List Of Fighting Talk Episodes

This is a list of episodes of the BBC Radio Five Live sports panel show Fighting Talk, which began its eleventh season on 31 August 2013. In the list of episodes below, the winning panellist for each show (after Defend the Indefensible), where known, is shown in bold.

Season 2003/04

This list is incomplete. Only episodes known to exist (either in the form of a recording, or a comment made in an episode referring to a prior episode) are listed. It is known that 22 episodes[1] were commissioned for the first season.
Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
4 October[1] Johnny Vaughan Will Buckley (debut) Bradley Walsh (debut) Greg Brady (debut) Stan Collymore (debut)
20 December Greg Brady Gordon Ramsay (debut) Bob Mortimer (debut) Eleanor Oldroyd
27 December Tommy Docherty Dickie Davies Jimmy Hill Keith Allen
10 January Will Buckley[2]
17 January Will Buckley Greg Brady Rick Wakeman (debut) Graham Taylor (debut)
24 January Greg Brady Steve Bunce Eleanor Oldroyd Trevor Nelson (debut)
31 January Steve Bunce John Rawling (debut) Greg Brady Ainsley Harriott
7 February Steve Bunce John Rawling Will Buckley Dickie Davies
14 February Greg Brady Will Buckley Bradley Walsh Perry Fenwick (debut)
21 February Greg Brady Sean Lock (debut) Steve Bunce John Rawling
28 February Greg Brady Steve Bunce John Rawling Kevin Kennedy
6 March Greg Brady Will Buckley Danny Kelly (debut) Dominic Holland (debut)
13 March Greg Brady John Rawling Eleanor Oldroyd Sean Lock
20 March Greg Brady Steve Bunce Will Buckley Graham Taylor
27 March Greg Brady John Rawling Will Buckley Steve Bunce

Season 2004/05

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
7 August[3] Christian O'Connell Greg Brady Tommy Docherty Phil Cornwell Brian Woolnough
14 August John Rawling John Fashanu (debut) Steve Bunce Keith Allen
21 August Greg Brady[4]
28 August Steve Bunce Greg Brady Kevin Day Gavin Peacock (debut)
4 September John Fashanu Will Buckley Steve Bunce Jeremy Beadle (debut)
11 September John Rawling Dickie Davies Eleanor Oldroyd Stuart Hall (debut)
18 September Steve Bunce Kriss Akabusi (debut) Greg Brady Sean Lock
25 September Will Buckley Fred Dinenage (debut) Greg Brady Stuart Hall
2 October Steve Bunce John Rawling Keith Allen Lawrie McMenemy (debut)
9 October Steve Bunce Bobby Gould Greg Brady Will Buckley
16 October Mark Pougatch (debut) Will Buckley Gavin Peacock Dominic Holland
23 October Steve Bunce Kevin Day John Fashanu Greg Brady
30 October Brian Woolnough John Rawling Steve Claridge Gary Beadle (debut)
6 November Will Buckley Dominic Holland Dave Bassett Stuart Hall
13 November Steve Bunce Phil Taylor Andy Zaltzman (debut) John Rawling
20 November Steve Bunce Gary Beadle Chris Sheasby Greg Brady
22 November
Live in Purfleet
Steve Bunce Dominic Holland Gavin Peacock Mark Pougatch
27 November Steve Bunce Kevin Day Greg Brady Ronnie Irani (debut)
4 December John Rawling Gavin Peacock Will Buckley Bob Mills (debut)
11 December Greg Brady Danny Kelly Steve Bunce Richard Park (debut)
18 December John Rawling Sean Lock Steve Bunce James Nesbitt (debut)
25 December Steve Bunce John Rawling Will Buckley Greg Brady
8 January
15 January Danny Kelly John Rawling James Brown Will Buckley
22 January Richard Park Bob Mills Will Buckley Steve Bunce
29 January Gavin Peacock John Rawling Greg Brady Steve Bunce
5 February Will Buckley Bob Mills John Rawling Mark Bosnich (debut)
12 February Greg Brady Stuart Hall Gary O'Reilly (debut) Tim Clark (debut)
19 February Dickie Davies Jeremy Beadle Jeff Probyn Kevin Day
26 February John Rawling Bob Mills Greg Brady Gavin Peacock
5 March Steve Bunce Dominic Holland Eleanor Oldroyd Martin Kelner (debut)
12 March Danny Kelly Will Buckley John Rawling Stuart Hall
19 March Martin Kelner Steve Bunce Bob Mills Mark Bright (debut)
26 March Bobby Gould Will Buckley Eleanor Oldroyd John Oliver (debut)
2 April Danny Kelly John Rawling Greg Brady Terry Neill (debut)
9 April Terry Wogan John Rawling Danny Kelly Bob Mills Rick Wakeman
16 April Dickie Davies Bob Mills Will Buckley Greg Brady Steve Cram (debut)
22 April
Election special
Christian O'Connell Lembit Öpik (debut)
(Lib Dem)
Stephen Pound (debut)
Alan Duncan (debut)
Bob Mills
23 April Martin Kelner Richard Park Gary O'Reilly Tim Clark
30 April Steve Bunce Dominic Holland Jim Thane (listener) Greg Brady
7 May Bob Mills Will Buckley Kriss Akabusi Greg Brady
14 May Gavin Peacock Danny Kelly Eleanor Oldroyd Dominic Holland
21 May John Rawling Greg Brady Steve Bunce Bob Mills

Season 2005/06

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
3 September Christian O'Connell John Rawling Danny Kelly Greg Brady John Emburey (debut)
9 September
The Ashes special
Will Buckley John Oliver Henry Blofeld (debut) Gideon Haigh (debut)
17 September John Rawling Bob Mills Gavin Peacock Steve Bunce
24 September Martin Kelner Sean Lock Greg Brady Gary O'Reilly
1 October Dominic Holland Eleanor Oldroyd Will Buckley Mark Bright
8 October John Rawling Bob Mills Greg Brady Steve Cram
15 October Richard Park Steve Bunce Trevor Nelson Tim Clark
22 October Dickie Davies Danny Kelly Will Buckley Mick Dennis (debut) Paul Tonkinson(debut)
29 October Gabby Logan John Rawling Bob Mills Andy Parsons(debut) Steve Bunce
5 November Christian O'Connell James Brown Eleanor Oldroyd Tim Clark Greg Brady
12 November Bobby Gould Will Buckley Roddy Forsyth (debut) John Oliver
19 November John Rawling Martin Kelner Mark Watson (debut) Bob Mills
26 November Greg Brady Mick Dennis Dougie Anderson (debut) Steve Bunce
4 December Greg Brady Danny Kelly Bob Mills Clare Balding (debut)
10 December John Rawling Sid Waddell (debut) Steve Bunce Dominic Holland
17 December Will Buckley John Oliver Gary O'Reilly Richard Park
24 December Greg Brady Mark Watson Danny Kelly Martin Kelner
31 December Greg Brady Bob Mills John Rawling Steve Bunce
Temporary hiatus (Rumour Mill)
4 February[5] Colin Murray Greg Brady Jeff Probyn John Oliver John Rawling
11 February Bob Mills Martin Kelner Will Buckley Mick Dennis
18 February Eleanor Oldroyd Steve Bunce Ian Stone (debut) John Barnes (debut)
25 February Richard Park Allison Curbishley (debut) Will Buckley Bob Mills
4 March Danny Kelly Gary O'Reilly Mark Watson Greg Brady
11 March Dickie Davies Will Buckley Dominic Holland Steve Bunce Andrew Castle (debut)
18 March Colin Murray Martin Kelner John Rawling Bob Mills Geoffrey Mortlake (debut)
25 March Danny Kelly Mick Dennis Dougie Anderson Roddy Forsyth
1 April Greg Brady Gary O'Reilly Richard Park Tim Clark
8 April John Rawling Bob Mills Eleanor Oldroyd Steve Bunce
15 April Will Buckley Rod Liddle (debut) Martin Kelner Ian Stone
22 April John Oliver Steve Bunce Jill Douglas (debut) Bobby Gould
29 April Andrew Castle Will Buckley Greg Brady Bob Mills
6 May Tim Clark Martin Kelner John Barnes John Rawling
13 May Gabby Logan John Oliver Gary O'Reilly Greg Brady Richard Park
20 May Colin Murray Steve Bunce Bob Mills Kriss Akabusi Richard Seymour (Listener)
27 May John Rawling Ian Stone Danny Kelly Jimmy Pursey (debut)
3 June
World Cup special
Greg Brady Steve Bunce Matt Dawson (debut) Henning Wehn (debut)

Season 2006/07

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
2 September Colin Murray Eleanor Oldroyd Bobby Gould Bob Mills Martin Kelner
9 September Mark Bright Greg Brady John Rawling Dougie Anderson
16 September Gary O'Reilly Richard Park Will Buckley Ian Stone
30 September Ian McGarry (debut) Greg Brady Mark Watson Rod Liddle
7 October John Rawling Steve Bunce Tom Watt (debut) Rob Heeney (debut)
14 October Richard Park Nihal (debut) Bob Mills Mick Dennis
21 October Martin Kelner Greg Brady Eleanor Oldroyd Geoff Whiting (debut)
28 October Dominic Holland Roddy Forsyth Ralf Little (debut) David Conn (debut)
4 November Steve Bunce Gary O'Reilly Dougie Anderson Charlie Pickering (debut)
11 November John Rawling Tom Watt John Oliver Iyare Igiehon (debut)
18 November Gabby Logan Greg Brady Bob Mills Des Kelly (debut) Mark Bright
25 November Colin Murray Trevor Nelson Clare Balding Ian Stone Nihal
2 December Charlie Pickering Martin Kelner Will Buckley Jill Douglas
9 December Gary O'Reilly Steve Bunce Greg Brady Mark Steel (debut)
16 December Richard Park Danny Mills (debut) Adil Ray (debut) Rob Heeney
23 December Des Kelly John Rawling Ian Stone Martin Kelner
25 December Steve Bunce Kriss Akabusi Greg Brady Dougie Anderson
30 December Gabby Logan John Rawling John Oliver Greg Brady Tom Watt
6 January Mark Watson Steve Bunce Gary O'Reilly Will Buckley
13 January Colin Murray Bob Mills Martin Kelner Iyare Igiehon Eleanor Oldroyd
20 January Richard Park Dominic Holland Barry Fantoni (debut) Mick Dennis
27 January Dougie Anderson Greg Brady Des Kelly Andy Goldstein (debut)
3 February Steve Bunce Gary O'Reilly Mark Watson Eleanor Oldroyd
10 February John Rawling Ian Stone Adil Ray Dean Saunders (debut)
17 February Tom Watt Martin Kelner Nihal Jim Jeffries (debut)
24 February Greg Brady Bob Mills Des Kelly Barry Fantoni
3 March John Rawling Mark Watson Richard Park Jim White (debut)
10 March Johnny Vaughan Gary O'Reilly Will Buckley Ian Stone Iyare Igiehon
17 March Colin Murray Steve Bunce Dougie Anderson Tom Watt Greg Brady
24 March Eleanor Oldroyd Sue Mott (debut) Gail Emms (debut) Hazel Irvine (debut)
31 March Des Kelly Jim White Martin Kelner Bobby Gould
7 April Greg Brady Steve Bunce Bob Mills Adil Ray
14 April Tom Watt Gary O'Reilly Andy Goldstein Steve Marsh (debut)
21 April Dominic Holland Richard Park Jill Douglas Gershon Portnoi (debut)
28 April Ian Stone Greg Brady Steve Bunce Dougie Anderson
5 May Will Buckley John Rawling Bob Mills Chris Briggs (Listener)
12 May Tom Watt Jim White John Oliver Iyare Igiehon
19 May Greg Brady John Rawling Ian Stone Gary O'Reilly

Fighting Talk: Any Other Business

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
17 December Richard Bacon
8 July Johnny Vaughan Julia Hartley-Brewer Mark Dolan
15 July Mark Dolan Simon Greenall Derek Draper Stephen Pound
22 July Emily Bell Don Foster
(Liberal Democrats)
Kevin O'Sullivan Tony Law
29 July Alan Duncan
Robin Ince (debut) Arabella Weir (debut)
5 August Diane Abbott (debut)

Season 2007/08

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
8 September Colin Murray Greg Brady Tom Watt Max Rushden (debut) Des Kelly
15 September Johnny Vaughan Bobby Gould John Rawling Martin Kelner Ian Stone
22 September Colin Murray Dougie Anderson Iyare Igiehon Bill Bradshaw (debut) Charlie Pickering
29 September Jim White Gary O'Reilly Henning Wehn Greg Brady
6 October Graeme Le Saux (debut) Tom Watt Sue Mott John Oliver
13 October Steve Bunce Bob Mills Des Kelly Jeff Probyn
20 October Ian Stone Jill Douglas Martin Kelner Pat Nevin (debut)
27 October Steve Bunce Will Buckley Gary O'Reilly Greg Brady
3 November Mark Watson Iyare Igiehon Ian Hyland (debut) Tom Watt[6]
10 November John Rawling Dougie Anderson Simon Day (debut) Jim White
17 November Richard Park Gary O'Reilly Eleanor Oldroyd Rob Heeney
24 November Greg Brady Des Kelly Iwan Thomas (debut) Paul Sinha (debut)
1 December Tom Watt Martin Kelner Hazel Irvine Bob Mills
8 December Jim White Simon Day Steve Bunce Barry McGuigan (debut)
15 December Will Buckley Kevin Garside (debut) Clare Balding Dominic Holland
22 December Ian Stone John Rawling Iyare Igiehon Graham Rix (debut)
25 December Greg Brady Bob Mills Dougie Anderson Henning Wehn
29 December Des Kelly Will Buckley Martin Kelner Gary O'Reilly
5 January Bob Mills Eleanor Oldroyd Graeme Le Saux Greg Brady
12 January Tom Watt Steve Bunce Andy Zaltzman Dougie Anderson
19 January Jim White Mark Watson Greg Brady Brian Alexander (debut)
26 January Jim Jeffries John Rawling Max Rushden Martin Kelner
2 February Johnny Vaughan Iyare Igiehon Sean Lock Iwan Thomas Steve Bunce
9 February Colin Murray Simon Day Will Buckley Dougie Anderson Jeff Probyn
16 February Gary O'Reilly Greg Brady Bill Bradshaw Al Pitcher (debut)
23 February Paul Sinha Pat Nevin Jim White Des Kelly
1 March Iyare Igiehon Martin Kelner Ian Stone Eleanor Oldroyd
8 March Steve Bunce Greg Brady Kevin Garside Roger Black (debut)
15 March Tom Watt Will Buckley John Rawling Henning Wehn
22 March Jim Jeffries Iwan Thomas Dougie Anderson Greg Brady
29 March Jim White Andy Parsons Martin Kelner Steve Bunce[7]
5 April Phil Williams Gary O'Reilly Eleanor Oldroyd Simon Day Tom Watt
12 April Colin Murray Paul Tonkinson Iyare Igiehon Greg Brady Bill Bradshaw
19 April Will Buckley Dougie Anderson Des Kelly Ian Moore (debut)
26 April Keith Allen Bob Mills John Rawling Jill Douglas
3 May Sue Mott Martin Kelner Greg Brady Ian Stone
10 May Will Buckley Simon Day Gary O'Reilly Jim White
17 May John Rawling Greg Brady Bob Mills Des Kelly
24 May Eleanor Oldroyd Tom Watt Martin Kelner Mark Watson
31 May The Best of Fighting Talk (season review)

Euro 2008 specials

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
7 June Colin Murray Henning Wehn Gary O'Reilly Will Buckley Gabriele Marcotti (debut)
14 June Danny Mills Bob Mills Des Kelly Marten Andersson (debut)
21 June Bobby Gould Dougie Anderson Greg Brady Micha Wertheim (debut)
28 June Michael Stich (debut) Guillem Balague (debut) Martin Kelner John Rawling

Season 2008/09

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
6 September Colin Murray Gail Emms Pat Nevin Bob Mills Greg Brady
13 September Des Kelly Dougie Anderson Martin Kelner Doug Stanhope (debut)
20 September Bobby Gould Guillem Balague Ian Stone Iyare Igiehon
27 September John Rawling Greg Brady Gary O'Reilly Mark Watson
4 October
Live in Harrogate
Martin Kelner Bob Mills Will Buckley Jim White
11 October John Rawling Simon Day Tom Watt Luther Blissett (debut)
18 October Jim Jeffries Eleanor Oldroyd Dougie Anderson Ian Holloway (debut)
25 October Martin Kelner Ian Stone Henning Wehn Greg Brady
1 November Iwan Thomas Will Buckley Gary O'Reilly Rob Heeney
8 November Sue Mott John Rawling Iyare Igiehon Paul Sinha
15 November Jeff Probyn Greg Brady Mike McClean (debut) Jim White
22 November Kelly Dalglish Henning Wehn Bob Mills Martin Kelner Iwan Thomas
29 November Jimmy Tarbuck[8] Will Buckley Ian Stone Dougie Anderson Lawrie Sanchez (debut)
6 December Colin Murray Eleanor Oldroyd Bill Bradshaw Des Kelly Paul Tonkinson
13 December
Live at Goodison Park, Liverpool
Pat Nevin John Aldridge (debut) Tim Brabants (debut) Bob Mills
20 December Gail Emms John Rawling Mark Watson Leroy Rosenior (debut)
26 December Fighting Talk: Old Chestnuts (entire series review)
27 December Will Buckley Iyare Igiehon Greg Brady Simon Day
3 January Lawrie Sanchez Ian Stone Des Kelly Martin Kelner
10 January John Rawling Mark Watson Tom Watt Greg Brady
17 January Eleanor Oldroyd John Bishop (debut) Jim White Dougie Anderson
24 January Gary O'Reilly Kevin Garside Sue Mott Paul Sinha
31 January Iyare Igiehon Will Buckley Bob Mills Pat Nevin
7 February Austin Healey (debut) Greg Brady Henning Wehn Jim White
14 February
All-footballers special
Gary O'Reilly Leroy Rosenior Efan Ekoku (debut) Perry Groves (debut)
21 February Ian Stone Martin Kelner Gregg Wallace (debut) Eleanor Oldroyd
28 February Bob Mills Des Kelly Roger Black Greg Brady
7 March Dougie Anderson Will Buckley Tom Watt Rob Heeney
14 March Bob Mills Gary O'Reilly Iyare Igiehon Greg Brady
21 March Simon Day David Croft (debut) Martin Kelner Kevin Garside
28 March Perry Groves Jim White Eleanor Oldroyd Paul Sinha
4 April Dougie Anderson Mark Watson Pat Nevin John Rawling
11 April Eleanor Oldroyd Ian Stone Greg Brady Bobby Gould
18 April Kelly Cates Simon Day Des Kelly Will Buckley Les Ferdinand (debut)
25 April Colin Murray Gary O'Reilly Dean Holdsworth (debut) Martin Kelner John Oliver
2 May Bob Mills John Rawling Steve Lamacq (debut) Greg Brady
9 May Tom Watt John Bishop (debut) Will Buckley Perry Groves
16 May Sue Mott Henning Wehn Bob Mills Martin Kelner
23 May John Rawling Jim White Paul Tonkinson Dougie Anderson
30 May Mark Watson Matt Dawson Will Buckley Gary O'Reilly
6 June Bob Mills John Rawling Martin Kelner Greg Brady
13 June
BBC Radio 5 Live
Correspondents special
Ian Robertson (debut) Cornelius Lysaght (debut) Mike Costello (debut) Colin Paterson (debut)

Season 2009/10

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
5 September Colin Murray Greg Brady Mark Watson Des Kelly Simon Jones (debut)
12 September John Rawling Steve Lamacq Simon Day Stewart Robson (debut)
19 September Martin Kelner Eleanor Oldroyd Ian Stone David Ginola (debut)
26 September Dougie Anderson Will Buckley Jim White Alun Cochrane (debut)
3 October Eleanor Oldroyd Greg Brady Gary O'Reilly Ian Moore
10 October John Rawling Austin Healey Mark Watson Iyare Igiehon
17 October Will Buckley Tom Watt Kevin Bridges (debut) Darren Campbell (debut)
24 October
Live in Hull
Martin Kelner Greg Brady John Rawling Dean Windass (debut)
31 October John Bishop Matt Holland (debut) Jim White Dougie Anderson
7 November Gail Emms Jeff Probyn Gary O'Reilly Terry Alderton (debut)
14 November
Live in Leeds
Des Kelly Martin Kelner Ian Stone Michael Vaughan (debut)
21 November Greg Brady David Croft Eleanor Oldroyd Henning Wehn
28 November Paul Sinha Perry Groves Steve Lamacq Will Buckley
5 December Simon Day Iwan Thomas Iyare Igiehon Tom Watt
12 December
Live in Sheffield
Martin Kelner John Rawling Jake Humphrey (debut) John Bishop
19 December Dougie Anderson Greg Brady Gideon Coe (debut) Ian Stone
26 December
Comedians special
Jim Jeffries Bob Mills John Bishop Dara Ó Briain (debut)
2 January Chris Hollins Bob Mills Will Buckley Perry Groves Gary O'Reilly
9 January Alan Davies Eleanor Oldroyd Martin Kelner Des Kelly Mark Watson
16 January Colin Murray John Rawling Sue Mott Iyare Igiehon Paul Tonkinson
23 January Jim White Simon Day Stewart Robson David Croft
30 January Greg Brady Tom Watt Matt Holland John Bishop
6 February Dougie Anderson Ian Stone Jeff Probyn Will Buckley
13 February Bob Mills Lawrie Sanchez John Rawling Henning Wehn
20 February Martin Kelner Steve Lamacq Gary O'Reilly Jon Richardson (debut)
27 February Perry Groves Des Kelly Iwan Thomas Ian Moore
6 March Austin Healey Kevin Bridges Iyare Igiehon Greg Brady
13 March Bob Mills John Rawling Cornelius Lysaght Christian Malcolm (debut)
20 March Will Buckley Ian Stone Gideon Coe Martin Bayfield (debut)
27 March Steve Bunce Eleanor Oldroyd Jim White Simon Day
3 April Steve Bull (debut) Martin Kelner Greg Brady Mark Watson
10 April
Live at John Moores University,
Bob Mills Alan Kennedy (debut) Steve Bunce John Rawling
17 April Henning Wehn Gary O'Reilly Darren Campbell Dougie Anderson
24 April
Runners' special
Kriss Akabusi Roger Black Katharine Merry (debut) Simon Day
1 May John Rawling Nihal Kevin Bridges Tom Watt
3 May
Election special
Richard Bacon Caroline Flint (debut)
Eric Pickles (debut)
Edward Davey (debut)
(Lib Dem)
Mark Watson
8 May Colin Murray Andy Parsons Martin Kelner Sue Mott Des Kelly
15 May Greg Brady Ian Stone Steve Bunce Kit Symons (debut)
22 May
UEFA CL special
Bob Mills Dougie Anderson John Rawling Martin Kelner[9]
29 May
World Cup special
Bob Mills John Rawling Perry Groves Danny Mills

Season 2010/11

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
14 August Colin Murray Steve Bunce Will Buckley[10] Tony Dorigo (debut) Andy Parsons
21 August
Live in Hereford
Martin Kelner John Rawling Des Kelly Martin Allen (debut)
28 August Barry Davies Dougie Anderson Bob Mills Eleanor Oldroyd Perry Groves
4 September Colin Murray Greg Brady Iyare Igiehon Gary O'Reilly Josh Widdicombe (debut)
11 September Henning Wehn Gail Emms Matthew Syed (debut) Will Buckley
18 September
Live in Newcastle
Martin Kelner Simon Day Phil Brown (debut) John Rawling
25 September Greg Brady Jim White Katharine Merry Ian Stone
9 October Martin Kelner Dougie Anderson Mark Watson Robbie Savage (debut)
16 October Bob Mills Gideon Coe Tom Watt Darren Campbell
23 October Nick Hancock Eleanor Oldroyd Will Buckley Matt Holland Paul Sinha
30 October Greg Brady Des Kelly Andy Parsons Steve Lamacq
6 November Colin Murray John Rawling Katharine Merry Perry Groves Jack Whitehall (debut)
13 November Sue Mott Ian Stone Martin Kelner Christian Malcolm
20 November David Croft Steve Bunce Dion Dublin (debut) Jon Richardson
27 November Greg Brady Eddie Kadi (debut) Matthew Syed Gary O'Reilly
4 December Simon Day Martin Allen Will Buckley Dougie Anderson
11 December Tom Watt Eleanor Oldroyd Leroy Rosenior Neil Delamere (debut)
18 December
Live at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
Steve Bunce Bob Mills John Rawling Dougie Anderson
26 December
"Doubles" Boxing Dayspecial
Steve Bunce and
Simon Day
Bob Mills and
Darren Campbell
Martin Kelner and
Will Buckley
Eleanor Oldroyd and
Katharine Merry
8 January Nick Hancock Gary O'Reilly Gideon Coe John Rawling Josh Widdicombe
15 January Colin Murray Des Kelly Martin Kelner Dion Dublin Ian Moore
22 January David Croft Eddie Kadi Tom Watt Will Buckley
29 January Greg Brady Steve Bunce Gail Emms Kevin Bridges
5 February Matt Dawson Bob Mills John Rawling Perry Groves
12 February Gary O'Reilly Simon Day Tayo Popoola Dougie Anderson
19 February Neil Delamere Martin Kelner Matt Holland Iyare Igiehon
26 February Ian Stone Jim White Steve Lamacq Michael Vaughan
5 March Eleanor Oldroyd Leroy Rosenior Bob Mills Greg Brady
12 March Jeff Probyn Josh Widdicombe Des Kelly Will Buckley
19 March Steve Bunce David Croft Eddie Kadi Martin Bayfield
26 March Greg Brady Martin Kelner John Rawling Ian Stone
2 April Tom Watt Dougie Anderson Matthew Syed Jack Whitehall
9 April
Live in Liverpool
Steve Bunce Ian Stone[11] Gary Gillespie (debut) Mike Parry (debut)
16 April
Music special
Dion Dublin Steve Lamacq Ed O'Brien (debut) Bob Mills
23 April Eleanor Oldroyd John Rawling Perry Groves Jon Richardson
30 April Martin Kelner Jim White Will Buckley Simon Day
7 May Gary O'Reilly Ian Stone Greg Brady Dougie Anderson
14 May Martin Kelner Eleanor Oldroyd Pat Nevin Neil Delamere
21 May John Rawling Henning Wehn Des Kelly Tony Dorigo
28 May
UEFA CL special
Live in London
Steve Bunce Bob Mills Tom Watt Martin Kelner
4 June The Best of Fighting Talk (season review)

Summer specials

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
18 June
Royal Ascot special
Live at Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Berkshire
Nick Hancock Ian Stone Cornelius Lysaght Will Buckley Jason Weaver (debut)
2 July
Wimbledon special
Live at the All-England Club, Wimbledon, London
Gabby Logan Robbie Savage Martin Kelner Bob Mills Jamie Murray (debut)
9 July
British GP special
Jake Humphrey Al Murray (debut) Anthony Davidson (debut) David Croft Des Kelly

Season 2011/12

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
6 August Colin Murray Bob Mills Richard Archer (debut) Matt Holland Martin Kelner
13 August Tom Watt John Rawling Kevin Bridges Tayo Popoola[12]
20 August Steve Bunce Dougie Anderson Neil Delamere Iyare Igiehon
27 August Gabby Logan Des Kelly Tony Dorigo Will Buckley Ian Stone
3 September Colin Murray John Crace (debut) Bob Mills Perry Groves Greg Brady
10 September Eleanor Oldroyd Gary O'Reilly Josh Widdicombe Kenny Logan (debut)
17 September
Film special
Live at Everyman Cinemas
Belsize Park, London
Tom Watt Martin Kelner Dougie Anderson Stephen Woolley (debut)
24 September Alec Stewart (debut) Des Kelly Mark Watson Jim White
1 October Will Buckley David Croft Gary O'Reilly Justin Moorhouse (debut)
8 October
8th birthday special
Greg Brady[13] John Rawling Eleanor Oldroyd Ian Stone
15 October Tom Davies (debut) Steve Lamacq Tony Dorigo Martin Kelner
22 October
American sports special
Greg Brady Will Buckley Des Kelly JJ Whitehead (debut)
29 October Steve Bunce Darren Fletcher (debut) Iyare Igiehon Bob Mills
5 November Andrew Maxwell (debut) Ian Walker (debut) Dougie Anderson John Rawling
12 November Eleanor Oldroyd Gideon Coe Neil Delamere Perry Groves
19 November
Last programme from
BBC Television Centre, London
Natalie Pinkham (debut) Gary O'Reilly Tom Watt Henning Wehn
26 November
First programme from
MediaCityUK, Salford
Justin Moorhouse John Crace Martin Kelner Greg Brady
3 December Mark Watson Dougie Anderson Paul McVeigh (debut) Andy Dunn (debut)
10 December Will Buckley Katharine Merry Des Kelly Ian Moore
17 December
Live from Salford
Steve Bunce Michael Vaughan John Rawling Simon Day
24 December
5live v 6 Music special[14]
Tony Livesey (debut) Pat Nevin Shaun Keaveny (debut) Steve Lamacq
31 December
Olympic preview special
John Rawling Gail Emms Chris Tomlinson (debut) Bob Mills
7 January
Darts special
From Lakeside Leisure Complex
Frimley Green, Surrey
Bobby George (debut) David Croft Perry Groves Bob Mills
14 January Nick Hancock Tony Dorigo Martin Kelner Tom Watt Ian Stone
21 January Colin Murray Gary Gillespie Des Kelly Dougie Anderson Josh Widdicombe
28 January Steve Bunce Greg Brady Jim Smallman (debut) Phil Brown
4 February Bob Mills John Rawling Eleanor Oldroyd Colin Paterson
11 February Jim White Paul McVeigh Tom Rosenthal (debut) Martin Kelner
18 February Nick Hancock Cornelius Lysaght Justin Moorhouse Dougie Anderson Greg Brady
25 February Colin Murray Ian Moore[15] Tom Watt Neil Fitzmaurice (debut) Katharine Merry
3 March
Broadcast from the BBC Radio 4 studio
Ian Stone John Rawling Iyare Igiehon Matt Holland
10 March Kevin Bridges Greg Brady Martin Kelner Michael Gray (debut)
17 March Eleanor Oldroyd Des Kelly John Rawling Greg Brady
24 March Steve Bunce Dougie Anderson Neil Delamere Brian Reade (debut)
31 March Darren Fletcher Bob Mills Josh Widdicombe Andy Dunn
7 April John Rawling Eleanor Oldroyd Dietmar Hamann (debut) Simon Day
14 April Steve Bunce Tom Watt Gail Emms Paul Sinha
21 April Jim White Darren Fletcher Justin Moorhouse Martin Kelner
28 April Dougie Anderson Kevin Bridges Andy Dunn Danny Mills
5 May Phil Brown Neil Delamere Greg Brady Matt Jackson (debut)
12 May[16] Katharine Merry Mark Watson Dougie Anderson Gary O'Reilly
19 May
UEFA CL special
Dougie Anderson Greg Brady Martin Kelner Steve Bunce
26 May
Live from Britannia Stadium,
(5live Big Day Out)
Martin Kelner John Rawling Nick Hancock (debut) Bob Mills
26 May
Stoke edition
Nick Hancock Tony Dorigo Terry Conroy (debut) Danny Higginbotham (debut) Dominic Cork (debut)

Season 2012/13

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
12 August
Olympic Special
Live from the Olympic Park, London
Colin Murray Bob Mills Jim White Darren Campbell Darren Fletcher[17]
18 August John Rawling Neil Delamere Greg Brady Clarke Carlisle (debut)
25 August Gabby Logan Des Kelly Dougie Anderson Paul Sinha Dietmar Hamann
1 September Colin Murray Brian Reade Simon Day Martin Kelner Etienne Stott (debut)
8 September Tom Watt Ian Moore Gary Gillespie Charlie Baker (debut)
15 September Des Kelly Andy Dunn Justin Moorhouse Ed Clancy (debut)
22 September Jim Smallman Martin Kelner Greg Brady Robbie Savage
29 September Henning Wehn John Rawling Katharine Merry Bob Mills
6 October Dougie Anderson Neil Delamere Richard Osman (debut) Dominic Cork
13 October
Live from The Crucible, Sheffield
John Rawling Simon Day Des Kelly Martin Kelner
20 October Jim White Tom Watt Chris Martin (debut) Phil Brown
27 October Greg Brady Gail Emms Andy Dunn Justin Moorhouse
3 November Sara Winterburn (debut) Dougie Anderson Dietmar Hamann[18] Ian Stone
10 November Jennie Gow (debut) Steve Bunce John Rawling Henning Wehn
17 November Adam Richman (debut) Mark Watson Neil Delamere Martin Kelner
24 November Des Kelly Katharine Merry Andy Dunn Bob Mills
1 December Dougie Anderson Paul McVeigh Eddie Kadi Greg Brady
8 December John Rawling Brian Reade Gary Gillespie Ian Stone
15 December Tom Watt Martin Kelner Ian Moore Dietmar Hamann
22 December Jim White Charlie Baker Richard Osman Phil Brown
29 December
Review of 2012
Bob Mills Martin Kelner Tom Watt Greg Brady
5 January Nick Hancock Steve Bunce Perry Groves Justin Moorhouse Katharine Merry
12 January Christian O'Connell Greg Brady Andy Parsons Dougie Anderson John Rawling
19 January Colin Murray Eleanor Oldroyd Kit Symons Andy Dunn Simon Day
26 January Richard Osman Martin Kelner Phil Brown Kevin Bridges
2 February John Rawling Brian Noble (debut) Greg Brady Carl Donnelly (debut)
9 February Danny Mills Bob Mills Brian Reade Tom Watt
16 February Greg James (debut) Dougie Anderson Justin Moorhouse Darren Fletcher Matthew Hoggard (debut)
23 February Colin Murray Kevin Kilbane (debut) Jim White Charlie Baker Martin Kelner
2 March John Rawling Gail Emms Andy Dunn Eddie Kadi
9 March
Ladies special
Eleanor Oldroyd Katharine Merry Jennie Gow Kelly Sotherton (debut)
16 March Dougie Anderson Steve Lamacq Paul Sinha Phil Brown
23 March Nick Hancock[19] Martin Kelner[19] Christian Malcolm Ian Stone Greg Brady
30 March Colin Murray Bob Mills John Rawling Cornelius Lysaght Louise Hazel (debut)
6 April Tom Watt Brian Noble Richard Osman Chris Martin
13 April Rebecca Adlington (debut) Will Buckley Martin Kelner Neil Delamere
20 April Henning Wehn Dougie Anderson Eleanor Oldroyd Nathan Caton (debut)
27 April
Food special
Simon Rimmer (debut) Sean Wilson (debut) Danny Mills Justin Moorhouse
4 May John Rawling Iyare Igiehon Brian Reade Ian Moore
11 May Katharine Merry Greg Brady Darren Fletcher Jim Smallman
18 May Louise Hazel Ian Stone Tom Watt Dougie Anderson
25 May
UEFA CL special
Martin Kelner Justin Moorhouse Richard Osman Jim White
1 June
Live from the Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool
(5live's Big Day Out)
John Rawling Bob Mills Justin Moorhouse Peter Reid (debut)
1 June
Live from the Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool
(Small Day Out)
David Price (debut) Pat Nevin Ian Moore Martin Kelner

Season 2013/14

Date Presenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4
31 August Christian O'Connell John Rawling Eleanor Oldroyd Brian Reade Justin Moorhouse
7 September Jonathan Pearce (debut) Dougie Anderson Katharine Merry Jim White Kevin Day
14 September Matt Johnson (debut) Jennie Gow Andy Dunn Paul Sinha Greg Brady
21 September
From New Broadcasting House, London
Christian O'Connell Tom Watt Bob Mills Gary O'Reilly Henning Wehn
28 September Jonathan Pearce Justin Moorhouse Brian Reade Darren Fletcher Danny Mills
5 October Matt Johnson Eleanor Oldroyd Brian Noble Iyare Carl Donnelly
12 October Christian O'Connell Greg Brady John Rawling Louise Hazel Neil Delamere
19 October Jonathan Pearce Richard Osman Dougie Anderson Bob Mills Michel Roux, Jr. (debut)
26 October Matt Johnson Katharine Merry Justin Moorhouse Henning Wehn Jim White
2 November Jonathan Pearce Martin Kelner Michael Vaughan Eniola Aluko (debut) Ian Moore

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