House of traps

House of Traps
movie poster
Directed by Chang Cheh
Produced by Mona Fong
Written by Chang Cheh
I Kuang
Starring Philip Kwok
Chin Siu-ho
Lung Tien-hsiang
Sun Chien
Ngaai Fei
Music by Eddie H. Wang
Cinematography Tsao Hui-chi
Editing by Chiang Hsing-lung
Li Yen-hai
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

House of Traps is a 1982 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh, starring the Venom Mob.


When a corrupt prince arranges for the theft of a highly valuable jade antique the emperor dispatches his best men to retrieve it. The only problem is that the prince has hidden the antique in the infamous 'house of traps' from which no man has ever made it out alive. Royal investigator Sun Chien and his men mount a daring raid on the prince's birthday which results in the usual mayhem expected from a Venom's film.


Cast Role Description
Sun Chien Yan Chunmin Inspector
Lau Fong-sai Yumo Yan Chunmin's servant
Ngaai Fei Zhao Jue Prince of Xiangyang
Philip Kwok Zhi Hua "Black Demon Fox"
Chin Siu-ho Bai Yutang "Brocade-Coated Rat", 5th sworn brother
Chu Ko Lu Fang "Sky-Penetrating Rat", 1st sworn brother
Yu Tai-ping Han Zhang "Earth-Piercing Rat", 2nd sworn brother
Cheng Tien-chi Xu Qing "Mountain-Boring Rat", 3rd sworn brother
Chiang Sheng Jiang Ping "River-Overturning Rat", 4th sworn brother
Lung Tien-hsiang Shen Zhongyuan "Little Zhuge"
Yau Lee Ai Hu "Little Hero"
Lu Feng Hua Chong "Butterfly"
Wong Lik Deng Che "Sick Giant"

Production notes

House of Traps was previously considered one of the rarest Venom films, as it was only available on poor VHS and VCD formats. However, House of Traps was remastered and released on DVD September 9, 2008 by Image Entertainment Shaw Brothers Collection series, which is distributed under the Celestial Pictures banner of Image Entertainment.

Despite the DVD release, the film falls under WTO regulations for fair-use and free distribution. Celestial's release is approximately 20 minutes shorter than the VHS and VCD versions, as many of the most damaged frames were cut entirely. The Celestial version of the film, under Chinese law, is materially different enough to be classified as a new work and is copyrighted as such. Only a handful of VHS originals are known to exist, and the only known original form reel version of the film is owned by Jackson Wu of Osaka, Japan. In an article regarding the film in Film Asia magazine, November, 2005, it was implied that he would not sell the film, as it is damaged to the point that it could not be restored in full.


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