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Kampar District

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Title: Kampar District  
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Subject: Perak, Gopeng, Kampar, Perak, Kampar, Malim Nawar
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Kampar District

Kampar District
District of Malaysia
Country  Malaysia
State Perak Darul Ridzuan
Seat Kampar
 • District officer Tuan Ahmad Kamaruzzaman Hamzah
Population (2005)
 • Total 800,100

Kampar District, is one of the ten administrative districts of Perak, Malaysia It was a district on 21 May 2009 after the Sultan of Perak declared Kampar the state's 10th district. Its local government is Kampar District Council (Majlis Daerah Kampar), based in the town of Kampar.

According to population growth, the District Council (Majlis Daerah) can be enlarged to Municipal Council (Majlis Perbandaran) and finally to City Council (Majlis Bandaraya). In Malaysia, there are only three cities administered by City Hall, in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching North (Kuching Utara) and Kota Kinabalu. Other cities in the country are administered by City Council (Majlis Bandaraya).

Historically, Kampar District was once famous for its tin, being one of the major tin producers in the 18th century. In the 19th century, Kinta district was famous for its tin. It was the number one tin producing valley in the world.

Towns in the Kampar District

Major settlements in the Kampar District


  • Taman Bandar Baru
  • Taman Bandar Baru Selatan
  • Taman Kampar Jaya
  • Taman Melayu Jaya
  • Taman Sentosa
  • Taman Golden Dragon
  • Kampung Batu Berangkai
  • Kampung Tersusun Batu Putih
  • Aston Settlement
  • and others


Malim Nawar

•Kampung Malim Nawar •Kampung Malim Nawar Tambahan •Kampung Changkat Baru •Kampung Jelutong •Kampung Tebing Tinggi •Kampung Pulai Bergading •Rumah Murah Malim Nawar

Kota Baharu


(P70)Kampar is a Parliament seat under the Election Commission of Malaysia. Under this parliament seat, there are three state seats: (N40) Malim Nawar, (N41) Keranji and (N42) Tualang Sekah.

The parliament seat is a traditional fight between the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Barisan Nasional (represented by Malaysian Chinese Association, MCA). The member of parliament is Lee Chee Leong from Barisan Nasional. In the last election he won with the statistics of

Parliament seat (P70)

  • Total Voter  : 59,784
  • Spoilt vote  : 1,048
  • Total ballot paper issue : 38,953
  • Unreturned ballot paper  : 350
  • Percentage vote  : 65.16%
  • Majority  : 2,697

State seat (N40)

  • 1. Keshvinder Singh a/l Kashmir Singh (DAP): 7,801
  • 2. Chai Song Poh (BN)  : 6,439
  • Total Voter  : 23,276
  • Spoilt vote  : 364
  • Total ballot paper issue : 14,647
  • Unreturned ballot paper  : 43
  • Percentage vote  : 62.93%
  • Majority  : 1,362

State seat (N41)

  • 1. Chen Fook Chye (DAP): 8,459
  • 2. Chong Mun Wah (BN)  : 4,024
  • Total Voter  : 19,857
  • Spoilt vote  : 212
  • Total ballot paper issue : 12,738
  • Unreturned ballot paper  : 43
  • Percentage vote  : 64.15%
  • Majority  : 4,435

State seat (N42)

  • 1. Nolee Ashilin Binti Mohammed Radzi (BN) : 6,366
  • 2. Nadarajah a/l Manikam (PKR)  : 4,797
  • Total Voter  : 16,651
  • Spoilt vote  : 361
  • Total ballot paper issue : 11,578
  • Unreturned ballot paper  : 54
  • Percentage vote  : 69.53%
  • Majority  : 1,569

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  • Majlis Daerah Kampar

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