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Japan at the 1964 Summer Olympics

Japan at the Olympic Games

Flag of Japan
IOC code  JPN
NOC Japanese Olympic Committee
Website (Japanese)
At the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
Competitors 328 (270 men and 58 women) in 21 sports
Flag bearer Makoto Fukui
Rank: 3
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games

Japan was the host nation for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 328 competitors, 270 men and 58 women, took part in 155 events in 21 sports.[1]


  • Medalists 1
  • Athletics 2
  • Basketball 3
  • Boxing 4
  • Canoeing 5
  • Cycling 6
  • Diving 7
  • Equestrianism 8
  • Fencing 9
  • Football 10
  • Gymnastics 11
  • Hockey 12
  • Judo 13
  • Modern pentathlon 14
  • Rowing 15
  • Sailing 16
  • Shooting 17
  • Swimming 18
  • Volleyball 19
  • Water polo 20
  • Weightlifting 21
  • Wrestling 22
  • References 23
  • External links 24


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Kasai, MasaeMasae Kasai, Emiko Miyamoto, Kinuko Tanida, Yuriko Handa, Yoshiko Matsumura, Sata Isobe, Katsumi Matsumura, Yoko Shinozaki, Setsuko Sasaki, Yuko Fujimoto, Masako Kondo and Ayano Shibuki Volleyball Women's Team Competition
 Gold Sakurai, TakaoTakao Sakurai Boxing Men's Bantamweight
 Gold Endo, YukioYukio Endo Gymnastics Men's All-around Individual
 Gold Endo, YukioYukio Endo Gymnastics Men's Parallel Bars
 Gold Yamashita, HaruhiroHaruhiro Yamashita Gymnastics Men's Long Horse Vault
 Gold Hayata, TakujiTakuji Hayata Gymnastics Men's Rings
 Gold Nakatani, TakehideTakehide Nakatani Judo Men's Lightweight (68 kg)
 Gold Okano, IsaoIsao Okano Judo Men's Middleweight (80 kg)
 Gold Inokuma, IsaoIsao Inokuma Judo Men's Heavyweight
 Gold Ono, TakashiTakashi Ono, Shuji Tsurumi, Haruhiro Yamashita, Yukio Endo, Takuji Hayata, and Takashi Mitsukuri Gymnastics Men's Team Combined Exercises
 Gold Miyake, YoshinobuYoshinobu Miyake Weightlifting Men's Featherweight
 Gold Hanahara, TsutomuTsutomu Hanahara Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Flyweight
 Gold Ichiguchi, MasamitsuMasamitsu Ichiguchi Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Bantamweight
 Gold Yoshida, YoshikatsuYoshikatsu Yoshida Wrestling Men's Freestyle Flyweight
 Gold Uetake, YojiroYojiro Uetake Wrestling Men's Freestyle Bantamweight
 Gold Watanabe, OsamuOsamu Watanabe Wrestling Men's Freestyle Featherweight
 Silver Tsurumi, ShujiShuji Tsurumi Gymnastics Men's All-around Individual
 Silver Tsurumi, ShujiShuji Tsurumi Gymnastics Men's Parallel Bars
 Silver Tsurumi, ShujiShuji Tsurumi Gymnastics Men's Pommeled Horse
 Silver Endo (gymnast), YukioYukio Endo (gymnast) Gymnastics Men's Floor Exercises
 Silver Kaminaga, AkioAkio Kaminaga Judo Men's Open Class
 Bronze Tsuburaya, KokichiKokichi Tsuburaya Athletics Men's Marathon
 Bronze Nakamura, TanikoTaniko Nakamura, Kiyoko Ono, Hiroko Tsuji, Toshiko Aihara-Shirasu, Ginko Chiba-Abukawa, and Keiko Ikeda-Tanaka Gymnastics Women's Team Combined Exercises
 Bronze Yoshikawa, YoshihisaYoshihisa Yoshikawa Shooting Men's Free Pistol
 Bronze Okabe, YukiakiYukiaki Okabe, Toshio Shoji, Makoto Fukui, and Kunihiro Iwasaki Swimming Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
 Bronze Demachi, YutakaYutaka Demachi, Tsutomu Koyama, Sadatoshi Sugawara, Naohiro Ikeda, Yasutaka Sato, Toshiaki Kosedo, Tokihiko Higuchi, Masayuki Minami, Takeshi Tokutomi, Teruhisa Moriyama, Yūzo Nakamura and Katsutoshi Nekoda Volleyball Men's Team Competition
 Bronze Ichinoseki, ShiroShiro Ichinoseki Weightlifting Men's Bantamweight
 Bronze Ohuchi, MasashiMasashi Ohuchi Weightlifting Men's Middleweight
 Bronze Horiuchi, IwaoIwao Horiuchi Wrestling Men's Freestyle Lightweight






15 cyclists represented Japan in 1964.

Individual road race
Team time trial
1000m time trial
Individual pursuit
Team pursuit




15 fencers, 11 men and 4 women, represented Japan in 1964.

Men's foil
Men's team foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre
Women's foil
Women's team foil





Four judoka, all male, represented Japan in 1964.

Men's lightweight
Men's mightweight
Men's heavyweight
Men's open class

Modern pentathlon

Three male pentathletes represented Japan in 1964.

  • Shigeaki Uchino
  • Yoshihide Fukutome
  • Shigeki Mino






Men's Team Competition
  • Round Robin
  • Defeated South Korea (3-0)
  • Lost to Hungary (0-3)
  • Lost to Czechoslovakia (1-3)
  • Defeated Bulgaria (3-1)
  • Defeated United States (3-1)
  • Defeated Soviet Union (3-1)
  • Defeated Brazil (3-2)
  • Defeated Romania (3-2)
  • Defeated Netherlands (3-1) → Bronze Medal
  • Team Roster
Women's Team Competition
  • Round Robin
  • Defeated United States (3-0)
  • Defeated Romania (3-0)
  • Defeated South Korea (3-0)
  • Defeated Poland (3-0)
  • Defeated Soviet Union (3-0) → Gold Medal
  • Team Roster

Water polo




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