choi Sang-gil as Cheon Tae
  • Kim Hyo-won as Yoo Ja-seong
  • Lee Jae-yong as Master Jo Sang-gil
  • Kim Hyung-bum as Tae-bong (Jami's security officer)
  • Do Ki-suk as Jang Seong-pil
  • Bae Soo-bin as Kim Yang
  • Go Myung-hwan as Pan Sool (one of Master Yi's men)
  • Yeo Ho-min as Baek Kyung (Yeom Jang's subordinate)
  • Park In-hwan as Bogo's father
  • Seo Jin-wook
  • Bae Seul-ki
  • Lee Ji-eun
  • Seo Bum-yul
  • Jo Seung-yeon
  • Im Byung-gi
  • Song Ji-eun
  • Seo Bum-shik
  • Baek So-mi
  • Kim Sung-hoon
  • Shim Eun-kyung

Awards and nominations

2005 International Emmy Awards
  • Drama series in the Asia, Africa and Middle East region - Final Round Nomination[9][10]
2005 KBS Drama Awards
2006 Seoul International Drama Awards
  • Runner-up, Best Series Drama
  • Best Cinematographer: Kim Seung-hwan

See also


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