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Friends of Five Creeks

Friends of Five Creeks
Formation 1996
Type Parent organization is a registered non-profit[1]
Purpose Wildlife habitat protection
Headquarters Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin
Membership Volunteer[2]
Leader Susan Schwartz
Parent organization Berkeley Partners for Parks
Website .org.fivecreekswww

Friends of Five Creeks is a regional community volunteer organization founded in 1996 by Sonja Wadman originally dedicated to the stewardship of creeks in northern Alameda County and western Contra Costa, California, United States.[3][4][5] Education about wildlife and restoration is also a major facet of the FFC's mission.[6][7]


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  • Creek work 2
  • Education work 3
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The organization is dedicated to improving creek habitats for environmental, flood control, pollution filtration, and beautification reasons. The original five creeks were California Coastal Commission.[3]

Creek work

Village Creek is maintained by FFC.

The organization organizes more than 40 work parties each year, providing direction and tools for groups of volunteers who work to restore a section of one of the creeks.[10]

Cerrito Creek runs from the

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Friends of Five Creeks works with school groups to educate them about the creek and bay environments.[21]

Education work

The organization also helps to restore and work on some non-creek areas such as the Berkeley Meadow and Eastshore State Park in addition to blight abatement, and trash collection activities at local parks.[17][18][19] Working with Citizens for Eastshore Parks FFC is studying the possibility of daylighting a portion of Schoolhouse Creek.[20]

In 2001 the organization received two separate grants totaling $400,000 to work on the restoration of Codornices Creek.[14] In the 1990s the Friends of Five Creeks discovered the reappearance of steelhead and rainbow trout at Codornices Creek while performing restoration work.[15] The "Friends" are also lobbying for the creation of public space adjacent to the creek for a new Whole Foods supermarket and parking structure along the stream's banks in U.C. Village.[16]

[12] columnist Ron Sullivan reports a statement from FFC's Susan Schwartz that Pacific East Mall landscapers in Richmond have used herbicides, and speculates that this could explain her (Sullivan's) observations of dead grasses, plants and trees along the creek path near the mall's property line. Furthermore, Sullivan reports allegations and concludes from seeing the results that small native shrubs were mowed, and reports allegations that the mall has not agreed to a written maintenance plan as required by its use permit.Berkeley Daily Planet [12][13]

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