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Index of evolutionary biology articles

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Title: Index of evolutionary biology articles  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Cladistics, Evolutionary developmental biology, Genetic drift, Evolutionary biology, Chimpanzee
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Index of evolutionary biology articles

This is a list of topics in evolutionary biology.


abiogenesisadaptationadaptive mutation - adaptive radiationalleleallele frequencyallopatric speciationaltruismanagenesisaposematismArchaeopteryxaquatic adaptationartificial selectionatavism


Brassica oleraceabreed


Cambrian explosioncamouflagecatagenesis (biology)gene-centered view of evolutioncephalizationSergei ChetverikovChi square testchronobiologychronospeciescladecladisticsClimatic adaptationcoalescent theoryco-evolutionCo-operation (evolution)coefficient of relationshipcommon descentconvergent evolutioncreation-evolution controversycultivarcurrent research in evolutionary biologyconspecific song preference


Darwin (unit)Charles DarwinDarwinismDarwin's finchesRichard Dawkinsdirected mutagenesis - directional selectionTheodosius DobzhanskyDog breedingDomesticationDomestication of the horse


ecological geneticsecological selectionendosymbiosiserror threshold (evolution)evidence of common descentevolutionevolutionary arms raceevolutionary capacitanceevolution of cetaceansevolution of complexityevolution of the horseevolution of mammalian auditory ossiclesevolution of mammalsevolution of sexevolution of sireniansevolution of the eyeevolutionary developmental biologyevolutionary dynamicsevolutionary neuroscienceevolutionary psychologyevolutionary radiationevolutionarily stable strategyevolutionary treeevolvabilityexperimental evolutionexaptationextinction


Joe FelsensteinR.A. FisherFisher's reproductive valuefitnessfitness landscapeE.B. Fordfossil


Galápagos Islandsgenegene-centric view of evolutiongene duplicationgene flowgene poolgenetic driftgenetic hitchhikinggenetic recombinationgenetic variationgenotypegenotype-environment correlationgenotype-environment interactiongenotype-phenotype distinctionStephen Jay GouldgradualismPeter and Rosemary Grantgroup selection


J. B. S. HaldaneW. D. HamiltonHardy-Weinberg principleheredityhierarchy of lifehistory of evolutionary thoughthorizontal gene transferhuman evolutionhuman evolutionary geneticshomologous chromosomeshomology (biology)Julian Huxleyhuman vestigiality


inclusive fitnessinsect evolutionInvertebrate paleontology (a.k.a. invertebrate paleobiology or paleozoology)


kin selectionMotoo KimuraKaryotypeKoinophilia


Jean-Baptiste LamarckLamarckismlandraceLanguage -Last common ancestorLast universal ancestorRichard Lewontinlist of gene familiesList of human evolution fossilslife-history theoryWen-Hsiung Liliving fossilsCharles Lyell


macroevolutionmacromutationThe Major Transitions in EvolutionmaladaptationThe Malay Archipelagomass extinctionsmating systemsJohn Maynard SmithErnst MayrGregor MendelmemeticsMendelian inheritancemicroevolutionMicropaleontology (a.k.a. micropaleobiology) – Miller–Urey experimentmimicryMitochondrial Evemodern evolutionary synthesismolecular clockmolecular evolutionmolecular phylogenymolecular systematicsMonogamymosaic evolutionmost recent common ancestorHermann Joseph MullerMuller's ratchetmutationmutational meltdown


natural selection - natural genetic engineeringNature versus nurtureNeo-Darwinismneutral theory of molecular evolution – Baron Franz Nopcsa


Susumu OhnoAleksandr OparinOn The Origin of SpeciesOrigin of birdsorthologous genes


Price equationpunctuated equilibriumPlant Evolutionary Developmental Biology


quasispecies model


race (biology)Red Queenrecapitulation theoryrecombinationBernhard Rensch


G. Ledyard Stebbins


Tiktaaliktimeline of evolutionTrait (biological)transgressive phenotypetransitional fossiltransposonTriangle of U


Uniformitarianism (science)Unit of selection


variety (botany)Vertebrate paleontology (a.k.a. vertebrate paleobiology or paleozoology) – viral evolutionThe Voyage of the Beaglevestigiality


Edward O. WilsonSewall Wright


Y-chromosomal AdamY-DNA haplogroups by ethnic groups

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