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European Short Track Speed Skating Championships

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Title: European Short Track Speed Skating Championships  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Viktor Ahn, Choi Min-kyung, Zsófia Kónya, Péter Darázs, Mirko Vuillermin
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European Short Track Speed Skating Championships

The European Short Track Speed Skating Championships are a European short track speed skating event and held once a year in a different country.

Medal winners


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1997 Malmö Fabio Carta Mirko Vuillermin Bruno Loscos
1998 Budapest Fabio Carta Michele Antonioli
Dave Versteeg
1999 Oberstdorf Fabio Carta Nicola Franceschina Michele Antonioli
2000 Bormio Fabio Carta Nicky Gooch Nicola Franceschina
2001 The Hague Bruno Loscos Cees Juffermans Nicky Gooch
2002 Grenoble Fabio Carta Nicola Rodigari Bruno Loscos
2003 St. Petersburg Fabio Carta Michel Antonioli Nicola Franceschina
2004 Zoetermeer Nicola Rodigari Fabio Carta Nicola Franceschina
2005 Turin Fabio Carta Arian Nachbar Nicola Franceschina
2006 Krynica-Zdrój Nicola Rodigari Fabio Carta Pieter Gysel
2007 Sheffield Nicola Rodigari Pieter Gysel Yuri Confortola
2008 Ventspils Haralds Silovs Niels Kerstholt Nicola Rodigari
2009 Turin Nicola Rodigari Haralds Silovs Viktor Knoch
2010 Dresden Nicola Rodigari Thibaut Fauconnet Maxime Chataignier
20111 Heerenveen Haralds Silovs Sjinkie Knegt Ruslan Zakharov
20122 Mlada Boleslav Sjinkie Knegt Niels Kerstholt Semen Elistratov
2013 Malmö Freek van der Wart Sjinkie Knegt Vladimir Grigorev
2014 Dresden Viktor Ahn Semen Elistratov Niels Kerstholt

1 Thibaut Fauconnet of France was originally ranked first overall but was disqualified for failing drug tests.[1]
2 Thibaut Fauconnet was originally ranked third overall but was disqualified for failing drug tests.[2]


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1997 Malmö Marinella Canclini Ellen Wiegers Elena Tikhanina
1998 Budapest Marinella Canclini Anke Jannie Landmann
Ellen Wiegers
1999 Oberstdorf Marinella Canclini Evgenia Radanova Maureen de Lange
2000 Bormio Evgenia Radanova Katia Zini Evelina Rodigari
2001 The Hague Evgenia Radanova Mara Zini Stéphanie Bouvier
2002 Grenoble Evgenia Radanova Mara Zini Joanna Williams
2003 St. Petersburg Evgenia Radanova Stéphanie Bouvier Nina Evteeva
2004 Zoetermeer Evgenia Radanova Tatiana Borodulina Marta Capurso
2005 Turin Tatiana Borodulina Evgenia Radanova Marta Capurso
2006 Krynica-Zdrój Evgenia Radanova Arianna Fontana Katia Zini
2007 Sheffield Evgenia Radanova Stéphanie Bouvier Katia Zini
2008 Ventspils Arianna Fontana Evgenia Radanova Nina Evteeva
2009 Turin Arianna Fontana Kateřina Novotná Stéphanie Bouvier
2010 Dresden Kateřina Novotná Arianna Fontana Elise Christie
2011 Heerenveen Arianna Fontana Bernadett Heidum Martina Valcepina
2012 Mlada Boleslav Arianna Fontana Jorien ter Mors Martina Valcepina
2013 Malmö Arianna Fontana Elise Christie Jorien Ter Mors
2014 Dresden[3] Jorien ter Mors Elise Christie Arianna Fontana

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