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Title: Gadabay  
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Map of Azerbaijan showing Gadabay rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Gadabay
 • Total 1,290 km2 (500 sq mi)
Population (2010 est.)
 • Total 94,200
Postal code 2100
Telephone code 232

Gadabay (Azerbaijani: Gədəbəy; Russian: Гедабек, Гедабекский район, Gedabek; more common traditional Russian spelling Кедабек, Кедабекский район) is a rayon of Azerbaijan and its administrative center is Gadabay city. The rayon is renowned for its potatoes and its gold fields.[1]


In the west Azerbaijan’s border upon Armenia stretches for a distance of 123 kilometers, in the north it borders upon Tovuz Rayon, in the north-east and east upon Shamkir and Dashkasan rayons of Azerbaijan.

Gadabay Rayon is located in a zone of midlands and highlands of the Lesser Caucasus. Its territory includes the northern parts of Shahdagh Mount, a part of Bashkend-Dastafur concavity and Shamkir massif.

The most highest heights are: Goshabulag (3549 m), Godzhadagh (2217 m ) and Garaarkhadzh (3549).

Drainage of the rayon is significantly poor. Akhinja, Zayam and Shamkir are the largest rivers. Mountain-forest, mountain-meadow and other grounds spread here. Mountain shrubland and rare forest meadows in midlands, broad-leaved forests, subalpine and alpine meadows at the top of mountains occupy the greatest territory of rayon.

Depositions of the Jurassic, Paleogene, Quaternary and other periods cover the surface of rayon. Gadabay rayon is rich of its underground resources such as gold, uranium, copper and other mineral resources. Goldfield in Soyudlu was explored by the Siemens brothers until arrival of Red Army soldiers in 1920.[2][3] At present there is opened a factory producing gold, where work about 2000 workers. Gadabay rayon is also famous for its mineral waters, such as “Narzan”, “Mor-Mor”, “Chaldash”, “Turshsu” and “Soyudlu narzani” (in Soyudlu village).


As the administrative unit Gadabay rayon was originated on August 8, 1930 under the name of Rustam Aliyev. In 1938, it was renamed to Gadabay rayon.


Ethnic Groups

  • Azeris 99,29%
  • Other 0,71% (mostly ethnic Russians, some of whom belong to the Molokan religious minority, living in villages such as Slavyanka)



  Russian 0.9
  Other: 0.01


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