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List of British films of 1937

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Title: List of British films of 1937  
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Subject: List of British films, Cinema of the United Kingdom, List of British films before 1920, List of British films of 1921, List of British films of 1922
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List of British films of 1937

A list of British films released in 1937.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Academy Decides John Baxter April Vivian, Henry Oscar Drama
Action for Slander Tim Whelan Clive Brook, Ann Todd Drama
Against the Tide Alex Bryce Robert Cochran, Cathleen Nesbitt Drama
The Angelus Thomas Bentley Anthony Bushell, Nancy O'Neil Crime
Auld Lang Syne James A. Fitzpatrick Andrew Cruickshank, Marian Spencer Historical
The Avenging Hand Victor Hanbury, Frank Richardson Noah Beery, Louis Borel Crime
Beauty and the Barge Henry Edwards Gordon Harker, Judy Gunn Comedy
Big Fella J. Elder Wills Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch Musical/Drama
The Black Tulip Alex Bryce Patrick Waddington, Ann Soreen Historical drama
Boys Will Be Girls Gilbert Pratt Leslie Fuller, Greta Gynt Comedy
Brief Ecstasy Edmond T. Gréville Paul Lukas, Hugh Williams Drama
Bulldog Drummond at Bay Norman Lee John Lodge, Dorothy Mackaill Thriller
Cafe Colette Paul L. Stein Paul Cavanagh, Greta Nissen Thriller
Calling All Ma's Redd Davis Billy Caryll, Hilda Mundy Comedy
Calling All Stars Herbert Smith Carroll Gibbons, Evelyn Dall Musical
Captain's Orders Ivar Campbell Henry Edwards, Jane Carr Drama
Catch As Catch Can Roy Kellino James Mason, Viki Dobson Crime
Clothes and the Woman Albert de Courville Rod La Rocque, Tucker McGuire Romance
The Compulsory Wife Arthur B. Woods Henry Kendall, Joyce Kirby Comedy
Concerning Mr. Martin Roy Kellino Wilson Barrett, William Devlin Thriller
Cotton Queen Bernard Vorhaus Stanley Holloway, Will Fyffe Comedy
Cross My Heart Bernard Mainwaring Kathleen Gibson, Kenne Duncan Drama
Darby and Joan Syd Courtenay Peggy Simpson, Ian Fleming Drama
Dark Journey Victor Saville Conrad Veidt, Vivien Leigh War/Romance
Death Croons the Blues David MacDonald Hugh Wakefield, Antoinette Cellier Crime
Doctor Syn Roy William Neill Margaret Lockwood Adventure
The Dominant Sex Herbert Brenon Phillips Holmes, Diana Churchill Comedy
Don't Get Me Wrong Arthur B. Woods
Reginald Purdell
Max Miller, Olive Blakeney Comedy
Double Alibi David MacDonald Ernest Sefton, John Warwick Crime
Dreaming Lips Paul Czinner Elisabeth Bergner, Raymond Massey Drama
The Edge of the World Michael Powell John Laurie, Belle Chrystall, Finlay Currie Drama
The Elder Brother Frederick Hayward John Stuart, Marjorie Taylor Drama
Elephant Boy Zoltan Korda
Robert J. Flaherty
Sabu Adventure
Farewell Again Tim Whelan Leslie Banks, Flora Robson Drama
Farewell to Cinderella Maclean Rogers John Robinson, Glennis Lorimer Romance
Father Steps Out Maclean Rogers Dinah Sheridan Comedy
Feather Your Nest William Beaudine Polly Ward Comedy
Fine Feathers Leslie S. Hiscott Donald Steward, Francis L. Sullivan Musical
Fire Over England William K. Howard Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Raymond Massey Drama
The Five Pound Man Albert Parker Judy Gunn, Edwin Styles Comedy/Crime
For Valour Tom Walls Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn Comedy
French Leave Norman Lee Betty Lynne, Edmund Breon Comedy
The Frog Jack Raymond Noah Beery, Jack Hawkins Thriller
Gangway Sonnie Hale Jessie Matthews, Barry MacKay Musical
Glamorous Night Brian Desmond Hurst Mary Ellis, Otto Kruger Drama
Good Morning, Boys Marcel Varnel Will Hay, Martita Hunt Comedy
The Great Barrier Milton Rosmer, Geoffrey Barkas Richard Arlen, Lilli Palmer Historical
The Green Cockatoo William Cameron Menzies John Mills, René Ray, Charles Oliver Crime
Gypsy Roy William Neill Roland Young, Chili Bouchier Drama
Head over Heels Sonnie Hale Jessie Matthews, Robert Flemyng Musical
I, Claudius Josef von Sternberg Charles Laughton, Emlyn Williams, Merle Oberon Drama An uncompleted adaptation of Robert Graves's novel
It's a Grand Old World Herbert Smith Gina Malo, Sandy Powell Drama/Comedy
It's Never Too Late to Mend David MacDonald Tod Slaughter, Jack Livesey Melodrama
It's Not Cricket Ralph Ince Claude Hulbert, Henry Kendall Comedy
Jericho Thornton Freeland Paul Robeson, Henry Wilcoxon, Wallace Ford Adventure
Jump for Glory Raoul Walsh Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Valerie Hobson Comedy/Drama
Kathleen Mavourneen Norman Lee Sally O'Neil, Tom Burke Musical
Keep Fit Anthony Kimmins Kay Walsh Comedy
King Solomon's Mines Robert Stevenson, Geoffrey Barkas Cedric Hardwicke, Anna Lee, Paul Robeson Adventure/Romance Based on novel by H. Rider Haggard
Knights for a Day Norman Lee Nelson Keys, John Garrick Comedy
Knight Without Armour Jacques Feyder Marlene Dietrich, Robert Donat, Irene Vanbrugh Drama
Lancashire Luck Henry Cass Wendy Hiller, Nigel Stock Comedy
Landslide Donovan Pedelty Jimmy Hanley, Dinah Sheridan Drama
The Last Adventurers Roy Kellino Niall MacGinnis, Roy Emerton Drama
The Last Chance Thomas Bentley Frank Leighton, Judy Kelly Drama
The Last Curtain David MacDonald Campbell Gullan, Kenne Duncan Crime
Leave It to Me Herbert Smith Sandy Powell, Iris March Comedy
The Lilac Domino Frederic Zelnik Michael Bartlett, June Knight Musical
The Live Wire Herbert Brenon Felix Aylmer, Jean Gillie Comedy
London Melody Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Tullio Carminati Musical
Love from a Stranger Rowland V. Lee Ann Harding, Basil Rathbone Thriller
Lucky Jade Walter Summers Betty Ann Davies, John Warwick Comedy/Crime
Make-Up Alfred Zeisler Nils Asther, June Clyde Drama
Mayfair Melody Arthur B. Woods Keith Falkner, Chili Bouchier Musical
Melody and Romance Maurice Elvey Hughie Green, Margaret Lockwood Comedy
Midnight Menace Sinclair Hill Charles Farrell, Margaret Vyner Thriller
The Mill on the Floss Tim Whelan Frank Lawton, Victoria Hopper Drama
Millions Leslie S. Hiscott Gordon Harker, Frank Pettingell Comedy
The Minstrel Boy Sidney Morgan Fred Conyngham, Chili Bouchier Musical
Moonlight Sonata Lothar Mendes Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Charles Farrell Drama
The Mutiny of the Elsinore Roy Lockwood Lyn Harding, Jiro Soneya Action
Non-Stop New York Robert Stevenson John Loder, Anna Lee Crime
O-Kay for Sound Marcel Varnel The Crazy Gang Comedy
Oh, Mr Porter! Marcel Varnel Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, Moore Marriott Comedy
O.H.M.S. Raoul Walsh Wallace Ford, John Mills, Anna Lee Action/Comedy
Old Mother Riley Oswald Mitchell Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane Comedy
Passenger to London Lawrence Huntington John Warwick, Jenny Laird Thriller
The Perfect Crime Ralph Ince Ralph Ince, Hugh Williams Crime
Please Teacher Stafford Dickens Bobby Howes, René Ray Comedy
The Price of Folly Walter Summers Leonora Corbett, Colin Keith-Johnston
Judy Kelly
The Rat Thomas Bentley Anton Walbrook, Ruth Chatterton Drama
Return of a Stranger Victor Hanbury Griffith Jones, Rosalyn Boulter, Athole Stewart Drama
Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel Hanns Schwarz Barry K. Barnes, James Mason Thriller
Riding High David MacDonald Claude Dampier, John Garrick Comedy
A Romance in Flanders Maurice Elvey Paul Cavanagh, Marcelle Chantal Drama
Rose of Tralee Oswald Mitchell Binkie Stuart, Kathleen O'Regan Musical
Sam Small Leaves Town Alfred J. Goulding Stanley Holloway, June Clyde Comedy
Saturday Night Revue Norman Lee Billy Milton, Sally Gray Musical
The Schooner Gang W. Devenport Hackney Vesta Victoria, Billy Percy Crime
The Show Goes On Basil Dean Gracie Fields, Owen Nares Musical/Comedy
Sidewalks of London Tim Whelan Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh Drama
Sing as You Swing Redd Davis Evelyn Dall, Claude Dampier Musical
Smash and Grab Tim Whelan Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph Comedy/Crime
Song of the Forge Henry Edwards Stanley Holloway, Lawrence Grossmith Musical
The Song of the Road John Baxter Muriel George Drama
Spring Handicap Herbert Brenon Will Fyffe, Maire O'Neill Comedy
Storm in a Teacup Ian Dalrymple
Victor Saville
Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker Comedy
The Squeaker William K. Howard Edmund Lowe, Sebastian Shaw, Ann Todd Crime
The Street Singer Jean de Marguenat Margaret Lockwood, Arthur Tracy Musical
Talking Feet John Baxter Hazel Ascot, Jack Barty, Davy Burnaby, Enid Stamp-Taylor Musical
Take a Chance Sinclair Hill Claude Hulbert, Binnie Hale Comedy
Take My Tip Herbert Mason Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge Musical Comedy
Thunder in the City Marion Gering Edward G. Robinson, Nigel Bruce Drama
Twin Faces Lawrence Huntington Anthony Ireland, Frank Birch Crime
Under a Cloud George King Betty Ann Davies, Edward Rigby Drama
Under Secret Orders Edmond T. Gréville Dita Parlo, John Loder Thriller
Under the Red Robe Victor Sjostrom Conrad Veidt, Raymond Massey, Annabella Drama, Adventure
Underneath the Arches Redd Davis Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen Comedy
The Vicar of Bray Henry Edwards Stanley Holloway, Hugh Miller Historical Drama
Victoria the Great Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Anton Walbrook Biopic
The Vulture Ralph Ince Claude Hulbert, Lesley Brook Comedy
Wanted! George King ZaSu Pitts, Claude Dampier Comedy
The Wife of General Ling Ladislao Vajda Griffith Jones, Valéry Inkijinoff Drama
Who Killed John Savage? Maurice Elvey Nicholas Hannen, Kathleen Kelly Crime
Who's Your Lady Friend? Carol Reed Frances Day, Vic Oliver Comedy
Wings of the Morning Harold D. Schuster Annabella, Henry Fonda Drama First technicolour film shot in the British Isles
You Live and Learn Arthur B. Woods Glenda Farrell, Claude Hulbert Comedy
Young and Innocent Alfred Hitchcock Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney Mystery

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