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European Show Jumping Championships

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Title: European Show Jumping Championships  
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Subject: David Broome, Piero D'Inzeo, Scott Brash, Graziano Mancinelli, Jos Lansink
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European Show Jumping Championships

The FEI European Show Jumping Championships is the European Championship for the equestrian discipline of show jumping. First held in 1957 in Rotterdam, and on an annual basis, it is held every two years, on the years between Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded in both the individual and, since 1975, team competition. There are also championships held for young riders, juniors, ponies, children and veterans. The most recent edition in 2013 was held as part of a combined FEI European Championship, with dressage and para-dressage.

Both David Broome and Paul Schockemöhle, have won the individual title three times. While the Federal Republic of Germany have won the team title seven times, with Great Britain next on four team wins.

Individual results

A European championship for individual show jumping was inaugurated in 1957, featuring only eight riders. Hans Winkler won the first title for West Germany, and West Germany and its successor state Germany have dominated the competition ever since with 14 championship victories.

David Broome of Great Britain was the first rider to win the title twice, and then three times which remains a record. That record was equalled by Paul Schockemöhle who uniquely won three consecutive titles. These two apart, only German Ludger Beerbaum has won the title more than once, with two wins. The competition has been won by 26 different riders. Jos Lansink from the Netherlands, and Michael Whitaker and Harvey Smith have medalled on three occasions without ever winning the competition.

The title has been won, once, by a non-European; in 1966 Nelson Pessoa became the first, and only, South American winner

Heidi Robiani was the first female rider to medal in the event, in 1985.Alexandra Ledermann was the first woman to win the title in 1999, a feat equalled by Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum in 2007.

Championships Gold Silver Bronze
1957 Rotterdam
8 Riders/5 Nations[1]
 Hans Günter Winkler (FRG)
riding Sonnenglanz Halla
 Bernard de Fombelle (FRA)
riding Bucephale (Buffalo) 11
 Salvatore Oppes (ITA)
riding Pagoro 24
1958 Aachen
24 Riders/13 Nations
 Fritz Thiedemann (FRG)
riding Meteor
 Piero D'Inzeo (ITA)
riding The Rock
 Hans Günter Winkler (FRG)
riding Halla
1959 Paris
18 Riders/9 Nations
 Piero D'Inzeo (ITA)
riding Uruguay (The Quiet Man)
 Pierre J. d'Oriola (FRA)
riding Virtuoso (Isofelt)
 Fritz Thiedemann (FRG)
riding Godewind (Retina)
1961 Aachen
27 Riders/13 Nations
 David Broome (GBR)
riding Sunsalve
 Piero D'Inzeo (ITA)
riding The Rock
 Hans Günter Winkler (FRG)
riding Feuerdorn Romanus
1962 London
7 Riders/4 Nations
 David Barker (GBR)
riding Mr Softee - Franco
 Hans Günter Winkler (FRG)
riding Feuerdorn Romanus
 Piero D'Inzeo (ITA)
riding The Rock
1963 Rome
18 Riders/10 Nations
 Graziano Mancinelli (ITA)
riding Rockette
 Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Freiherr
 Harvey Smith (GBR)
riding O'Malley
1965 Aachen
21 Riders/12 Nations
 Hermann Schridde (FRG)
riding Kamerad
 Nelson Pessoa (BRA)
riding Huipil
 Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Axakt
1966 Lucerne
19 Riders/11 Nations
 Nelson Pessoa (BRA)
riding Huipil
 Frank Chapot (USA)
riding Good Twist
 Hugo Miguel Arrambide (ARG)
riding Chimbote
1967 Rotterdam
23 Riders/13 Nations
 David Broome (GBR)
riding Mr Softee
 Harvey Smith (GBR)
riding Harvester
 Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Pesgö
1969 Hickstead
11 Riders/6 Nations
 David Broome (GBR)
riding Mr Softee
 Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Donald Rex
 Hans Günter Winkler (FRG)
riding Enigk
1971 Aachen
24 Riders/13 Nations
 Hartwig Steenken (FRG)
riding Simona
 Harvey Smith (GBR)
riding Evan Jones
 Paul Weier (SUI)
riding Wulf
1973 Hickstead
17 Riders/11 Nations
 Paddy McMahon (GBR)
riding Penwood Forge Mill
 Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding The Robber
 Hubert Parot (FRA)
riding Tic
1975 Munich
26 Riders/8 Nations
 Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Warwick
 Hartwig Steenken (FRG)
riding Erle
 Sönke Sönksen (FRG)
riding Kwept
1977 Vienna
39 Riders/11 Nations
 Johan Heins (NED)
riding Seven Valleys
 Eddie Macken (IRL)
riding Kerrygold
 Toon Ebben (NED)
riding Jumbo Design
1979 Rotterdam
47 Riders/15 Nations
 Gerd Wiltfang (FRG)
riding Roman
 Paul Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Deister
 Hugo Simon (AUT)
riding Gladstone
1981 Munich
41 Riders/13 Nations
 Paul Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Deister
 Malcolm Pyrah (GBR)
riding Anglezarke
 Bruno Candrian (SUI)
riding Van Gogh
1983 Hickstead
46 Riders/12 Nations
 Paul Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Deister
 John Whitaker (GBR)
riding Ryans Son
 Frédéric Cottier (FRA)
riding Flambeau
1985 Dinard
39 Riders/14 Nations
 Paul Schockemöhle (FRG)
riding Deister
 Heidi Robbiani (SUI)
riding Jessica
 John Whitaker (GBR)
riding Hopscotch
1987 St. Gallen
42 Riders/14 Nations
 Pierre Durand (FRA)
riding Jappeloup
 John Whitaker (GBR)
riding Milton
 Nick Skelton (GBR)
riding Apollo
1989 Rotterdam
40 Riders/13 Nations
 John Whitaker (GBR)
riding Milton
 Michael Whitaker (GBR)
riding Mon Santa
 Jos Lansink (NED)
riding Felix
1991 La Baule
47 Riders/14 Nations
 Eric Navet (FRA)
riding Quito de Baussy
 Franke Sloothaak (GER)
riding Walzerkönig
 Jos Lansink (NED)
riding Egano
1993 Gijon
40 Riders/13 Nations
 Willi Melliger (SUI)
riding Quinta
 Michel Robert (FRA)
riding Miss S.P.
 Michael Whitaker (GBR)
riding Midnight Madness
1995 St. Gillen
53 Riders/15 Nations
 Peter Charles (IRL)
riding La Ina
 Michael Whitaker (GBR)
riding Ev. Two Step
 Willi Melliger (SUI)
riding Calvaro V
1997 Mannheim
56 Riders/18 Nations
 Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
riding Ratina
 Hugo Simon (AUT)
riding E.T. FRH
 Willi Melliger (SUI)
riding Calvaro V
1999 Hickstead
56 Riders/18 Nations
 Alexandra Ledermann (FRA)
riding Rochet M
 Markus Fuchs (SUI)
riding Tinkas Boy
 Lesley Mc Naught (SUI)
riding Dulf
2001 Arnhem
56 Riders/18 Nations
 Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
riding Gladdys
 Ludo Philippaerts (BEL)
riding Verelst Otterongo
 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE)
riding Isovlas Pialotta
2003 Donaueschingen
71 Riders/24 Nations
 Christian Ahlmann (GER)
riding Coester
 Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
riding Goldfever
 Marcus Ehning (GER)
riding For Pleasure
2005 San Patrignano
66 Riders/21 Nations
 Marco Kutscher (GER)
riding Montender
 Christina Liebherr (SUI)
riding L.B. No Mercy
 Jeroen Dubbeldam (NED)
riding BMC Nassau
2007 Mannheim
 Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER)
riding Shutterfly
 Jos Lansink (NED)
riding Al-Kaheel Cavalor Cumano
 Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
riding Goldfesver
2009 Windsor
 Kevin Staut (FRA)
riding Kraque Boom
 Carsten-Otto Nagel (GER)
riding Corradina
 Albert Zoer (NED)
riding Okidoki
2011 Madrid
 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE)
riding Ninja la Silla
 Carsten-Otto Nagel (GER)
riding Corradina
 Nick Skelton (GBR)
riding Carlo
2013 Herning
 Roger Yves Bost (FRA)
riding Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois
 Ben Maher (GBR)
riding Cella
 Scott Brash (GBR)
riding Hello Sanctos

Team results

1975 München (FRG) - 6 Teams

  • 1. FRG - (A. Schockemöhle, Steenken, Sönksen, Snoek) 35.5 penalties
  • 2. SUI - (Weier, Gabathuler, Candrian, Friedli) 94.0
  • 3. FRA - (Rozier, Balanda, Roche, Parot) 97.0

1977 Vienna (AUT) - 9 Teams

  • 1. NED - (Wauters, Ebben, Nooren, Heins) 20.0 penalties
  • 2. GBR - (Ricketts, Johnsey, H. Smith, Broome) 20.25
  • 3. FRG - (Koof, Merkel, P. Schockemöhle, Wiltfang) 36.0

1979 Rotterdam (NED) - 10 Teams

  • 1. GBR - (Pyrah, Ricketts, Bradley, Broome) 24.70 penalties
  • 2. FRG - (Johannsmann, Luther, P. Schockemöhle, Wiltfang) 30.95
  • 3. IRL - (Roche, Gerry Mullins, Con Power, Macken) 34.10

1981 München (FRG) - 9 Teams

  • 1. FRG - (Koof, Luther, Wiltfang, P. Schockemöhle) 11.86 penalties
  • 2. SUI - (Melliger, Gabathuler, T. Fuchs, Candrian) 21.86
  • 3. NED - (Hendrix, Ehrens, Nooren, Heins) 26.35

1983 Hickstead (GBR) - 11 Teams

1985 Dinard (FRA) - 8 Teams

1987 St. Gallen (SUI) - 8 Teams

1989 Rotterdam (NED) - 8 Teams

  • 1. GBR - (Skelton, M. Whitaker, Joe Turi, J. Whitaker,) 20.35 penalties
  • 2. FRA - (Godignon, Ph. Rozier, Robert, Durand) 33.41
  • 3. SUI - (Gabathuler, M. Fuchs, Melliger, T. Fuchs) 35.85

1991 La Baule (FRA) - 11 Teams

1993 Gijon (ESP) - 9 Teams

1995 St. Gallen (SUI) - 11 Teams

1997 Mannheim (GER) - 12 Teams

1999 Hickstead (GBR) - 14 Teams

2001 Arnhem (NED) - 14 Teams

2003 Donaueschingen (GER) - 18 Teams

  • 1. GER - (Marcus Ehning, Christian Ahlmann, Ludger Beerbaum, Otto Becker) 15.15 penalties
  • 2. FRA - (Michel Robert, Eric Levallois, Michel Hécart, Reynald Angot) 25.30
  • 3. SUI - (Beat Mändli, Steve Guerdat, Markus Fuchs, Willi Melliger) 28.86

2005 San Patrignano (ITA) - 14 Teams

  • 1. GER - (Marcus Ehning, Christian Ahlmann, Marco Kutscher, Meredith M. Beerbaum) 18 penalties
  • 2. SUI - (Fabio Crotta, Steve Guerdat, Christina Liebherr, Markus Fuchs) 34.42
  • 3. NED - (Gerco Schröder, Leon Thijssen, Jeroen Dubbeldam, Yves Houtackers) 35.76

2007 Mannheim (GER)

2009 Windsor (GBR)

2011 Madrid (ESP)

2013 Herning (DEN) - 19 Teams


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