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Lech (river)


Lech (river)

Map of the River Lech
Origin Northern Limestone Alps
Mouth Danube
Basin countries Germany, Austria
Length 264 kilometres (164 mi)
Source elevation 1,865 metres (6,119 ft)
Avg. discharge 115 m3/s (4,100 cu ft/s)
Basin area 4,126 km2 (1,593 sq mi)

The Lech (Forggensee, a man-made lake which is drained in winter. Here, it forms rapids and a waterfall.

The river flows further northwards through a region called the Lechrain, and passes the cities of Schongau, Landsberg, Augsburg (where it receives the Wertach) and Rain before entering the Danube River just below Donauwörth at an elevation of 410 metres (1,330 ft). It is not navigable, owing to its torrential character and the gravel beds which choke its channel. There is a particularly magnificent view of the Lech valley from Neuschwanstein Castle, near Füssen.


On more than one occasion, historic events have been decided on the banks of this river.


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