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Fath Ali Khan

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Title: Fath Ali Khan  
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Subject: Qajar dynasty
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Fath Ali Khan

Fath Ali Khan Qajar (1686[1] – 1726), was a renowned military commander during the rule of the Safavid shahs Husayn and Tahmasp II. He was killed on the orders of Nader Shah in 1726.[2]

Fat'h Ali Khan was the son of Shah Quli Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu. He was Ilkhani of the Qajar tribe and Governor of Astarabad and Semnan, 1720–1726. He was killed on the orders of Nader Shah, 11 October 1726 and was buried in Mashhad.

Fath Ali Khan's son Mohammad Hassan Khan Qajar (1722–1758) was the father of Agha Mohammad Khan and Hossein Qoli Khan Jahansouz Shah Qajar' (father of "Baba Khan," the future Fath Ali Shah Qajar).


Fat'h 'Ali Khan had two sons and a daughter:

  • 1) Mohammad Hasan Bahadur Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu (b.1715-k.1758)lkhani of the Qajar tribe. Governor-General of Astarabad, and Governor of Gorgan, Mazandaran and Gilan 1747- 1759. m. (first) 1739, Jayram Begum daughter of Iskandar Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu. m. (second) Zara Khanum, sister of Muhammad Husain Khan-e Qajar Devehlu. m. (third) a lady from the Izz ud-Dinlu branch of the Qajar tribe. m. (fourth) a Kurdish lady from Astarabad. m. (fifth) a lady from Isfahan. m. (sixth) sister of Hajji Jamal Fumani, Governor of Rasht. having had issue:
    • i)Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar the founder of Qajar Dynasty
    • ii) Reza Quli Khan, died in exile at Khawrazam, 1781.
    • iii) Husain Quli, Jahansuz Shah, m. his cousin H.M. Agha Bajji, Mahd-i-'Aliya. He killed by Turkomans near Fenderesk, 22 March 1777. having had issue, three sons:
      • (1) Fat'h 'Ali Shah Qajar
      • (2) Hajji Husain Quli Khan. Governor-General of Fars 1797–1798, Governor of Semnan, Kashan 1798–1801, and of Qom 1801–1802. Rebelled against his brother and seized Isfahan in July 1801, but made his submission and pardoned after the intercession of the Mahd-i-'Aliya. Arrested, blinded and exiled to Dezashib after her death in 1802.
      • (3) Mohammad Sadiq Khan
    • iv) Murtaza Quli Khan (ru:Муртаза Кули-хан), born 1755. Governor-General of his portrait dated 1796.
    • v) Mustafa Quli Kan, born 1755. He had issue, twelve sons and twelve daughters.
    • vi) Ja'afar Quli Khan, born 1751. Governor of Isfahan 1786–1789, and of Bastam 1788–1789. Heir Presuptive to his elder brother, Agha Muhammad Khan Qajar, until his arrest in 1789. He was killed at Tehran on the orders of his brother Agha Muhammad Khan, 1790.
    • vii) Mahdi Quli Khan, died at Gorgan, 1784, having had issue, 2 sons.
    • viii) 'Abbas Quli Khan, born 1756. He died at Tehran 1763.
    • ix) 'Ali Quli Khan, born 1755. exiled to Barforush. He died at Babol 1825, having and had issue, a daughter.
  • 2) Muhammad Husain Khan, died in his youth.


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