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Indumil (Industria Militar Colombiana)
Government-linked company
Industry Defense
Founded 1908
Headquarters Bogotá, Colombia
Key people
Rodrigo Rivera Salazar: Minister of National Defence
Products Firearms
entrenching tools
Number of employees
Website Official Site

Indumil (a portmanteau of the Spanish words Industria Militar, Military Industry) is a Colombian based military weapons manufacturer. The company is run by the Colombian government.


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Llama revolver .38 Special models Martial, Scorpio and Cassidy

Indumil was originally known as National Workshop of Mechanic Arts. (Taller Nacional de Artes Mecanicas). It was founded in 1908 as a dependency of the Ministry of War. The institution was renamed Indumil in 1954 as an autonomous organisation.

In 1954 Indumil's main facilities were opened. Its first factory named General Jose Maria Cordova was intended to produce small arms and ammunition. This facility is located in Soacha Cundinamarca In 1955 a second facility was set up under the name Santa Barbara. This second unit makes heavy munitions and artillery equipment for Colombian military forces..

In 1964 an explosives factory under the name Antonio Ricaurte was inaugurated. In 1968 this facility became an integral part of Indumil.

During the 80s and 90s the Colombian government started a commercial relationship with Israeli Military Industries. Through a staged process Indumil developed licensed production of IMI Galil rifles for the use of the Colombian military.

In 2000 Indumil was granted a certification ISO 9002/94. During the new millennium Indumil received a number of awards as a defense industry.[1]


List of products:[2]





The 5.56×45mm and 7.62×51mm are also produced in all their variations such as tracer and blank cartridges.[4]


All mortar shells, grenades and aerial bombs are also produced in variations made for training.


Indumil's flagship small firearm is the Llama Revolver. A 6 to 10 shot capacity, caliber .38 Special revolver which is produced mainly at the General Jose Maria Cordova factory.

Indumil is one of two companies that produce the IMI Galil rifles outside Israel, the other being Denel of South Africa. After two decades of stage by stage manufacturing cycle the company now fully produces all the necessary parts of the IMI Galil rifle. The company produces the ARM (assault rifle and machine gun).[5]

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External links

  • Official Website
  • Ministry of Defense of Colombia Website
  • Israel Weapons Industry Website (formerly IMI)
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