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Hong Kong two-dollar coin

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Title: Hong Kong two-dollar coin  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Hong Kong dollar, Hong Kong one hundred and fifty-dollar note, Hong Kong one-cent coin, Hong Kong one-mil coin, Hong Kong twenty five-dollar note
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Hong Kong two-dollar coin

Two dollars
Hong Kong
Value 2.00 HKD
Mass 8.41 g
Diameter 28/26.31 mm
Thickness 2.03 mm
Edge 12 scalloped plain
Composition Copper and Nickel
Years of minting 1975, 78-90, 1992, 1993-95, 97-98, 2012
Catalog number KM#37, 60, 64, 76
Design Bauhinia
Designer Joseph Yam
Design date 1992
Design 2 with value in English and Chinese
Designer Joseph Yam
Design date 1992

The two dollar coin is the third-highest denomination coin of the Hong Kong dollar. Since its introduction in 1976, it is one of two circulating coins to not be round (the twenty cent coin is also not round). The two dollar coin is a dodecagonal scallop in shape, and made of cupro-nickel.

It was issued in 1975, and thus became the highest denomination coin until the five dollar coin was introduced the next year. The coin was a new denomination to the Hong Kong monetary system, as suggested by the Coinage Review Committee.[1]

The obverse featured Queen Elizabeth II from its introduction until being replaced with the Bauhinia flower in 1993, which featured on all Hong Kong coins minted since that year. In 1997 a commemorative coin was issued featuring the two saints of harmony, the He He brothers, to commemorate the handover of Hong Kong, from the United Kingdom to China.


Year[2][3] Mintage
1975 60,000,000
1978 504,000
1979 9,032,000
1980 30,000,000
1981 30,000,000
1982 30,000,000
1983 7,002,000
1984 22,002,000
1985 10,002,000
1986 15,000,000
1987 ???
1988 5,000,000 circulating. 20,000 proof.
1989 33,000,000
1990 Unknown
1991 Unknown
1992 14,000,000 (4,370,000 issued)
1993 Unknown
1994 Unknown
1995 Unknown
1997 Ho Ho Brothers commemorative. Unknown circulating. 97,000 proof.
1998 Unknown
2012 80 million
/// = has not been minted, ??? = unknown yet, --- = only minted for sets


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