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Gongsun Du

Gongsun Du
Warlord of Han Dynasty
Born (Unknown)
Died 204
Traditional Chinese 公孫度
Simplified Chinese 公孙度
Pinyin Gōngsūn Dù
Wade–Giles Kung-sun Tu
Courtesy name Shengji (traditional Chinese: 升濟; simplified Chinese: 升济; pinyin: Shēngjì; Wade–Giles: Sheng-chi)

Gongsun Du (died 204), courtesy name Shengji, was a military general and warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He was not able to participate in battle until Dong Zhuo seized power from Emperor Shao. Dong Zhuo, hoping to expand the empire, gave Gongsun Du the command to attack present-day Korea from across the sea. Du was successful in his attack and set up the Daifang and Lelang commanderies, among others.

Under another order from Dong Zhuo, Gongsun Du took over Liaoning prefecture. This presaged the development of Gongsun power in the northeast. Gongsun Du later sent Gongsun Muo and Zhang Pi to present-day South Korea in an attempt to gain more land. In the ninth year of Jian'an (204), Gongsun Du died and his son Gongsun Kang took his position and controlled the far northeast.

Appointments and titles held

  • Commandery minor official (郡吏)
  • Gentleman in the Imperial Secretariat (尚書郎)
  • Inspector of Ji Province (冀州刺史)
  • Administrator
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