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Hisatsu Orange Railway

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Title: Hisatsu Orange Railway  
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Subject: Kagoshima Main Line, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Satsumasendai, Kagoshima, Hiroki Station, List of stations opened by petition in Japan
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Hisatsu Orange Railway

Hisatsu Orange Railway Co., Ltd. (肥薩おれんじ鉄道株式会社 Hisatsu Orenji Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha) is a third-sector railway company which operates Hisatsu Orange Railway Line in Kumamoto and Kagoshima prefectures. The line follows the former part of the JR Kyushu Kagoshima Main Line that connected Yatsushiro and Sendai in Kumamoto and Kagoshima Prefectures, known historically as Higo and Satsuma Provinces. The length of the line is 116.9 km.

Hisatsu Orange Railway went into service on March 13, 2004 when ownership was transferred from JR and the high speed Kyushu Shinkansen service began. The Hisatsu Orange Railway runs close to the Yatsushiro Sea and East China Sea and connects to the Kagoshima Main Line on both ends. The route is indirect and winding, but connects several cities along the coast.

The company has a total of 19 diesel cars, but two of them are reserved for special events.

Shareholders in the railway include prefectures of Kumamoto and Kagoshima, cities of Yatsushiro, Minamata, Izumi, Akune and Satsumasendai, towns of Tsunagi and Ashikita, and the Japan Freight Railway Company.


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The Sendai - Yatsushiro section was built by the (then) Japanese Imperial Railway and opened between 1922-27, at which time this route replaced the Hisatsu Line to become the southern part of the Kagoshima Main Line.

The Yunoura - Tsunagi section was duplicated between 1966 and 1968. CTC signalling was commissioned from Yatsushiro - Sendai in 1969/70, and the line was electrified in 1970.

In 2004, following the opening of the Kagoshima - Shin Yatsushiro section of the Kyushu Shinkansen, operation of the section was transferred under the Third Sector arrangements.

Former connecting lines

Minamata Station: The first section of the Yamano line was opened from Kurino (on the Hisatsu Line) 24km to Yamano in 1921. The 14km Minamata - Kugino section opened in 1934, and the 10 km Yamato - Satsuma section the following year. In 1937 the 8km Kugino - Satsuma section, including the Okawa spiral opened. Freight services ceased in 1986, and the line closed in 1988.

Hisatsu Orange Railway Line

JR Freight operates Hisatsu Orange Railway Line as a Category-2 operator.


  • Length: 116.9 km
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
  • Number of Stations: 28
  • Track
    • Double: between Yunoura and Tsunagi
    • Single: the rest of the line
  • Electrification: 20 kV AC, 60 Hz
Hisatsu Orange Railway Line, between Higo-Futami and Kami-Tanoura


  • ● = Trains stop
  • | = Trains pass
Station Distance (km) Rapid Express
Super Orange
Rapid Express
Ocean Liner
Connections Location
Kagoshima Main Line Kumamoto
through to   Kumamoto    
Shin-Yatsushiro 新八代 2.8   Kyushu Shinkansen, Kagoshima Main Line Yatsushiro
Hisatsu Orange Railway Line
Yatsushiro 八代 0.0   Kagoshima Main Line, Hisatsu Line (Ebi-no-kōgen Line)
Higo-Kōda 肥後高田 4.8    
Hinagu-Onsen 日奈久温泉 10.1    
Higo-Futami 肥後二見 13.7    
Kami-Tanoura 上田浦 18.0     Ashikita District, Ashikita
Tanoura-Otachimisaki-Kōen たのうら御立岬公園 22.1    
Higo-Tanoura 肥後田浦 23.6    
Uminoura 海浦 26.7    
Sashiki 佐敷 29.8    
Yunoura 湯浦 33.7    
Tsunagi 津奈木 42.4     Ashikita District, Tsunagi
Shin-Minamata 新水俣 45.8   Kyushu Shinkansen Minamata
Minamata 水俣 49.6    
Fukuro 55.4    
Komenotsu 米ノ津 61.3     Kagoshima
Izumi 出水 65.6 Kyushu Shinkansen
Nishi-Izumi 西出水 68.3    
Takaono 高尾野 72.1    
Nodagō 野田郷 75.3    
Origuchi 折口 80.7     Akune
Akune 阿久根 86.2    
Ushinohama 牛ノ浜 92.2    
Satsuma-Ōkawa 薩摩大川 95.7    
Nishikata 西方 99.6     Satsumasendai
Satsuma-Taki 薩摩高城 102.3    
Kusamichi 草道 107.3    
Kami-Sendai 上川内 113.7    
Sendai 川内 116.9   Kyushu Shinkansen, Kagoshima Main Line
through to     Kagoshima-Chūō    

See also


  • Route diagram: Nippon Rettō - Tetsudō-kigen (にっぽん列島 - 鉄道紀元) p. 15-17, Vol. 14, October 25, 2006 - JTB Publishing Inc. [1]

External links

  • Official website (Japanese)
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