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Isahaya Station

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Title: Isahaya Station  
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Subject: Tosu Station, Nagasaki Main Line, List of railway stations in Japan: I, Saga Station, Akatsuki (train), Ōmura Line, Shin-Tosu Station, Kawatana Station
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Isahaya Station

Isahaya Station (諫早駅 Isahaya-eki?) is a railway station in Eishō-chō, Isahaya, Nagasaki, Japan. It is owned by Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu), and is served by three lines, the Nagasaki Main Line, Ōmura Line, and the Shimabara Railway Line. All Limited express Kamome trains, Rapid Seaside Liner trains, and express trains on the Shimabara line stop at this station.

Station layout

The station building was completed in 1934 and is made of wood in a western style. It has automatic ticket machines as well as a "Midori no Madoguchi" ticket office. And it has turnstiles and 3 elevators for each tracks. However, it has no escalators.


This station has three platforms serving five tracks.

0 Shimabara Railway Line for Hon-Isahaya, Shimabara, Shimabara-Gaikō
1 Limited express Kamome for Urakami and Nagasaki
Rapid Seaside Liner for Kikitsu, Urakami, and Nagasaki
Nagasaki Main Line for Kikitsu, Ichinuno (Nagayo), Urakami, and Nagasaki
2・3 Nagasaki Main Line for Ichinuno(Nagayo), Nagasaki, Yue, Hizen-Yamaguchi, and Tosu
Ōmura Line for Ōmura, Haiki, Sasebo
4 Limited express Kamome for Hizen-Yamaguchi, Tosu, Hakata
Express Seaside Liner for Ōmura, Haiki, and Sasebo
Nagasaki Main Line for Yue, Hizen-Yamaguchi, and Tosu
Ōmura Line for Ōmura, Haiki, and Sasebo

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Hizen-Kashima   Nagasaki Main Line (Limited Express Kamome)   Urakami
(Ōmura Line)   Nagasaki Main Line (Rapid Seaside Liner)   Nishi-Isahaya or Kikitsu
Higashi-Isahaya   Nagasaki Main Line (local)   Nishi-Isahaya
Ōmura   Ōmura Line (Rapid Seaside Liner)   (To Nagasaki on the Nagasaki Main Line)
Iwamatsu   Ōmura Line (local)   (To Nagasaki on the Nagasaki Main Line)
-   Shimabara Railway Line   Hon-Isahaya


  • JR Kyushu - Daily average of 5,533 people (2006 estimate).
  • Shimabara Railway - Daily average of 1,563 people (2006 estimate, 2nd most highly used station of the 44 stations of Shimabara Railway).


The station opened on 27 November 1898 as a station on the Kyushu Railway Nagasaki Line. The Nagasaki Line was renamed the Nagasaki Main Line on 12 October 1909. On 21 August 1911, the Shimabara Railway Line from Isahaya to Hon-Isahaya opened. On 24 March 1934, the Ariake Nishi Line from Isahaya to Yue opened. On 1 December 1934, the Ariake Nishi and Higashi lines were connected to become part of the Nagasaki Main Line. The line from Haiki to Isahaya was separated to become the Ōmura Line.

Surrounding area

  • Bus terminal for Nagasaki Kenei Bus and Shimabara Railway Bus

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Coordinates: 32°51′7″N 130°2′29″E / 32.85194°N 130.04139°E / 32.85194; 130.04139

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