Honda player of the year

Not to be confused with Honda Sports Award.

The Honda Player of the Year recognizes the best player on the United States Men's National Soccer Team, as chosen by the national sports media.

The winner of the Honda Player of the Year award receives a new Honda motor vehicle.

The Honda Player of the Year award was created by Fútbol de Primera in 1991. Hugo Perez was the first player to win this award. In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this award in 2000, Fútbol de Primera organized a special Honda Player of the Decade Award, which was won by Eric Wynalda. In 2009, Landon Donovan was named Player of the Decade for the 2000s.

This award should not be confused with the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year, given annually by the United States Soccer Federation.

Honda Player of the Year
Year Winner 2nd 3rd
2012 Clint Dempsey Michael Bradley Tim Howard
2011 Clint Dempsey Tim Howard Landon Donovan
2010 Landon Donovan Michael Bradley Clint Dempsey
2009 Landon Donovan Tim Howard Jozy Altidore
2008 Landon Donovan Tim Howard Clint Dempsey
2007 Landon Donovan Tim Howard Carlos Bocanegra
2006 Clint Dempsey Kasey Keller Brian McBride
2005 Kasey Keller Landon Donovan DaMarcus Beasley
2004 Landon Donovan DaMarcus Beasley Carlos Bocanegra
2003 Landon Donovan Brian McBride Carlos Bocanegra
2002 Landon Donovan Brad Friedel Claudio Reyna
2001 Earnie Stewart Claudio Reyna Jeff Agoos
2000 Claudio Reyna Tony Meola Joe-Max Moore
1999 Kasey Keller Claudio Reyna Cobi Jones
1998 Cobi Jones Kasey Keller Eddie Pope
1997 Eddie Pope Claudio Reyna Kasey Keller
1996 Eric Wynalda Kasey Keller Roy Lassiter
1995 Alexi Lalas John Harkes Marcelo Balboa
1994 Marcelo Balboa Alexi Lalas Tony Meola
1993 Thomas Dooley Alexi Lalas Tab Ramos
1992 Eric Wynalda Marcelo Balboa Tab Ramos
1991 Hugo Perez Tony Meola Marcelo Balboa

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