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InterVol's original University of Birmingham Guild of Students emblem.
Founded 2003
Type International Volunteering Charity
Registration no. 1136099
Focus Poverty reduction
Area served Bulgaria, Ecuador, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, United Kingdom
Method Project-based Development, Conservation & Education
Volunteers ~100
Slogan Ethical International Volunteering

InterVol is an charity based in the United Kingdom.[1] InterVol co-ordinate student-led poverty reduction, conservation and education projects in five developing countries which are based at the University of Birmingham,[2] Imperial College London,[3] Lancaster University[4] and the University of Nottingham.[5]


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    • Formation 1.1
    • Projects and expansion 1.2
  • Charity status 2
  • Project locations 3
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InterVol was set up as a voluntary project in the fall of 2003[6] by a group of students with the support of the Student Development (formerly Involve) department at the NGOs in each country.[9]

Projects and expansion

In the summer of 2004 InterVol led three volunteering projects to Bulgaria, Cambodia and Uganda. The volunteers were involved in work including AIDS awareness training, work in orphanages, teaching English and building the information technology capacity of local NGO staff.

In 2005 the projects roster was quickly increased to eight projects as the popularity and presence of the project on the University of Birmingham campus increased significantly. There were two new projects in Ecuador, based around cloud-forest conservation and social development,[10] as well as a community development project in Accra, Ghana,[11] a teaching project in Poland and a social development project in South Africa.

In 2006 InterVol began to consolidate after fast growth in its first two years. Previous projects were maintained while a new coastal development project in Thailand with Andaman Discoveries[12][13][14] and a teaching project in Nepal were proposed. The teaching project in Nepal was later cancelled due to safety concerns following the country's political instability in Summer 2006. InterVol sent volunteers to teach at the New Future for Children Orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for the first time in July 2006.[15] InterVol received its first national awards in 2006 when two founding members, John Gorski and Danielle Gerson, won Impact awards at the National Year of the Volunteer Awards.[16]

In 2007 a new project to construct school buildings and teach in rural Nepal commenced.[17] This year also saw InterVol send volunteers to both a trafficked animal refuge and to teach Spanish to members of the Adam Smith Institute, Peace Child International and the director of the University of Birmingham's International Development Department, Dr. Philip Amis.

In 2008 InterVol supported a new project in Kenya based on community development in partnership with the charity Challenge Africa.[19] The following year another project was set up in Kenya, a sports-based development project in Nairobi's Kibera slum.[20]

InterVol supported a youth development project in Kosovo in partnership with Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) in summer 2010.[21] In June 2010 the University of Nottingham's international volunteering project affiliated with InterVol to become the first InterVol branch outside Birmingham.[22][23] InterVol's Nottingham project, based at the University of Nottingham Students' Union, will continue to send volunteers to work with the Ugandan community development NGO, Little Big Africa.[24] The charity expanded further, forming a new international volunteering group, Project Nepal, at Imperial College London in October 2011[25] and a new InterVol society at Lancaster University[26] in December 2011.

Charity status

Initially founded in 2003 as an initiative of the charity in England and Wales in May 2010.[28] InterVol's charitable objects are to act as a resource for international volunteers at universities in the United Kingdom while promoting development projects that focus on education, health, conservation and the relief of poverty.

Project locations

InterVol currently support international programmes in the following countries: Bulgaria, Ecuador, Kenya, Nepal, and Uganda.

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