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L'Équipe Champion of Champions


L'Équipe Champion of Champions

L'Équipe Champion of Champions (French: Champion des champions de L'Équipe) is an award presented by French publication L'Équipe.


  • International 1
    • Single awards 1.1
    • Male and female awards 1.2
  • France 2
    • Single awards 2.1
    • Male and female awards 2.2
  • References 3


Single awards

Year Country Winner Sport
1980 United States Eric Heiden Speed Skating
1981 Great Britain Sebastian Coe Athletics
1982 Italy Paolo Rossi Football
1983 United States Carl Lewis Athletics
1984 United States Carl Lewis Athletics
1985 Soviet Union Sergey Bubka Athletics
1986 Argentina Diego Maradona Football
1987 Canada Ben Johnson * Athletics
1988 United States Florence Griffith-Joyner Athletics
1989 United States Greg LeMond Cycling
1990 Brazil Ayrton Senna Formula One
1991 United States Carl Lewis Athletics
1992 United States Michael Jordan Basketball
1993 Algeria Noureddine Morceli Athletics
1994 Brazil Romario Football
1995 Great Britain Jonathan Edwards Athletics
1996 United States Michael Johnson Athletics
1997 Ukraine Sergey Bubka Athletics
1998 France Zinedine Zidane Football
1999 United States Andre Agassi Tennis
2000 United States Tiger Woods Golf
2001 Germany Michael Schumacher Formula One
2002 Germany Michael Schumacher Formula One
2003 Germany Michael Schumacher Formula One
2004 Morocco Hicham El Guerrouj Athletics
2005 Switzerland Roger Federer Tennis
2006 Switzerland Roger Federer Tennis
2007 Switzerland Roger Federer Tennis
2008 Jamaica Usain Bolt Athletics
2009 Jamaica Usain Bolt Athletics
2010 Spain Rafael Nadal Tennis
2011 Argentina Lionel Messi Football
*Award taken away after doping scandal

Male and female awards

Year Country Male winner Sport Country Female winner Sport
2012 Jamaica Usain Bolt Athletics United States Serena Williams Tennis
2013 Spain Rafael Nadal Tennis United States Serena Williams Tennis
2014 France Renaud Lavillenie Athletics United States Katie Ledecky Swimming


Single awards

Year Winner Sport
1946 Jean Séphériades Rowing
1947 Christian d'Oriola Fencing
1948 Marcel Cerdan Boxing
1949 Alain Mimoun Athletics
1950 Papa Gallo Thiam Athletics
1951 Puig Aubert Rugby league
1952 Jean Boiteux Swimming
1953 Louison Bobet Cycling
1954 Louison Bobet (2) Cycling
1955 Raymond Kopa Football
1956 Alain Mimoun (2) Athletics
1957 Roger Rivière Cycling
1958 Raymond Kopa (2) Football
1959 Lucien Mias Rugby union
1960 Michel Jazy Athletics
1961 Guy Périllat Alpine skiing
1962 Michel Jazy (2) Athletics
1963 Jacques Anquetil Cycling
1964 Marielle Goitschel Alpine skiing
1965 Michel Jazy (3) Athletics
1966 Alain Mosconi Swimming
1967 Jean-Claude Killy Alpine skiing
1968 Jean-Claude Killy (2) Alpine skiing
1969 Nicole Duclos Athletics
1970 Jean-Claude Nallet Athletics
1971 Jean-Claude Bouttier
Régis Ovion
1972 Daniel Morelon Cycling
1973 François Cevert Formula One
1974 Guy Drut
Raymond Poulidor
1975 Guy Drut (2)
Bernard Thévenet
1976 Guy Drut (3) Athletics
1977 Michel Platini Football
1978 Bernard Hinault Cycling
1979 Bernard Hinault (2) Cycling
1980 Bernard Hinault (3) Cycling
1981 Bernard Hinault (4) Cycling
1982 Alain Giresse Football
1983 Yannick Noah Tennis
1984 Michel Platini (2) Football
1985 Alain Prost Formula One
1986 Alain Prost (2) Formula One
1987 Jeannie Longo Cycling
1988 Jean-François Lamour Fencing
1989 Alain Prost (3) Formula One
1990 Florence Arthaud
Max Morinière
Daniel Sangouma
Jean-Charles Trouabal
Bruno Marie-Rose

1991 Guy Forget
Henri Leconte
1992 Marie-José Pérec Athletics
1993 Alain Prost (4) Formula One
1994 Luc Leblanc Cycling
1995 David Douillet Judo
1996 Marie-José Pérec (2) Athletics
1997 Luc Alphand Alpine skiing
1998 Zinedine Zidane Football
1999 Eunice Barber Athletics
2000 David Douillet (2) Judo
2001 Jackson Richardson Handball
2002 Carole Montillet Alpine skiing
2003 Tony Parker Basketball
2004 Laure Manaudou Swimming
2005 Ladji Doucouré Athletics
2006 Laure Manaudou (2) Swimming
2007 Sébastien Loeb
 Daniel Elena (MON)
2008 Alain Bernard Swimming
2009 Sébastien Loeb (2)
 Daniel Elena (MON) (2)
2010 Christophe Lemaitre Athletics
2011 Nikola Karabatić Handball

Male and female awards

Year Male winner Sport Female winner Sport
2012 Teddy Riner Judo Camille Muffat Swimming
2013 Tony Parker Basketball Marion Bartoli Tennis
2014 Renaud Lavillenie Athletics Pauline Ferrand-Prévot Cycling


International winners
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French winners
  • Loeb, Elena élus. L'Equipe (2009-12-26). Retrieved on 2014-05-24.
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