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I Was a Sixth Grade Alien

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Title: I Was a Sixth Grade Alien  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Ryan Cooley, Shadia Simmons, Ashley Leggat, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Al Mukadam
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien
Also known as My Best Friend Is an Alien
Created by Daphne Ballon
Sheri Elwood
Developed by Ellis Iddon
Phil Meagher
Starring Ryan Cooley
Daniel Clark
Shadia Simmons
Lauren Collins
Michael Cera
Kyle Schmid
Julian Richings
C. David Johnson
Ali Mukaddam
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 44
Production company(s) Winklemania Productions
AAC Kids
Distributor Alliance Films
Original channel ABC
Fox Family
Original release 13 July 1999 – 10 January 2001

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien (known as My Best Friend is an Alien in the UK, Nigeria, and Australia) was a British/Australian/Canadian live-action/comedy television show following the chronicles of Pleskit, a purple-skinned, blue-haired alien with an antenna positioned on his head. He tries to fit in and make some friends but due to his strange appearance he doesn't succeed very well. He does make one friend, Tim, who is interested in space and aliens. The two friends go through the sixth grade together. During the series they solve many unusual problems, from a trans-universal portal game to a blue, crying pig creature from Pleskit's home planet. The show started on July 13, 1999 and ended on January 10, 2001 and was produced by Winklemania Productions and Alliance Atlantis Communications' children's unit, AAC Kids. The series was based on Bruce Coville's book series of the same name.

Episode Listing

Thirty-nine episodes were made in total, until the show ended in January 2001.

Season 1 (1999)

  • 1. 13 Jul 99 They Called Him Pleskit!
  • 2. 18 Jul 99 Aliens to Blow Up Earth!
  • 3. 20 Jul 99 Alien Dinner Massacre!
  • 4. 27 Jul 99 They Saved Grandpa's Brain!
  • 5. 3 Aug 99 They Shoot, They Splorked!
  • 6. 10 Aug 99 I Was Dealt a Dung Deal!
  • 7. 17 Aug 99 Sixth Grade Rebellion Mayhem!
  • 8. 24 Aug 99 Pre-Teen Party from Outer Space!
  • 9. 31 Aug 99 The Haunting of Blim Blomkins!
  • 10. 7 Sep 99 Alien Time Warp Madness!
  • 11. 14 Sep 99 Alien Dustbuster Bedlam!
  • 12. 21 Sep 99 My Bodyguard Is a Rat Fink!
  • 13. 28 Sep 99 Woodlander Bodysnatcher Pandemonium!
  • 14. 5 Oct 99 Floormat from the Putrid Lagoon!
  • 15. 11 Oct 99 Invasion of the Substitute Teacher Superfiend!
  • 16. 13 Oct 99 Alien Snogorama Snafu!
  • 17. 7 Nov 99 Alien Appliance Outbreak!
  • 18. 14 Nov 99 Gro-Gro-Grown-Up Dementia!
  • 19. 16 Nov 99 The Return of Captain Driscoll!
  • 20. 17 Nov 99 School Dance Gone Wrong!
  • 21. 21 Nov 99 Escape from Planet Earth!
  • 22. 9 Mar 00 Attack of the 1000 Foot Veeblax!

Season 2 (2000)

  • 1. 8 Sep 00 There's an Alien in My Seat!
  • 2. 15 Sep 00 I Am Larrabe Hicks!
  • 3. 22 Sep 00 Hevi Hevi Beat Crazy!
  • 4. 29 Sep 00 Once Upon a Robot!
  • 5. 6 Oct 00 Alien Tracker Freak-a-Mania!
  • 6. 13 Oct 00 Bride of Pleskit!
  • 7. 20 Oct 0 The Revenge of Septic Willy!
  • 8. 27 Oct 00 Alien Quiz Show!
  • 9. 3 Nov 00 Escape from Zartopia!

(hereafter only shown on YTV in Canada)

  • 10. 15 Nov 00 McNally the Menace!
  • 11. 22 Nov 00 Dr. Pleskit and Mr. Ventraa!
  • 12. 29 Nov 00 Super-Fiend Strikes Back!
  • 13. 6 Dec 00 Great Coville Galaxies!
  • 14. 16 Dec 00 A Very Buttsman Christmas
  • 15. 27 Dec 00 Truth-O-Rama Crunchdown!
  • 16. 3 Jan 01 His Girlfriend Is an Alien!
  • 17. 10 Jan 01 To See the Invisible Geek!

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