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Erbil Governorate


Erbil Governorate

Erbil Governorate
پارێزگای ھەولێر
Parêzgeha Hewlêr
Clockwise, from top: Canyon in Rawandiz, Koy Sanjaq, Shaqlawa and Citadel of Erbil
Clockwise, from top: Canyon in Rawandiz, Koy Sanjaq, Shaqlawa and Citadel of Erbil
Location of Erbil Governorate
Districts and sub districts.
Districts and sub districts.
Country  Iraq
Region  Kurdistan
Capital Erbil
Governor Nawzad Hadi Mawlood
 • Total 15,074 km2 (5,820 sq mi)
Population (2011 Estimate)[1]
 • Total 2,000,000
Arbil Governorate within Kurdistan Region (in 2012) according to Kurdistan Region Statistics Office web site.[2][3][4][5]
Districts of the Arbil Governorate (in 2012) according to Kurdistan Region Statistics Office web site.[2][3][4][5]

Erbil Governorate (Kurdish: Parêzgeha Hewlêr - پارێزگای ھەولێر‎ , Arabic: محافظة أربيل‎) is a governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan.[6] It derives its name from the city of Erbil (Kurdish: Hewler), which is also its capital.

Aerial view of the Citadel of Arbil, surrounded by the modern city

Erbil Governorate covers an area of 15,074 square kilometres (5,820 sq mi) in the north of Iraq, with an estimated population (in 2003) of 1,314,000 people. It is largely populated by Kurds but has minority populations of Assyrians, Arabs, and Turkmens.


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District Population
(2009) [8]
Number of
Erbil 792,981 152,899
Dashty Hawler 186,346 34,264
Makhmur 173,801 30,678
Soran 154,945 27,707
Shaqlawa 124,628 23,420
Koya 95,246 18,727
Kabat 93,442 16,015
Mergasur 44,661 9,711
Choman 23,730 4,749
Rawandiz 21,280 4,235
Total 1,713,461 322,719

Cities and Towns

  • Behirke (بحركه), population 6,758
  • Beni Silawey Gewre (بنصلاوة), population 37,322
  • Derbend (دربند), population 10,086
  • Erbil (اربيل), population 1,091,636
  • Xelekan (كلك), population 6,846
  • Kune Gurg (كونه كورك), population 30,283
  • Koya Senjaq (كويسنجق), population 15,123
  • Mexmur (مخمور), population 18,128
  • Rewanduz (ڕەواندز, رواندوز), population 95,089
  • Selaheddin (صلاح الدين), population 18,205
  • Shaweis (شاويس), population 7,387
Banoka Village in Erbil Governorate

Academic establishments

  • Salahaddin University: Founded in 1958 in Sulaymaniya and transferred to Erbil in 1981 [9]
  • Hawler Medical University (HMU): Founded in 2005.[10]
  • University of Kurdistan Hewlêr: Public English-medium University [11]
  • Ishik University: Private university that belongs to Fezalar Educational Institutions in Erbil, Iraq.[12]
  • Cihan University: Private University, founded in 2007 [13]
  • SABIS University: Private University [14]
  • Soran University, KRG-Iraq governmental university founded in 2009 [15]


There are many national and international banks operating in Erbil offering citizens and visitors services, including but not limited to:

  • Kurdistan Central Bank
  • Kurdistan International Bank for Investment and Development[16]
  • Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) [17]
  • Byblos Bank [18]
  • Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries (BBAC) [19]
  • Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (IBL) [20]

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