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Coat of arms
Location within Austria

Coordinates: 47°44′50″N 16°14′50″E / 47.74722°N 16.24722°E / 47.74722; 16.24722Coordinates: 47°44′50″N 16°14′50″E / 47.74722°N 16.24722°E / 47.74722; 16.24722

Country Austria
State Lower Austria
District Wiener Neustadt-Land
 • Mayor Bernhard Karnthaler (ÖVP)
 • Total 29.80 km2 (11.51 sq mi)
Elevation 298 m (978 ft)
Population (Error: Invalid time.)[1]
 • Total Template:Get Austria population
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 2821
Area code 02627
Vehicle registration WB
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Lanzenkirchen is a village in Lower Austria, Austria.


Lanzenkirchen is located in the regions of Steinfeld and the Bucklige Welt and the Rosalienbirges ranges. Its main river is the Leitha and the Mühlbach Canal.

Here are 5 Katastralgemeinden of Lanzenkirchen:

  • Lanzenkirchen
  • Frohsdorf
  • Haderswörth
  • Keinwolkersdorf
  • Ofenbach


Origin of the place names in Lanzenkirchen

  • Lanzenkirchen

The name comes from a German settler who built a church. Its name was Anzo or Lanzo. The name Lanzenkirchen was first mentioned in 1130.

  • Frohsdorf

The original name was Krottendorf because where many toads (German Kröte) were found. It became Froschdorf (German frosch frog + dorf village). Its present name was use in the beginning of the 19th century.

  • Haderswörth

This name originates from Hadurich and wert. It was meant as Au des Hadurich of the Hadurich. The name was later known as Haiderswörth, then Haiderswerth, and then Häderswörth and now Haderswörth.

  • Kleinwolkersdorf

The name might originate from Wolfkers. Thus this was known as Wolfkersdorf. It wasn't known as Kleinwolkersdorf until around 1800.

  • Ofenbach

The place was originally Quenbach. The name Ofenbach wasn't clarified completely then. The name probably originates from Oven which also means furnace. Before the area was known as Ober- and Niederofenbach. In Ofenbach there is a bus terminal from the ViennaNewtownTown Works.

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