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Jagdgeschwader 101

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Title: Jagdgeschwader 101  
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Subject: Walter Nowotny, 10th Parachute Division (Germany), 11th Parachute Division (Germany)
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Jagdgeschwader 101

Jagdgeschwader 101
Active December 15, 1942 – April 16, 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Air Force
Type Fighter Aircraft
Role Fighter pilot training wing
Size Air Force Wing
Walter Nowotny (April 1, 1944 – September 10, 1944)

Jagdgeschwader 101 (JG 101) was a Luftwaffe fighter-training-wing of World War II.

Formed at Werneuchen from Jagdfliegerschule 1, JG 101 was created in December 1942 and were stationed from 27 January 1943 at Pau, southern France. An operational training unit, the Geschwader was never officially deployed in combat, although on 5 March 1944 Jagdgruppe West and JG 101 defended Bergerac, Cognac, and other airfields in south west France against a raid by 8th Air Force B-24s.

On 24 May 1944 Hptm. Scholtz of 1./JG 101 claimed a B-17 shot down. On 15 October 1944 the unit was increased to two gruppen.

The unit operated several training types, including the Gotha 143 and Bucker 131 biplanes and the French-built fighter Dewoitine D.520. JG 101 also operated the first two seater Bf 109.The G-12 was a modified G-2, with a second seat behind the existing cockpit for the instructor. The two seat Fw 190F-8/U-1 trainer was also employed.

The Geschwader was disbanded on 16 April 1945 and 2,400 personnel were transferred to the 10. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division and 11. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division.

Commanding officers


  • Oberstleutnant Erich von Selle (15 December 1942 - 31 March 1944)
  • Hauptmann Walter Nowotny (1 April 1944 - 10 September 1944)
  • Major Hans Knauth (11 September 1944 - 16 April 1945)


I./JG 101

  • Hauptmann Max Dobislav (15 December 1942 - 5 January 1943)
  • Major Otto Bertram (6 January 1943 - 30 April 1944)
  • Hauptmann Gerhard Koall (1 May 1944 - 15 January 1945)
  • Hauptmann Ferdinand Vögl (16 January 1945 - 16 April 1945)

II./JG 101

Aircraft used

  • Arado Ar 66, Ar 68, Ar 96.
  • Messerschmidt Bf 108, Bf 109.
  • Bucker Bü 131, Bü 133.
  • Cant Z.1007.
  • Dewoitine D.520.
  • Focke Wulk Fw 56, Fw 58, Fw 190.
  • Heinkel He 51.
  • Junkers Ju 88, Ju 160, Na-64.
  • Potez 63, SM-79,
  • Junkers W.34

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