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Handball at the 2008 Summer Olympics


Handball at the 2008 Summer Olympics

Handball at the
2008 Summer Olympics
Tournament details
Host country  China
Dates 9–24 August
Teams 24 (from 5 confederations)
Venue(s) (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions  France (men)
 Norway (women)
Runner-up  Iceland (men)
 Russia (women)
Third place  Spain (men)
 South Korea (women)
Fourth place  Croatia (men)
 Hungary (women)
Handball at the
2008 Summer Olympics

men  women
men  women
lrightThe Beijing National Indoor Stadium prepared for the final handball matches.

Handball competitions at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics were held from 9 to 24 August at the Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium and National Indoor Stadium. Medals were awarded for both men's and women's team events. A NOC was permitted to enter one men's team and one women's team in the handball competitions.


  • Medal summary 1
  • Participating teams 2
    • Men 2.1
    • Women 2.2
  • References 3

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
 France (FRA)

Luc Abalo
Joël Abati
Cédric Burdet
Didier Dinart
Jérôme Fernandez
Bertrand Gille
Guillaume Gille
Olivier Girault
Michaël Guigou
Nikola Karabatić
Daouda Karaboué
Christophe Kempe
Daniel Narcisse
Thierry Omeyer
Cédric Paty

 Iceland (ISL)
Sturla Ásgeirsson
Arnór Atlason
Logi Geirsson
Snorri Guðjónsson
Hreiðar Guðmundsson
Róbert Gunnarsson
Björgvin Páll Gústavsson
Ásgeir Örn Hallgrímsson
Ingimundur Ingimundarson
Sverre Andreas Jakobsson
Alexander Petersson
Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson
Sigfús Sigurðsson
Ólafur Stefánsson
 Spain (ESP)
David Barrufet
Jon Belaustegui
David Davis
Alberto Entrerríos
Raúl Entrerríos
Rubén Garabaya
Juanín García
José Javier Hombrados
Demetrio Lozano
Cristian Malmagro
Carlos Prieto
Albert Rocas
Iker Romero
Víctor Tomás
 Norway (NOR)
Ragnhild Aamodt
Karoline Dyhre Breivang
Marit Malm Frafjord
Gro Hammerseng
Katrine Lunde Haraldsen
Kari Aalvik Grimsbø
Kari Mette Johansen
Tonje Larsen
Kristine Lunde
Else-Marthe Sørlie Lybekk
Tonje Nøstvold
Katja Nyberg
Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth
Gøril Snorroeggen
 Russia (RUS)
Yekaterina Andryushina
Irina Bliznova
Yelena Dmitriyeva
Anna Kareyeva
Yekaterina Marennikova
Yelena Polenova
Irina Poltoratskaya
Lyudmila Postnova
Oxana Romenskaya
Natalia Shipilova
Maria Sidorova
Inna Suslina
Emiliya Turey
Yana Uskova
 South Korea (KOR)
An Jung-Hwa
Bae Min-Hee
Choi Im-Jeong
Hong Jeong-ho
Huh Soon-Young
Kim Cha-Youn
Kim Nam-Sun
Kim O-Na
Lee Min-Hee
Moon Pil-Hee
Oh Seong-Ok
Oh Yong-Ran
Park Chung-Hee
Song Hai-Rim

Participating teams

Gold medalists France collect their medals on 24 August 2008.


Group A
Group B


Group A
Group B


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