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Gameloft SE
Societas Europaea
Traded as Euronext: GFT
Industry Interactive entertainment
Video game industry
Founded 2000 [2]
Headquarters )  
Area served
Key people
Michael Guillemot
(President and CEO)
Revenue €18.4 million (2011)[3]
€21.1 million (2011)[3]
€18.2 million (2011)[3]
Total assets €138.5 million (2010)[3]
Total equity €103 million (2011)[3]
Number of employees
28 studios - 5,000+
Website .comgameloft

Gameloft SE is a French video game developer and publisher headquartered in Paris, with subsidiaries in 28 countries around the world. They have created a number of games for mobile phone handsets, tablets, games consoles and other platforms.

Founded in 2000 by Michael Guillemot, one of the co-founders and owners of video game publisher and developer Ubisoft, Gameloft has expanded to employ a staff of 5,000. Gameloft began to be profitable in 2003. Gameloft's consolidated revenues were €10.2m (2003), €23.2m (2004) and €46.8m (2005). Gameloft has posted consolidated revenues of €68m in 2006, €96m in 2007, €110m in 2008 and €122m in 2009.[4] In 2010, Gameloft consolidated sales reached €141m and went up to €164m in 2011. In 2012 the revenues continued to grow and crossed the €200m-mark, reaching €208.3m in 2012 and €233.3m in 2013. According to the preliminary data, the revenue for the end of year of 2014 were €227m.[5] Through agreements with major telephone carriers, handset manufacturers, specialized distributors and its online shop, Gameloft states it has a distribution network in over 100 countries.[6]

As of July 2015, Gameloft has released 69 games for Apple devices.


  • GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2015[7]
    • Apps of the Year: Best Mobile Game App ("Asphalt 8: Airborne")
  • MMO of the Year 2013[8]
    • Best Android MMO - Audience Award ("Order & Chaos Online")
    • Best iPhone & iPad MMO - Audience Award ("Order & Chaos Online")
    • Best Classic Mobile MMO - Audience Award ("Order & Chaos Online")
  • Pocket Gamer Developer of the Year 2011[9]
  • Best MMORPG on iPhone & iPad 2011 ("Order & Chaos Online")[10]
  • Best Action Game ("The Adventures of Tintin")[11]
  • Spike TV Video Game Awards 2008
    • Mobile Game of the Year (The Oregon Trail)[12]
  • Spike TV Video Game Awards 2007[13]
    • Mobile Game of the Year (Assassin's Creed)
    • Best Mobile Action Game (Assassin's Creed)
    • Best Mobile Visual Design (Assassin's Creed)
    • Best Action Game (Heroes: The Official Mobile Game)
  • IGN Game Awards 2007:
    • Best Strategy Game, wireless device (Rise of the Lost Empires)[14]
    • Best Story, wireless device (American Popstar: Road to Celebrity)[15]
  • IGN Game Awards 2008:
    • Best Platform Game, wireless device (Castle of Magic)[16]
    • Best Graphics Technology, wireless device (Hero of Sparta, iOS)[17]
    • Best Action Game, wireless device (Hero of Sparta, iOS)[18]
    • Best Racing/Driving Game, wireless device (Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, iOS)[19]


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