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FNSS Pars 8x8
Type Armoured combat vehicle
Place of origin Turkey
Service history
In service 2005 - Present[1]
Used by Turkish Land Forces[1]
Production history
Designer FNSS Defence Systems

FNSS Defence Systems

DRB-HICOM Defence Technologies
Number built 760[1]
Variants Armored personnel carrier, Infantry fighting vehicle
Weight 16,000 to 24,500 kg[1]
Length 6.6 (6×6), 8 m (8×8) [1]
Width 2.7 m[1]
Height 2.17 m[1]
Crew 10 (6×6), 14 (8×8)[1]

Armor Baseline 7.62mm AP all-around up to STANAG-4569 Level 4[1]
25 mm FNSS Sharpshooter Turret[1]
7.62 mm coaxial machine gun[1]
Engine Deutz or Caterpillar Diesel[1]
500-600 hp (6×6 and 8×8)[1]
Power/weight 20.4 to 24.5 hp/ton[1]
Suspension semi-automatic computer controlled pneumatic suspension[1]
1,000 km (620 mi)[1]
Speed 100 km/h (62mph) [1]
FNSS Pars 8x8 rear view

The Pars (Turkish for Anatolian Leopard) is an amphibious Armoured combat vehicle[2][3] family with 6×6 and 8×8 versions, produced by FNSS Defence Systems of Turkey.


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The development of the PARS vehicles commenced in 2002, based on a design by US company GPV (General Purpose Vehicles), and in cooperation with GPV. [4][5] PARS 6x6 is being proposed for the Turkish Army. PARS 8x8 was first displayed in February 2005 during the IDEX defence equipment exhibition held in Abu Dhabi. Since the first PARS vehicles were shown in 2005 development and further enhancements have been carried out on a continuous basis.[6]

The PARS 8x8 vehicle was examined by the Malaysian Army in 2006 competing with the Swiss Piranha IIIC and the Finnish Patria AMV. It was demonstrated in the deserts of the UAE in 2008 covering 11,000km of desert and road trials. Further testing was again carried out in the UAE deserts in 2010. The PARS 8x8, fitted with a 25mm gun turret, was also successfully tested by another Middle Eastern country in the summer of 2010.[6]


The baseline PARS has a hull consisting of a steel armour.[6]

The driver and commander are seated in a cockpit at the front of the vehicle. Each has a single-piece roof hatch that opens to the side. Both have access to flat-panel displays, on which all relevant information is shown. The seating arrangement depends on the role but the troops are normally seated on individual seats down each side of the hull facing inwards. These shock-absorbing seats are fitted with five-point seatbelts as standard. A large ramp fitted at the rear section will be used for entry and exit of troops. The modular design of the PARS will incorporate external turrets or weapon stations depending on user requirements. It could be a one or two-man turret or a remotely operated weapon station. To allow for PARS to be rapidly reconfigured for different operational roles, all members of the PARS family have removable roofing so that they can be quickly converted for a wide range of specialist roles.[6]


Potential operators


Engine 525 hp Diesel
Transmission Fully Automatic
Number of Forward and Reverse Speed 7 Forward 1 Reverse
Power-to-Weight Ratio 20.4 to 24.5 hp/ton
EURO Norm of Power Pack EURO 3 Power Pack Compliant with NATO Single Fuel Concept Aviation F34 Fuel
Number of Axles 2 (4×4), 3 (6×6), 4 (8×8),
Driven Axles All
Steered Axles 1,2,3,4 (All wheel steering)
Transfer Case (Shift on Fly) 2 Speed
Suspension Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Computer Controlled & Adjustable
Brakes In Board Disc, Air/Hydraulic with ABS at Each Wheel
Electrical System (Available Power) 3 KW 220V AC
Tire Type Heavy Duty 1600 R20


Max. Road Speed 100 km/h
Creep Speed 3 km/h
Swimming 8 km/h
Fording 1.70 m
Range 1000 km
Angle of Approach 50˚
Angle of Departure 45˚
Gradient % 60
Side Slope % 30
Vertical Obstacle 0.70 m
Trench 2 m


Crew 14
Combat Weight 24,494 kg
Empty Weight 16,130 kg
Length 7.96 m
Width 2.7 m
Height 2.17 m
Ground Clearance 0.400 m
Payload 8,364 kg
Air Transportation C130, A400, C17 & C5

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