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List of Knots Landing episodes

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Title: List of Knots Landing episodes  
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List of Knots Landing episodes

Knots Landing is an American primetime television soap opera that aired from December 27, 1979 to May 13, 1993. The show centered on the personal and professional lives of the residents of Seaview Circle, a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Knots Landing, California. Over the 14 seasons, 344 episodes aired, which were followed by a two-part mini-series in 1997 and a non-fiction reunion special in 2005.[1]


  • Series overview 1
  • Episodes 2
    • Season 1: 1979–80 2.1
    • Season 2: 1980–81 2.2
    • Season 3: 1981–82 2.3
    • Season 4: 1982–83 2.4
    • Season 5: 1983–84 2.5
    • Season 6: 1984–85 2.6
    • Season 7: 1985–86 2.7
    • Season 8: 1986–87 2.8
    • Season 9: 1987–88 2.9
    • Season 10: 1988–89 2.10
    • Season 11: 1989–90 2.11
    • Season 12: 1990–91 2.12
    • Season 13: 1991–92 2.13
    • Season 14: 1992–93 2.14
    • The Knots Landing Block Party 2.15
    • Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac: 1997 2.16
    • Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again: 2005 2.17
  • References 3

Series overview

At present, the first two seasons have been released on DVD by Warner Home Video.[2]

Season Episodes Premiered: Ended: DVD set
release date
1 13 December 29, 1979 March 27, 1980 March 28, 2006
2 18 November 20, 1980 March 26, 1981 April 14, 2009
3 22 November 12, 1981 May 6, 1982 --
4 22 September 30, 1982 March 10, 1983 --
5 25 September 29, 1983 March 29, 1984 --
6 30 October 4, 1984 May 23, 1985 --
7 30 September 26, 1985 May 15, 1986 --
8 30 September 18, 1986 May 14, 1987 --
9 29 September 24, 1987 May 12, 1988 --
10 28 October 27, 1988 May 18, 1989 --
11 29 September 28, 1989 May 17, 1990 --
12 27 September 13, 1990 May 16, 1991 --
13 22 September 12, 1991 April 9, 1992 --
14 19 October 29, 1992 May 13, 1993 --
Mini-series 2 May 7, 1997 May 9, 1997 --
Reunion Special 1 December 2, 2005 --


Season 1: 1979–80

Season one of Knots Landing consisted of 13 episodes which aired between December 27, 1979 and March 27, 1980.

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 1 "Pilot" Peter Levin David Jacobs 27 December 1979 (1979-12-27)
Gary (Ted Shackelford) and Val (Joan Van Ark) move to Knots Landing, in a new home that Gary's mother, Miss Ellie, bought for them. Once there, they get acquainted with their new neighbors, the Fairgates (Michele Lee and Don Murray), the Averys (Constance McCashin and John Pleshette) and the Wards (Kim Langford and James Houghton). Sid Fairgate's 18-year-old rebellious daughter, Annie (Karen Allen), from a previous marriage, is visiting the Fairgates and is causing havoc among the family. Val attempts to fix Annie's relationship with her father.
2 2 "Community Spirit" James Sheldon Elizabeth Pizer 3 January 1980 (1980-01-03)
J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) is in town planning an offshore drilling project on the beach, which everyone is opposed to, except for Richard who asks Laura to get together with Chip Todson, J.R.'s PR man. He asks her to do this so he can get the account. J.R. has an afternoon rendezvous with Karen (big mistake!). Gary goes to J.R.'s office to steal an important file he can use against his brother. Along with the rest of the community, Gary protests by picketing on the beach.
3 3 "Let Me Count the Ways" Henry Levin William Hopkins 10 January 1980 (1980-01-10)
Richard is opposed to Diana's favorite teacher, David Crane, for his unorthodox teaching methods. He decides to run against him for a seat on the school board. Meanwhile Karen, who is going through mid-life uncertainty, decides to go to the school to find out more about this teacher, but ends up falling for him and even contemplates having an affair with him.
4 4 "The Lie" Edward Parone Claudia Adams 17 January 1980 (1980-01-17)
Laura is feeling unappreciated, so she goes to a cocktail lounge in the middle of the afternoon and meets an artist. The artist buys her a drink, then invites her to his studio to do a portrait of her as a ruse to rape her. She hides the truth from Richard by saying a serial rapist that is on the loose in Knots Landing just had raped her at home before Richard got home. Val knows that this is not the case, and as she goes down to the police station to identify her attacker; the police end up arresting the wrong man.
5 5 "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" David Moessinger David Jacobs 25 January 1980 (1980-01-25)
Lilimae Clements (Julie Harris), Val's mother, turns up in Knots Landing where they put their troubled past to rest.
6 6 "Home is for Healing" Roger Young Rena Down 31 January 1980 (1980-01-31)
Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) reunites with her parents, Gary and Val.
7 7 "Land of the Free" Nicholas Sgarro Clyde Ware 7 February 1980 (1980-02-07)
Diana gets kidnapped by a motor-cycle gang, who are causing trouble in the neighborhood.
8 8 "Civil Wives" Kim Friedman Jack Turley 14 February 1980 (1980-02-14)
Sid's ex-wife, Susan, comes to the cul-de-sac where her motives are questioned by Sid and Karen.
9 9 "The Constant Companion" Henry Levin Robert Gilmer 21 February 1980 (1980-02-21)
Ginger receives gifts from an anonymous person and later discovers the sender is the mother of her ex-boyfriend, who got her pregnant when she was 16.
10 10 "Small Surprises" Nicholas Sgarro Robert Gilmer 6 March 1980 (1980-03-06)
Karen discovers she is pregnant but has mixed feelings about it.
11 11 "Courageous Convictions" Henry Levin Rogers Turrentine & Robert Gilmer 13 March 1980 (1980-03-13)
Laura wishes to get a job after she learns of Richard's financial troubles.
12 12 "Bottom of the Bottle (Part 1)" Roger Young Calvin Clements, Jr 20 March 1980 (1980-03-20)
Gary alcoholism resurfaces after he celebrates his promotion at Knots Landing Motors. Ginger believes Kenny is having an affair.
13 13 "Bottom of the Bottle (Part 2)" Roger Young John Pleshette 27 March 1980 (1980-03-27)
After Gary becomes violent during his drunken state, Val admits him into a detox ward.

Season 2: 1980–81

Season two of Knots Landing consisted of 18 episodes which aired between November 20, 1980 and March 26, 1981.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
14 1 "Hitchhike (Part 1)" Edward Parone Don Murray 20 November 1980 (1980-11-20)

Sid is accused of rape by a hitchhiker and Abby Cunningham arrives in Knots Landing.

NOTE: First appearance of Abby Cunningham (Donna Mills).
15 2 "Hitchhike (Part 2)" Edward Parone Don Murray 27 November 1980 (1980-11-27)
Sid fires Richard as his attorney and Karen helps clear his name. Abby decides to move to Knots Landing.
16 3 "Remember the Good Times" James Sheldon Diana Gould 4 December 1980 (1980-12-04)
Gary meets Judy Trent who wants his help in getting her husband support from AA. Abby begins to show her manipulative nature by taking advantage of Eric and tries to seduce Kenny and Karen confronts her.
17 4 "Chance of a Lifetime" Nicholas Sggaro John Pleshette 11 December 1980 (1980-12-11)
Richard quits his job at his law firm hoping he will be hired by another. Laura starts a new job in real estate. Val starts college and Gary makes a deal with Orchid Cab Co.
18 5 "Kristin" Nicholas Sggaro Diana Gould 18 December 1980 (1980-12-18)
Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby) is in town after shooting J.R. Ewing in Dallas. She stays with Gary and Val and reveals she is pregnant. Kristin also seduces Kenny, claiming that she wanted a father for her unborn child.
19 6 "Step One" Kim Friedman Lorraine Despres 1 January 1981 (1981-01-01)
Abby has a short lived affair with Richard. Diana feels pressured by her boyfriend to sleep with him.
20 7 "Breach of Faith" Harvey Laidman William Hopkins 8 January 1981 (1981-01-08)
Gary and Judy Trent begin an affair. Ginger discovers she is pregnant.
21 8 "Scapegoats" Gabrielle Beaumont Tim Maschler 15 January 1981 (1981-01-15)
Abby becomes bookkeeper at Knots Landing Motors. Gary receives threats from Orchid Cab Co. and ordered to pay them $50,000. Abby suggests that Gary asks J.R. for the money.
22 9 "A Family Matter" Edward Parone David Paulsen 22 January 1981 (1981-01-22)
J.R. is in town and when Gary refuses to ask him for the $50,000, Abby goes to J.R. to obtain the money by sleeping with him. However, J.R. will only give Gary the money if he asks for it himself, so Abby keeps trying to persuade Gary. Val asks Gary not to get in any deals with J.R., and she and J.R. have a nasty confrontation. Orchid Cab Co. continue to pressure Gary, so he finally goes to J.R., who gives him the $50,000.
23 10 "Choices" Kim Freidman L. Virginia Brown 29 January 1981 (1981-01-29)
Judy and Abby fight for Gary. Judy tells Val she and Gary are having an affair and are in love. Val confronts Gary but they make up. Later, Abby asks Gary, "Are you ready for me now?
24 11 "A State of Mind" Alexander Singer Robert Gilmer 5 February 1981 (1981-02-05)
Abby's husband Jeff comes to the Cul-de-sac where he tells his wife to end her affair with Richard.
25 12 "Players" Jeff Bleckner Susan Misty Stewart 12 February 1981 (1981-02-12)
Ginger finally tells Kenny she is pregnant but they must sort their differences before he can return home.
26 13 "The Loudest Word" Kim Friedman Joseph B. Wallenstein 19 February 1981 (1981-02-19)
Val is told she has a malignant growth in her colon and needs an operation. Gary can't handle it - he feels so guilty about how he's treated Val, and totally breaks down. Bobby (Patrick Duffy) comes to support him while Val's in the hospital. The doctor is able to remove all of the cancer.
27 14 "Moments of Truth" Jeff Bleckner Robert Gilmer 26 February 1981 (1981-02-26)
Ginger has a baby shower where three robbers take them hostage. Abby seduces one of the criminals and Diana escapes and calls the police.
28 15 "Man of the Hour" Harvey Laidman Sara Ann Freidman 12 March 1981 (1981-03-12)
Jeff takes Olivia and Brian camping without informing Abby, who believes Jeff has kidnapped them. Ginger's sister takes some marijuana laced with Angel Dust and goes into a coma while with Eric who gets caught with Marijuana.
29 16 "More Than Friends" Alexander Singer Carol Roper 19 March 1981 (1981-03-19)
Abby comes onto Gary. Everyone believes Laura is having an affair with Scooter and Earl Trent asks Val to sleep with him.
30 17 "Designs" Nicholas Sgarro Diana Gould & Robert Gilmer 26 March 1981 (1981-03-26)
J.R. is in town and wishes to patent an engine Sid invented. When Sid refuses, Abby steals the engine plans and gives them to J.R..
31 18 "Squeezeplay" Joseph B. Wallenstein John Pleshette 26 March 1981 (1981-03-26)
Orchid Cab Co. come back to haunt Gary and Sid, who has his brakes cut and his car goes over a cliff.

Season 3: 1981–82

Season three of Knots Landing consisted of 22 episodes which aired between November 12, 1981 to May 6, 1982.
# # Title Director Writer Original air date
32 1 "The Vigil" Jeff Bleckner John Pleshette 12 November 1981 (1981-11-12)
After his car went over a cliff, Sid survives but goes into a coma. Gary is apologetic to Karen but she wont listen. Sid wakes from his coma.
33 2 "Critical Condition" Nicholas Sgarro Diana Gould 19 November 1981 (1981-11-19)

Sid has a blood clot which will permanently paralyze him unless he is operated on. However, there's a 40% chance the operation could kill him. Karen doesn't want him to get the operation, but Sid insists and makes Karen sign his consent form. Sid tells his family how much he loves them and later dies on the operating table.

NOTE: Final appearance of Sid Fairgate (Don Murray).
34 3 "Aftermath" Kim Friedman Ann Marcus, Ellis Marcus & Diana Gould 26 November 1981 (1981-11-26)
The aftermath of Sid's death takes its toll on the Fairgates.
35 4 "Moving In" Joseph B. Wallenstein Ann Marcus 3 December 1981 (1981-12-03)
Abby tries to find her children and Lilimae returns to Knots Landing.
36 5 "The Surprise" Joseph Manduke Ellis Marcus 10 December 1981 (1981-12-10)
Abby's children are returned to her and she manages to get rid of Jeff by getting a restraining order.
37 6 "One of a Kind" Kim Friedman Sara Ann Friedman 17 December 1981 (1981-12-17)
Karen's former boyfriend, Teddy Becker visits Knots Landing where he believes he is Diana's real father. Val and Lilimae bond after bad memories resurface.
38 7 "Secrets" Gabrielle Beaumont John Pleshette 24 December 1981 (1981-12-24)
Laura believes that Richard is having an affair when he starts to go to client parties so she goes on a trip to Santa Barbara with Scooter out of spite.
39 8 "Mistaken Motives" Jeff Bleckner Rocci Chatfield and Ray Goldstone 7 January 1982 (1982-01-07)
Diana misinterprets Karen's friendship with Bill and out of spite she goes to a party with a biker friend whom Karen hates.
40 9 "The Rose and the Briar" Ernest Pintoff Scott Hamner 14 January 1982 (1982-01-14)
Lilimae meets a con man who wrongly believes she is rich. He takes her to Las Vegas hoping to marry her but when he discovers she is poor, he confesses all. Gary spends time with Abby and her children and Lilimae warns Val about the situation.
41 10 "The Three Sisters" Kim Friedman Daniel J. Franklin 21 January 1982 (1982-01-21)
The women of the Cul-de-sac get stranded at a supposed haunted house where they must spend the night.
42 11 "Power Play" Bill Duke James Bonnet 28 January 1982 (1982-01-28)
Gary and Abby invest in a company which make methanol cars. Gary mortgages his home behind Val's back. While in Mexico, Gary and Abby have their first kiss, while Val is left home upset by the recent revelations.
43 12 "Possibilities" Nicholas Sgarro James and Mona Houghton 11 February 1982 (1982-02-11)
Richard and Laura set Karen up on her first date but she doesn't like the man.
44 13 "Reunion" Joseph B. Wallenstein Diana Gould 18 February 1982 (1982-02-18)
The women of the Cul-de-sac become involved in Karen's friends fashion show. Laura discovers she is pregnant.
45 14 "Cricket" Nicholas Sgarro Ann Marcus 4 March 1982 (1982-03-04)
Karen's brother Joe Cooper comes to stay and Gary and Val looks after an abandoned child called Cricket.
46 15 "Best Intentions" Randa Haines James and Mona Houghton 11 March 1982 (1982-03-11)
Val writes a journal about the Ewings of Dallas for an assignment and it ends up getting published without her knowledge. Laura leaves Richard.
47 16 "Silver Shadows" Nicholas Sgarro Ray Goldstone & Rocci Chatfield 25 March 1982 (1982-03-25)
Abby informs Gary that they need $20,000 to keep their methanol company going. She meets a wealthy old man who may be the solution to her problems.
48 17 "Letting Go" Alexander Singer Sara Ann Friedman 1 April 1982 (1982-04-01)
Abby, Gary and Val go to Sacramento to meet a senator about making methanol legal or their business will fail. Abby sleeps with the senator to get the bill passed.
49 18 "Expose" Harvey Laidman L. Virginia Brown 8 April 1982 (1982-04-08)
Val's book about the Ewings is published, but Gary is angry because it is about his family's scandals. Gary and Abby get closer.
50 19 "Night" Alexander Singer John Pleshette 15 April 1982 (1982-04-15)
Richard suffers a nervous breakdown and holds Laura at gunpoint in a night-long siege.
51 20 "Acts of Love" Harvey Laidman Jeff Cohn 22 April 1982 (1982-04-22)
Gary and Abby sleep together for the first time.
52 21 "China Dolls" Joseph B. Wallenstein Joseph B. Wallenstein 29 April 1982 (1982-04-29)
Abby and Gary continue their affair until his own guilt forces him to end it. However, Val is already suspicious and slaps Abby.
53 22 "Living Dangerously" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Ellis Marcus 6 May 1982 (1982-05-06)
Laura moves back in with Richard after finding his suicide note. Karen and Lilimae spot Gary and Abby together. When Val walks in on them, she finally learns the truth and leaves Gary.

Season 4: 1982–83

Season four of Knots Landing consisted of 22 episodes which aired between September 30, 1982 to March 10, 1983.
# # Title Director Writer Original air date
54 1 "A Brand New Day" Nicholas Sgarro John Pleshette 30 September 1982 (1982-09-30)

Karen meets Marion Patrick "Mack" MacKenzie after barging into the Federal Prosecutor's office, where he is handling Sid's case. Gary tries to talk to Val following their split and Abby sends J.R. chapters from Val's book "Capricorn Crude".

NOTE: First appearance of Marion Patrick "Mack" MacKenzie (Kevin Dobson).
55 2 "Daniel" Joseph B. Wallenstein John Pleshette 7 October 1982 (1982-10-07)
Mack learns that Karen is using court transcripts to go after Sid's killers herself. Laura gives birth to a boy and calls him Daniel. J.R. buys the publishing company behind Val's book and he is also questioned by Abby about Gary's future inheritance from Jock.
56 3 "Encounters" Alexander Singer James and Mona Houghton 14 October 1982 (1982-10-14)

Gary wants to get back with Val and even Lilimae tries to help. He also becomes entranced by a beautiful singer called Ciji. Mack continues to help Karen and Ginger becomes jealous of Ciji and Kenny's working relationship.

NOTE: First appearance of Ciji Dunne. (Lisa Hartman).
57 4 "Svengali" Nicholas Sgarro Oliver Clark 21 October 1982 (1982-10-21)
Karen looks through KLMotors books to find checks from West Century Auto - Frank and Roy's company, whom she believes are Sid's killers. Karen also invests in Richard's restaurant after hearing about money worries from Laura. Val meets her new publicist, Chip Roberts.
58 5 "Catharsis" Alexander Singer Doran William Cannon 28 October 1982 (1982-10-28)
Gary must go to Dallas for the reading of his father's will and asks Val to accompany him, but she refuses. Abby wants to go with him but he doesn't ask her, and she is furious with him after later discovering he asked Val. Richard opens his restaurant "Daniel". Ginger is upset about Kenny's attentions toward Ciji's career and not hers. Karen and Mack finally get a confession from Sid's murderers.
59 6 "New Beginnings" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Mann Rubin 29 October 1982 (1982-10-29)

Gary goes to Dallas for the reading of Jock's will and Abby turns up to surprise him. Gary inherits millions from Jock, but is disgruntled by the terms of the will thinking his father never had any faith in him. Val is also in Dallas on a book signing tour and J.R. informs her about owning the publishing company behind her book.

NOTE: This is the last episode where Dallas characters crossed over to Knots Landing, though characters from Knots Landing would continue to appear in episodes of Dallas.
60 7 "Investments" Nicholas Sgarro Patricia M. Green 4 November 1982 (1982-11-04)
Kenny and Gary go into business together, which infuriates Abby and she tells Gary that if they don't have a business together she will end their relationship. Chip moves in with Lilimae and she introduces him to Ciji. Karen and Mack confess their fears of new relationships and they later sleep together.
61 8 "Man in the Middle" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Richard Gollance 18 November 1982 (1982-11-18)
Abby and Gary move to a beach house together. Val becomes suspicious of Chip. Chip tells Ciji that he is dating Diana, which is helping her career.
62 9 "The Best Kept Secret" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Richard Gollance 2 December 1982 (1982-12-02)
Laura discovers Richard took money from Abby. Abby is jealous of Gary and Ciji spending the day together. Diana discovers Mack with another woman and she tells Karen. Mack confesses his love to Karen but she doesn't reciprocate.
63 10 "Emergency" Larry Elikann Diana Gould 9 December 1982 (1982-12-09)
Diana needs a kidney transplant but the family aren't compatible matches so Karen asks Abby to be tested. Karen lets Mack comfort her during the ordeal. Ginger writes a song and shows it to Kenny who has Ciji sing it, which infuriates Ginger.
64 11 "Abby's Choice" Joseph B. Wallenstein Oliver Clark 16 December 1982 (1982-12-16)
Abby initially refuses to donate her kidney to Diana until she is talked around. Chip tells Diana he loves her and presents her with a necklace, which was originally for Ciji. Laura and Ciji become close friends.
65 12 "The Block Party" Nick Havinga Sara Ann Friedman 30 December 1982 (1982-12-30)
Mack's father, Pete, returns to his life and begs for forgiveness as he is dying. Chip wants Ciji to sign a contract which will make him entitled to her earnings. Karen throws a party in the cul-de-sac and Diana sees Chip kissing Ciji.
66 13 "Cutting the Ties That Bind" Ernest Pintoff Michael L. Grace 6 January 1983 (1983-01-06)
Abby sells Ciji's contract to Jeff Munson. Jeff wants Kenny to produce Ciji, but Abby will only sell if they cut Kenny out of the deal. Abby goes to Gary's lawyer, James Westmont, and wants him to protect her interests in case Gary doesn't marry her. Ciji tells Chip that she's pregnant, and Chip yells that this will ruin everything and manhandles her. Val has been putting off signing her divorce papers but eventually signs them.
67 14 "And Teddy Makes Three" Kim Friedman Joel Steiger 13 January 1983 (1983-01-13)
Kenny and Gary almost have a fight over Abby's deals. Mack proposes to Karen and she accepts.
68 15 "To Have and to Hold" Ernest Pintoff Michael Petryni 21 January 1983 (1983-01-21)
A tabloid newspaper prints Val's new manuscript about her break-up with Gary. Chip lies to Lilimae about Gary cheating on Abby with Ciji and Val overhears. Karen and Mack get married in Las Vegas.
69 16 "A New Family" Bill Duke Robert Bielak 27 January 1983 (1983-01-27)
Mack moves into Karen's home, which results in mixed feeling within the family. Gary begins to drink again because of Abby's scheming. Richard tells Laura he dislikes her spending so much time with Ciji. The rumours of Gary and Ciji's supposed affair are out in the open.
70 17 "The Morning After" Jeff Bleckner Diana Gould 3 February 1983 (1983-02-03)
Gary wakes up in Ciji's bed. Abby threatens Ciji to stay away from Gary. Ciji confides in Laura about everyone hating her as she hasn't done anything wrong. Richard accuses Laura of having a lesbian affair with Ciji. Abby has a clause put in her contract that gives her full power if Gary's alcoholism continues. Ciji discovers an old newspaper clipping Chip had been keeping about himself that says he is being sought for beating up a woman and that his name is actually Tony Fenice.
71 18 "Celebration" Bill Duke Mann Rubin 10 February 1983 (1983-02-10)

Laura throws Richard out after he confronts Ciji and physically attacks her. Ciji tells Val that she has caused Gary to drink again and they fight. Ciji doesn't show up to perform at a party at Daniel's. Later, her body washes ashore.

NOTE: Final appearance of Ciji Dunne (Lisa Hartman).
72 19 "The Loss of Innocence" Alexander Singer Kathleen A. Shelly & Michael Filerman 17 February 1983 (1983-02-17)
Ciji's body is discovered and a murder case begins with many people as suspects. Later, Gary is charged with Ciji's murder.
73 20 "The Fatal Blow" Larry Elikann Richard Gollance 24 February 1983 (1983-02-24)
Gary starts to sober up while in jail but Abby refuses to bail him out. Val admits to having a fight with Ciji before she was murdered.
74 21 "The Burden of Proof" Alexander Singer Diana Gould 3 March 1983 (1983-03-03)

Val is booked by the police after her confession and Abby makes Gary sign over power of attorney to her. Lilimae tells Chip he started the mess between Gary and Val because he leaked the transcript to the tabloids. Val is released and Richard secretly leaves Laura and Knots Landing.

NOTE: Final regular appearance of Richard Avery (John Pleshette), however, he will briefly return in season nine.
75 22 "Willing Victims" David Jacobs Peter Dunne 10 March 1983 (1983-03-10)

Laura calls the police to find the missing Richard, believing he is Ciji's killer. Chip and Diana decide to leave for New York. A private investigator tells Lilimae he is looking for a dangerous man called Tony Fenice and he shows her a picture of Chip. By the time Karen finds out, she discovers Diana has already left with Chip and becomes frantic. Gary's hearing approaches but he doesn't co-operate and appears resigned to spending the rest of his life in jail for murder.

NOTE: Final appearances of Kenny (James Houghton) and Ginger Ward (Kim Lankford), though she will briefly appear in the 1997 mini-series Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac.

Season 5: 1983–84

Season five of Knots Landing consisted of 25 episodes which aired between September 29, 1983 to March 29, 1984.
# # Title Director Writer Original air date
76 1 "The People vs. Gary Ewing" Nicholas Sgarro Michael Petryni 29 September 1983 (1983-09-29)

Mack believes Chip killed Ciji and search begins for him. Karen is upset that Diana has gone with Chip. A mystery man helps Val when she is bombarded by reporters and the charges are dropped against Gary.

NOTE: First appearance of Ben Gibson. (Douglas Sheehan).
77 2 "Fugitives" Larry Elikann Scott Hamner 6 October 1983 (1983-10-06)
Val discovers who her mystery man really is. Diana and Chip are on the road, where Diana discovers the police are after Chip. Chip confesses that he never meant to kill Ciji.
78 3 "Nowhere to Run" Nicholas Sgarro Jeff Freilich 13 October 1983 (1983-10-13)
Abby and Gary move into Westfork Ranch. Abby and Westmont secretly start a subsidiary of Gary's company. Chip and Diana are found by the police and Diana rejects Karen in favor of Chip.
79 4 "Marital Privilege" Larry Elikann Richard Gollance 20 October 1983 (1983-10-20)

Diana tells Karen that Chip killed Ciji for her. Abby has five days to marry Gary as he will inherit 10% of Ewing Oil.

NOTE: First appearance of Gregory Sumner (William Devane).
80 5 "One Kind of Justice" David Jacobs David Jacobs 27 October 1983 (1983-10-27)
At Greg's fundraiser, Val introduces Ben and Gary to each other. Lilimae tries to make Chip and Diana testify as there isn't enough evidence to prove otherwise that he killed Ciji. A Chip flees Lilimae hits him with her car.
81 6 "... And Never Brought to Mind" Sheldon Larry Diana Gould 3 November 1983 (1983-11-03)
Lilimae is arrested as Chip lays in a coma. Diana blames Karen for running down Chip. Val seeks comfort in Gary, where they end up sleeping together.
82 7 "Sacred Vows" Nicholas Sgarro Kathleen A. Shelly 10 November 1983 (1983-11-10)

Eric persuades Diana to testify. Laura advises Gary to leave Val alone. Gary and Abby marry and while on their honeymoon they meet a woman who looks exactly like Ciji.

NOTE: First appearance of Cathy Geary (Lisa Hartman).
83 8 "A Change of Heart" Robert Becker Joel J. Feigenbaum 17 November 1983 (1983-11-17)
Karen begins to take pain killers. Abby decides to develop Lotus Point. Laura discovers what Abby is up to. Gary receives his inheritance from Jock. Gary follows Ciji's lookalike, Cathy. Chip disappears from the hospital.
84 9 "Money Talks" Nicholas Sgarro Peter Dunne 24 November 1983 (1983-11-24)
Abby finds out she'll need a coastal variance to develop Lotus Point and asks Greg for help, where they end up in bed together. Cathy believes Gary was hired by her ex-husband to find her. Val and Ben sleep together for the first time.
85 10 "Homecoming" John Pleshette Alison Hock 1 December 1983 (1983-12-01)
Gary begins to have Cathy dress and sing like Ciji and this is discovered by Laura. Abby and Greg are caught by Mary Francis. Diana finds Chip hiding at Gary's ranch.
86 11 "I'll Tell You No Lies" Nicholas Sgarro Michael L. Grace 8 December 1983 (1983-12-08)
Mack tries to find who is the head of the Wolfbridge group. Cathy tells Gary she isn't Ciji and never will be. Abby receives her variance from Greg and they kiss but are seen by Laura. Karen continues to take the pain pills and her behaviour is noticed by Val. At the ranch, Chip tells Diana they must leave together but he is shocked to see Cathy and believes it is Ciji. In a panic, Chip runs away and falls onto a pitchfork.
87 12 "Denials" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Diana Gould 15 December 1983 (1983-12-15)
Mack realizes Wolfbridge is bigger than he first thought. Abby warns Laura to not play her game. Val tells Mack she is worried about Karen but Karen disagrees with her.
88 13 "Witness" Nicholas Sgarro Richard Gollance 22 December 1983 (1983-12-22)
Greg's wife, Jane, comes to town. Cathy wants out of Abby's plan to impersonate Ciji but Abby won't let her. Ben asks Val to be more committed to their relationship. Val also discovers she is pregnant.
89 14 "Secrets Cry Aloud" Alexander Singer Diana Gould 5 January 1984 (1984-01-05)
Val tells Ben that she is pregnant and Gary is the father. Mack's investigation into Wolfbridge results in his home being ransacked and Greg's office too. Abby is forced to be partners with Wolfbridge in the Lotus Point development. Karen's pill dependency gets worse.
90 15 "Forsaking All Others" Bill Duke Joyce Keener 12 January 1984 (1984-01-12)
Karen is admitted to hospital and enlisted into a drug program. Abby gets angry at Greg for getting her involved with Wolfbridge. Greg also has his own problems with them during the election.
91 16 "Reconcilable Differences" Sheldon Larry Richard Gollance 19 January 1984 (1984-01-19)
Gary discovers Cathy spent four years in prison. Ben tells Val to inform everyone that Gary is the father to her baby. Ben and Mack delve deeper into Wolfbridge and Karen begins therapy.
92 17 "Second Chances" Bill Duke Joel J. Feigenbaum 26 January 1984 (1984-01-26)
Gary tells Abby about Cathy's prison sentence and she threatens Cathy to leave or she will tell her ex-husband where she is. Karen and Diana finally make up.
93 18 "Lest the Truth be Known" Larry Elikmann Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman 2 February 1984 (1984-02-02)
Cathy's ex-husband, Ray, arrives. Mack learns that Apaloon is Abby's company through Laura, who is being threatened by Mark St. Claire - the Wolfbridge Representative.
94 19 "... So Shall You Reap" Alexander Singer Rob Cowen & Daniel Lipman 9 February 1984 (1984-02-09)
Ben proposes to Val and tells her he will raise her child as his own. Cathy tells Gary that she took the blame for Ray's crime. Abby denies being involved with Mark St. Claire. Gary throws Abby out but Brian and Olivia choose to live with him, not Abby.
95 20 "High Ideals" Robert Becker Rob Cowen & Daniel Lipman 16 February 1984 (1984-02-16)
Abby orders Cathy to leave the ranch until Gary tells her to stay, where they sleep together. Gary wants to divorce Abby but she doesn't want to divorce him.
96 21 "No Trumpets, No Drums" Larry Elikann Scott Hamner 23 February 1984 (1984-02-23)
Val learns she is having twins. Ben disappears while in El Salvador. Gary protects Cathy from Ray.
97 22 "Silent Missions" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Angelo Pizzo 1 March 1984 (1984-03-01)
Val wants to go and find Ben in El Salvador but is persuaded not to because of her pregnancy. Gary's involvement in the Wolfbridge group gets him murdered.
98 23 "Finishing Touches" David Jacobs Peter Dunne 8 March 1984 (1984-03-08)
Everyone is shocked about Gary's murder. Ben is found alive. Abby is questioned about Gary's murder and the Wolfbridge group. After Gary's funeral, Cathy finds him alive.
99 24 "Yesterday, It Rained" Bill Duke Joel J. Feigenbaum 22 March 1984 (1984-03-22)
Ben returns home to Val. The hit-man actually shot Ray, not Gary. Greg asks Karen why none of the Ewing's came to Gary's funeral, and tells St. Claire that he thinks Gary is still alive. Greg tells Abby to sell Lotus Point to Wolfbridge, but she won't. Greg tells St. Claire that he is through dealing with him, and calls Abby to tell her Gary's alive. Abby goes to the Mackenzie's and tells Karen that Gary's alive and Mac is using him to get to Wolfbridge. Karen feels very betrayed and confronts Mac. She's upset at all the pain he has caused and tells him their marriage is over.
100 25 "Negotiations" Larry Elikann Richard Gollance 29 March 1984 (1984-03-29)
The Wolfbridge group terrorize the community by threatening Gary's life, kidnapping Abby and shooting Karen.

Season 6: 1984–85

Season six of Knots Landing consisted of 30 episodes which aired between October 4, 1984 to May 23, 1985.
# # Title Director Writer Original air date
101 1 "Buying Time" Alexander Singer Kevin Alexander 4 October 1984 (1984-10-04)
The police lose Abby, who was kidnapped by Mark St. Claire. Abby is held on a yacht. Karen is told she will need surgery to remove the bullet.
102 2 "Calculated Risks" Ernest Pintoff Susan Goldberg 18 October 1984 (1984-10-18)

Karen is told that a piece of the shattered bullet is lodge in her spine and must have risky surgery to remove it but she refuses because of what happened to Sid. Lilimae's nephew arrives to stay with her and wishes to know about his mother. Greg finds Abby and shoots St. Claire.

NOTE: First appearance of Joshua Rush. (Alec Baldwin).
103 3 "Hanging Fire" Alexander Singer Alan Goldfein 25 October 1984 (1984-10-25)
Greg tells the police he shot St. Claire in self defense and Abby backs him up. Gary tells Abby he is taking back the company and has made several changes. Gary ends his affair with Cathy and Val guesses that Lilimae is Josh's real mother.
104 4 "A Little Help" Robert Becker Diana Kopald Marcus 1 November 1984 (1984-11-01)
Greg tells Abby they will never work together again. Josh discovers Lilimae is his real mother.
105 5 "Ipso Facto" Larry Elikann John Saffron 8 November 1984 (1984-11-08)
Abby finds out that Gary is the real father of Val's unborn babies.
106 6 "Truth and Consequences" Robert Becker Joyce Keener 15 November 1984 (1984-11-15)
Val and Gary try to reunite Mack and Karen. Abby worries that Val will tell Gary of the babies true paternity. Abby complains to Scott Easton about the babies. Cathy and Josh have a romantic dinner. Greg wins the election and becomes senator.
107 7 "Love to Take You Home" Larry Elikann Peter Dunne 22 November 1984 (1984-11-22)
Karen serves Mack with divorce papers. Josh and Cathy sleep together. Scott Easton has lunch with Mitch Ackerman. Val goes to see her obstetrician, but she has been called away to a conference, and there is a new doctor - Mitch Ackerman.
108 8 "Tomorrow Never Knows" Nick Havinga Joel J. Feigenbaum 29 November 1984 (1984-11-29)
Val goes into labor but is put under anesthesia. However, Val partially wakes and hears the babies cry and the nurse saying they are healthy. When Val comes round Dr. Ackerman tells Val the babies were stillborn.
109 9 "We Come Together" Larry Elikann Richard Gollance 6 December 1984 (1984-12-06)
No one believes Val when she says her babies are alive.
110 10 "Message in a Bottle" Nick Havinga Joel J. Feigenbaum 13 December 1984 (1984-12-13)
Abby asks Dr. Ackerman where the babies are but he tells her she is sick. Scott Easton turns up dead and Ben is concerned with Val.
111 11 "Distant Locations" Larry Elikann Richard Gollance 20 December 1984 (1984-12-20)
Val travels to Tennessee under the name Verna Ellers and get a job in a diner. Meanwhile, everyone try to locate Val.
112 12 "Uncharted Territory" Nicholas Sgarro Joyce Keener 27 December 1984 (1984-12-27)
Galveston asks Gary to get involved with Empire Valley. Val hears a report about her disappearance but doesn't respond to it. Karen has trouble with her hands functioning properly and she tells Mack.
113 13 "Weighing of Evils" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Scott Hamner 3 January 1985 (1985-01-03)
Karen agrees to have the surgery. Abby knows where Val is but keeps it to herself. Josh's T.V. appearance prove popular. Abby wants to be part of Empire Valley but Galveston refuses as she is a woman.
114 14 "#14 With a Bullet" Nicholas Sgarro Peter Dunne 10 January 1985 (1985-01-10)
Karen's surgery is successful. Galveston tells Abby he knows where Val is.
115 15 "Inside Information" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Scott Hamner 17 January 1985 (1985-01-17)
Greg tells Laura about Galveston being his father. Abby confronts Val but she doesn't recognize her and Parker asks Val to marry him after discovering she is Valene Ewing. Gary flies to Tennessee.
116 16 "Out of the Past" Bill Duke Neal Bell 24 January 1985 (1985-01-24)
Gary tries to help Val regain her memory but she thinks he is crazy and tells her new boyfriend, Parker, that she will marry him. Karen unknowingly tells Galveston about Mack's investigation.
117 17 "Lead Me to the Alter" Ernest Pintoff Parke Perine 31 January 1985 (1985-01-31)
Before her wedding to Parker, Gary shows Val her picture on the back of her book "Nashville Junction". Abby worries that Mack will discover her connection to Val's missing babies. Joshua berates Cathy about her life.
118 18 "Fly Away Home" Bill Duke Neal Bell 7 February 1985 (1985-02-07)
Val finally regains some memories and agrees to return home with Gary. Mack believes that Empire Valley is a cover for something bigger. Galeveston tells Abby he will tell Gary about being the twins' father but he suffers a stroke as Abby watches unhelpfully.
119 19 "Rough Edges" Nicholas Sgarro Richard Gollance 14 February 1985 (1985-02-14)
Val begins therapy and remembers her troubles past with her mother. Abby tries to find evidence on Scott Easton regarding Val's babies.
120 20 "The Emperor's Clothes" Ernest Pintoff Joel J. Feigenbaum 21 February 1985 (1985-02-21)
Gary wants to shut down construction on Empire Valley until he speaks to Galveston, who is away. Ben discovers Galveston Industries caused an epidemic when chemicals contaminated the water and Galveston covered it up. Val tells Karen she knows her babies are alive. Karen asks Mack to consider the possibility that the babies could be alive.
121 21 "The Deluge" Bill Duke Joyce Keener 28 February 1985 (1985-02-28)
Karen starts to question people about the day Val gave birth. Galveston dies and his wife Ruth (Ava Gardner) arrives, telling her son, Greg, that she wants him to take over Galveston Industries. Greg learns that Empire Valley is a communications center, which will be used to interfere with the governments own communications.
122 22 "A Piece of the Pie" Robert Becker Parke Perine 7 March 1985 (1985-03-07)
Karen talks with Val's original obstetricians, who reveal they were called away to a conference when Val gave birth. Cathy sings on Joshua's show and he announces he and Cathy are going to be married, which is a misunderstanding of his. Mack finds an address in Galveston's papers, which leads him to a couple called Mr. & Mrs. Fisher. Greg takes over Galveston Industries and Abby tells him she wants to be a part of the real Empire Valley.
123 23 "The Forest for the Trees" Nick Havinga Michael Russnow 21 March 1985 (1985-03-21)
Joshua proposes to Cathy and she accepts. Abby manipulates Coblentz into telling her everything he knows. Karen meets Val's nurse but doesn't get any answers.
124 24 "A Man of Good Will" Linda Day Lynn Marie Latham & Bernard Lechowick 28 March 1985 (1985-03-28)
Ben tells Karen to stop going on about the twins being alive. Greg offers to buy Gary out of Empire Valley. Joshua bullies Cathy into wedding plans. Gary hears that Galveston has left empire valley to him in his will
125 25 "For Better, For Worse" Robert Becker Roberto Loeiderman 4 April 1985 (1985-04-04)
Greg tries to make Gary aware of the importance of Empire Valley without telling him any details but says that he has to agree to let things continue in the direction they have been going or sell the land. Gary refuses. John Coblentz finally fills Gary in and gets him to agree to the associates demands. Joshua and Cathy get married. Karen finally catches up with Dr Ackerman
126 26 "Four, No Trump" John Patterson Melanie Mintz 11 April 1985 (1985-04-11)
Karen tries to talk to Dr. Ackerman without much success. Ackerman calls Abby telling her to sort it out. Gary tells Greg he wants to be part of Empire Valley and later lies to Mack and Ben about what's going on there. Abby tells Greg about Scott Easton and her link to Val's missing babies in order to get Galveston's papers which Greg gives her, but he has kept the relevant ones for himself. Greg is then seen observing the babies from his car.
127 27 "A Price to Pay" David Jacobs Loren Reichman 2 May 1985 (1985-05-02)

Ben proposes to Val but she declines and he believes she can hear her babies cry. Karen tells Ben of her and Mack's investigation. Greg asks Abby to get Gary out of Empire Valley and suggests that if Gary knows he is the father of Val's twins his interest in Empire Valley will disappear. Mack is offered the chance to become a senator.

NOTE: First appearance of Jill Bennett (Teri Austin).
128 28 "One Day in a Row" Robert Becker Joyce Keener 9 May 1985 (1985-05-09)
Ben discovers Ackerman has a motive for stealing Val's babies. Ruth helps Abby get Scott Easton's notebook pages.
129 29 "Vulnerable" Nick Havinga Parke Perine 16 May 1985 (1985-05-16)
Val's nurse reveals Ackerman stole the babies and when Karen and Mack confront him, Ackerman shoots himself in the head.
130 30 "The Long and Winding Road" Alexander Singer Joel J. Feigenbaum 23 May 1985 (1985-05-23)
Greg asks Laura to marry him. Mack tracks the babies down to Harry and Sheila Fisher. Abby tells Val that the babies are alive and she takes her to the Fisher's home, where Harry drives away with one of the twins.

Season 7: 1985–86

Season seven of Knots Landing consisted of 30 episodes which aired between September 26, 1985 and May 15, 1986.
No. # Title Director Writer Original airdate
131 1 "The Longest Day" Arthur Allan Seidelman David Paulsen 26 September 1985 (1985-09-26)
Mac and Ben try to follow Harry, who has one of the twins. At the hospital, Val is told that there is no record of the babies being born there.
132 2 "Here in My Arms" Nicholas Sgarro Parke Perine 3 October 1985 (1985-10-03)
While Gary is in Dallas for Bobby's funeral, Greg changes the plans at Empire Valley. Mack has a restraining order put on the Fisher's to stop them leaving town with the babies. Karen tries to persuade Harry to accept that the babies can't remain with him and Sheila. Val finally has her babies returned to her.
133 3 "While the Cat's Away" Lorraine Senna Ferrara E. Jeffrey Smith 10 October 1985 (1985-10-10)
Greg and Abby make sure the detonation area at Empire Valley goes ahead, despite it being in the place Gary didn't want it. Val gets used to being a mother to the twins as Ben feels left out. Abby hands running of the TV station over to Ben. Joshua is furious when Cathy agrees to buy a house without consulting him and tells her to move into it by herself. Gary grieves for Bobby.
134 4 "The Christening" Larry Elikann David Assael 17 October 1985 (1985-10-17)
Cathy and Joshua's relationship is getting physically aggressive. Ben suggests a possible change of emphasis to Joshua's show which Joshua aggressively dismisses. Val asks Karen if she and Mack would become the Godparents of the twins. Jill Bennett accuses Mack of being a flirt and kisses him to show him that she knows his advances are not serious. Gary asks Abby to take care of Empire Valley while he grieves. Val asks Ben if she can name one of the twins after Bobby Ewing, he agrees. Joshua decides that he will move into the new house with Cathy. Greg gives phony surveys of Empire Valley to Abby that she can use to prove to Gary that they had no choice but to override his building plans. Sheila Fisher is caught stalking the twins. Harry later takes her to say goodbye to the twins at Val's house. Greg comes across Laura with another man and reacts badly. Ben tells Cathy that he hasn't got around to moving out of his mother's house because she is dying.
135 5 "A Little Assistance" Roy Campanella II Melanie Mintz 24 October 1985 (1985-10-24)
Mack talks to the press about the need for an adoption agency watchdog. Gary breaks in a new horse with Olivia and gives it to her. Ben buys a piano for the babies. Greg informs his colleagues that he can get round Gary using Abby and that they have nothing to worry about. Jill Bennett tries to move her stuff into Mack's office, he throws her out. Gary tells Karen that if he needs her he will let her know. Ben tells Joshua that his ratings are slipping and he'd better come up with something to turn things around. Mack tells Karen that Jill Bennett is like Dracula's sister. Joshua takes Ben's pressure out on Cathy. Next morning Cathy has a black eye. Peter Hollister appoints himself Greg's new secretary by sending away the other applicants and announcing himself. Greg finally gives him the job. Karen finally meets Jill Bennett. Gary decides he is going back to work.
136 6 "A Question of Trust" Linda Day Bernard Lechowick 31 October 1985 (1985-10-31)
Ben wants to quit running the TV station, so Abby says he can put all the profits the station makes back into the journalism department. Gary finally finds out about the work at Empire Valley and is furious. Karen invites Jill Bennett to her home for dinner surprising Mack. Abby blackmails Frank Elliot. Mack and Jill question Kavanagh's nurse. Gary tells Elliot he'll need him to for support. Karen is paranoid about Jill. Jill tells mack she will be leaving. Mack tells her she has to stay around as a witness to the deposition they got from the nurse.
137 7 "Awakenings" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Lynn Marie Latham 7 November 1985 (1985-11-07)
Gary starts enquiring into the surveys for Empire Valley. Joshua asks Abby to get Ben off his back. Joshua starts seeing a waitress. Cathy smells perfume on Joshua and lets him know. Mack and Jill get Kavanagh. Jill tells Mack decide that it's good she's leaving as they've been getting to close. Laura tells Karen she doesn't want to work with her at Lotus Point but later changes her mind. Joshua tells Cathy he doesn't need her help and they fight physically. Cathy goes to Ben after the fight. Ben and Val talk about their lack of a relationship. Val tells Ben that from then on he is the babies father. Gary begins to wonder if he is the babies father.
138 8 "Pictures at a Wedding" Nicholas Sgarro David Paulsen & Michael Filerman 14 November 1985 (1985-11-14)
Val and Ben tell Karen and Mack that they are going to get married. Joshua goes to see Cathy to apologise and ends up threatening her again. Gary asks Karen if the babies are his. Joshua get suddenly rejected by a new TV station and blames Ben, Val throws him out after he starts wrecking the house. Greg puts Peter Hollister back in his place. Joshua disrupts a TV broadcast. Greg lays it on the line to Abby about the smooth flowing of the project at Empire Valley. Ben's doctor informs him that Lilimae has nothing more than a little bursitis. Ben tells Cathy. Ben sees Val talking to Gary before the wedding.
139 9 "Until Parted by Death" Larry Elikann Bernard Lechowick 21 November 1985 (1985-11-21)
Gary asks Val if she's happy, she says she is. Cathy confronts Joshua about his lies concerning Lilimae. Val and Ben get married. Frank Elliot warns Abby that he will not cover up Empire Valley for the sake of his son's career. Joshua threatens Cathy at the wedding, Cathy slaps his face and Joshua tells Laura to mind her own business. Joshua leaves the wedding and cooks for his waitress girlfriend. Frank Elliot discovers the underground areas at Empire Valley. Cathy goes home to find Joshua waiting for her. Laura tells Joshua to leave. Joshua pushes Laura down and Mack threatens him with the police. Joshua lies to Mack. Gary hears that Frank Elliot is dead, electrocuted at the broadcast center. Mack tells Gary he's not going to look into Frank Elliot's death. Greg tells Abby (outside her office, because it's bugged) that she was probably responsible for Frank Elliot's death. Joshua tells his girlfriend that the next time Cathy chooses death he won't be able to stop her
140 10 "Rise and Fall" Robert Becker Parke Perine 5 December 1985 (1985-12-05)

Greg gets angry with Coblentz over Frank Elliot's death. Joshua envisages his and Cathy's demise. Joshua takes up street preaching. Val dismisses him and drags Lilimae away. Mack tells Gary that no-one must know about his investigating Elliot's death, including Abby or Karen. Lilimae goes street searching for Joshua and begs him to come home. Greg tells Abby how dangerous Coblentz is. Mack, Karen, Val and Lilimae talk about getting Joshua committed, Lilimae refuses. Lilimae goes off to find Joshua. Joshua is hiding in Cathy's car when she leaves the TV station. Lilimae finds Joshua holding Cathy off the edge of a building. Joshua falls, on his own.

NOTE: Final appearance of Joshua Rush (Alec Baldwin).
141 11 "To Sing His Praise" David Paulsen Lynn Marie Latham 12 December 1985 (1985-12-12)
Gary's investigations show that Abby is in to her neck in what is going on. Lilimae refuses to except the 'reported' cause of death as suicide. Greg loses his temper with Gary over Empire Valley. Coblentz quietly arranges the murder of Abby and Gary. Val explains that that Joshua committed suicide to his father. Gary drives himself off the road after being followed by a truck. Abby admits that Empire Valley is behind all the 'accidents' including Frank Elliot. She begs Gary to sell up. Gary says he can't because he wants a clear conscious. Greg warns Abby about a lack of time. Joshua is buried. Gary discovers the underground world of Empire Valley.
142 12 "All's Well" Joseph Scanlan Alan Goldfein 19 December 1985 (1985-12-19)
Gary and Greg have two different views of Empire Valley. Gary and Mack explore Empire Valley underground. Gary finds the breaks on his truck don't work. Gary threatens Greg that he has left Empire Valley to Mack in his will. Greg tries to redirect Koblentz. Koblentz won't change his direction of operations. Gary takes Abby back to Empire Valley. Mack goes to Greg who says he can't control what's going on. Gary takes over the underground Empire Valley. Karen and Mack head to Empire Valley worried about Gary. Gary and Abby meet Greg at Empire Valley, a sniper looks on, Karen and Mack Arrive. Gary Blows the place up.
143 13 "Aftershocks" Alexander Singer Roberto Loeiderman 26 December 1985 (1985-12-26)
Greg threatens Abby about information about Val's babies. Greg tells Koblentz that Gary Ewing Blew up Empire Valley because he tried to have him killed.
144 14 "Unbroken Bonds" Roy Campanella II Diana Kopald Marcus 2 January 1986 (1986-01-02)
Conflicting stories about Joshua cause the police to ask questions of Lilimae. Gary tells Val that he knows the babies are his. Val tells him to back off as she has a new family. Laura invites Greg to dinner and starts seeing him again. Val and Ben and friends celebrate Ben's birthday, Val tells Karen that Gary knows the babies are his. Gary has a one night stand. Karen meets with Jill Bennett. The governor is considering Karen for a job in the State Planning Commission. Gary tells Abby that he trusts Karen but doesn't trust her. Ben asks Gary to back off. Greg tells Peter that maybe they should put a tail on Gary. Greg tells Abby to find out what Gary's 'plan' is. Gary tells Mack that he goes through life with no plans. Police indict someone over Joshua's death.
145 15 "Web of Lies" Nicholas Sgarro Diana Kopald Marcus 9 January 1986 (1986-01-09)
Lilimae is asked to look at suspects in a line up. Abby objects to Laura's involvement at Lotus Point. Gary takes Jill out to dinner where they bump into Karen and Mack. Cathy tells Mack that Joshua wasn't killed but just fell off the building. Val tells Lilimae to get to the police and tell them what happened to Joshua or she'll be in trouble. Gary tells Abby that there is no 'us' between them. Ben announces that the governor is considering giving Abby a job in the State Planning Commission much to the shock of Mack and Karen.
146 16 "The Confession" Nick Havinga David Paulsen 16 January 1986 (1986-01-16)
The police arrive to question Lilimae. Lilimae repeats lies to Mack that she told the police. Greg tells Abby that he will get her on the commission so long as she gets him what he wants. Gary and Abby argue over Abby's track record. Greg and Laura sleep together again. Mack coaches Lilimae about telling the police the truth. Abby blackmails Karen about her drug problem. Val waits while Lilimae and Cathy are questioned by police. Lilimae finally tells the police the truth. Jill introduces Karen to the head of the Planning Commission. Karen tells him of her previous drug problem. He tells her that the governor has chosen Abby for the job at the commission. Cathy's friend has been recording their conversations
147 17 "Alterations" Linda Day Parke Perine 23 January 1986 (1986-01-23)
The police decide the Joshua Rush case is closed. A newspaper runs a story on Cathy and Lilimae's involvement in Joshua's death. The governor makes Jill Mack's administrative assistant. Olivia hears the truth about her mother's secrets on the phone. Jill gives Mack the key to her hotel room. Olivia leaves a message saying she's not coming home. She asks Karen if she can move into her house. Olivia threatens Abby that she will tell Gary about the babies if she doesn't let her stay with Karen and Mack.
148 18 "Friendly Enemies" Joseph Scanlan Diana Kopald Marcus 30 January 1986 (1986-01-30)
Olivia doesn't want to talk to Abby and tells her why in front of Karen. Sonny is creeping around between the TV station and Cathy looking for more dirt for the Newspaper. Peter Hollister reveals to Greg that he is his brother. Karen finds Jill's hotel room key in Mack's jacket pocket. Abby overhears about Peter being Greg's half brother. Ben and Val discover that Sonny has been behind the newspaper stories. Mack tries to explain about having the key to Karen. She is not impressed. Cathy tells Sonny what really happened on the roof with Joshua. Abby wants to meet with Peter.
149 19 "The Key to a Woman's Heart" Robert Becker Lynn Marie Latham 6 February 1986 (1986-02-06)
Karen and Mack fight over breakfast. Olivia doesn't want to be around Abby or Gary. Gary tells Karen that Olivia is probably better off staying with her and Mack. Cathy hears the truth about Sonny. Peter tells Abby they might find a few areas of mutual interest. Mack gives Jill her key back and tells her he's flattered. Cathy punches Sonny. Greg tells Peter that he needs to take back what Gary stole from Galveston industries.
150 20 "A Very Special Gift" Nick Havinga Lawrence Kasha 13 February 1986 (1986-02-13)
Karen isn't talking to Mack. Greg and Abby argue about her role on the planning commission. Abby thinks Karen is letting Olivia run wild. Abby shows Karen that she knows nothing about Gary and Jill, Karen starts laughing. Karen starts talking to Mack again and they make it up. Peter is spending money he doesn't have. He tells his mother he can play Abby and Greg against each other if he needs to. Peter invites Abby to lunch and tells Greg. Greg tells Peter to get Abby to divorce Gary so she can get him to give her Empire Valley. At lunch Abby sees Gary and Jill kissing. Gary gets a fancy new Racing car. Greg, Abby and Peter have a meeting. Greg asks Abby how he can get Empire Valley back in its rightful owners hands, namely his. Abby learns that Greg and Peter are half brothers. Michael finds a joint in Olivia's bag. Gary takes Jill for a ride in his new car at very high speed. The babies have a birthday party. Gary has deeded half of Empire Valley to the twins. Abby hires a detective to investigate Jill. Peter bumps into Gary and Jill. While Gary gets the car Jill asks what Peter is doing there and he asks her if Gary suspects anything. She says that she doesn't think he does.
151 21 "Irrevocably Yours" Robert Becker Sara Ann Friedman 20 February 1986 (1986-02-20)
Michael tells Olivia he knows she's stoned, which she denies. Laura tells Greg that Gary gave the twins half of Empire Valley which Greg claims is his ground. Mack hears how Jill hounded the governor to be given the job she claims she never wanted. Gary tells Val he won't take the gift back because the twins are his children. Lilimae revisits the roof where Joshua fell. Mack confronts Jill. Lilimae relives Joshua's accident. Abby takes Olivia to dinner. Olivia goes to the bathroom to smoke a joint. Abby confronts Gary about his gift to the twins. Peter listens in on a conversation between Abby and Greg and learns about Abby's secrets. Ben confronts Gary about his gift to the twins. Michael is stopped by a cop who finds two of Olivia's joints on the floor.
152 22 "High School Confidential" David Paulsen Sally Susman 6 March 1986 (1986-03-06)
Olivia wants to know why Gary was sleeping with Val whilst living with her mother. Michael is questioned by the police then by Mack and Karen. Greg tells Laura she has to decide whose side she is on. Gary has an accident avoiding pedestrians while test racing a car but is only bruised. Abby asks Peter to 'distract' Jill Bennett. Greg's lawyer advises him to buy Peter out. Greg tells him to make him an offer and tells Laura that if he accepts less than half he is not his brother. Mack finds Jill's photo in a Westfall yearbook under the name Dorothy Simpkins. Peter visits Jill and tells her that Abby wants him to distract her. He also mentions Abby's secret.
153 23 "Distant Rumblings" Michael Preece Joel Okmin & Tom Citrano 13 March 1986 (1986-03-13)
Val visits Gary in the hospital. Greg and Laura visit Peter's mother and make her an offer of $5 million. Mack questions Jill about being Dorothy Simpkins. Peter tells his mother that he needs more than $5 million and rejects Greg's offer. Gary tells Abby he isn't going home with her. Jill tells Mack that her family owned most of Empire Valley until Paul Galveston swindled them out of it. Abby finds dope in Olivia's bag and takes her to see Karen and Mack and apologise to Michael. Jill tells Gary that she can't get past him being married. Mack blames Gary for Olivia's problem and for interfering in Val and Ben's marriage. The judge tells Olivia that there won't be an arrest record if she agrees to join a support group. Gary tells Abby he is going to divorce her.
154 24 "Phoenix Rises" Nicholas Sgarro Bernard Lechowick 27 March 1986 (1986-03-27)
Gary gives Karen 32 acres of Empire Valley, Greg is furious. Abby doesn't want a divorce. She tells Gary that if he doesn't give her the rest of Empire Valley she will drag out their divorce and involve everyone including the twins. Ben tells Cathy that she has been offered the chance to go on tour. Tired of being blackmailed Abby tells everyone that she knew about the twins kidnapping all along. Abby bluffs Sylvia into telling her that Peter isn't her son. The planning commission reject Karen's plans, Abby says it wasn't her doing. Gary empathizes with Olivia. Abby takes Olivia home from Karen's. Gary gives Abby Empire Valley in writing. Eric is taken to the hospital.
155 25 "The Legacy" Timma Ramon Lynn Marie Latham 3 April 1986 (1986-04-03)
Abby finds out that Gary gave Karen 3200 acres of Empire Valley instead of 32. Greg asks Laura to marry him. Greg fires Peter. Gary tells Jill that he gave the rest of Empire Valley to Abby. Gary sees Peter and Jill together. Abby discovers Galveston had disposed of arsenic and acid at Empire Valley. Abby tells Peter she wants 51% of everything he gets or she will tell Greg that he's not Sylvia's son. Jill tells Gary that she and Peter are just friends just like she is his friend. She says she might see him later, he says maybe never. Peter is furious with Sylvia for telling Abby everything. Sylvia says she deserves the money as she really had Galveston's baby. Peter says he has done all the work and it would be simpler if she just fell down a stairwell or had a heart attack. Eric is confirmed as having arsenic poisoning. Jill wants out of the plan with Peter because she says Gary loves her and she doesn't want to hurt him. Peter says he cares because she is his sister, the only family he's got but that Galveston is responsible for their parents deaths and they can't quit now.
156 26 "Arsenic and Old Waste" David Paulsen David Paulsen 10 April 1986 (1986-04-10)
Eric is still sick in hospital. Mack excuses Jill of being involved in a cover up of the poisoning at Empire Valley. Abby blames Gary for the release of toxins from sealed containers after he blew up Empire Valley buildings. Sylvia tells Peter she is scared of him. Greg tells Laura he is going to get Empire Valley back even if it is covered in toxic waste. Ben has started having an affair with Cathy. Val feels that she is losing him.
157 27 "A Change of Heart" Joseph Scanlan Parke Perine 17 April 1986 (1986-04-17)
Greg takes Laura on a trip, they get married. Jill wants out of her plan with Peter. Cathy tells Ben she doesn't want to leave to go on tour. Laura asks Greg to clean up Empire Valley. Greg tells Karen that he will clean up Empire Valley if she helps him get it all back and that if she doesn't she can kiss Lotus Point goodbye.
158 28 "His Brother's Keeper" Larry Elikann Bernard Lechowick 1 May 1986 (1986-05-01)
Abby wants Karen to except Greg's offer. Greg bribes Senator Henderson to give up his seat and become a consultant for Galveston Industries. Abby overhears that Jill's family used to own Empire Valley. She tells Gary. Jill tells Gary that she only first went out with him because she wanted Empire Valley, but then she fell in love with him. He storms off. Gary heads to Dallas. Greg wants Peter to be State Senator. Charlie Lee dies of Arsenic poisoning and Karen decides to close Lotus Point.
159 29 "Thicker Than Water" Kate Swofford Tilley Lawrence Kasha 8 May 1986 (1986-05-08)

Peter says he doesn't want to be Senator. Gary returns from Dallas with news that his family won't fund the cleanup at Empire Valley. Karen tells Abby that she'll never sell to Greg. Gary tells Val he wants to take back Empire Valley from the twins. Ben decides to become Cathy's tour manager. Abby tells Peter he will accept Greg's offer to become Senator. Peter signs a deal with Peter. Ben tells Val he's going on tour with Cathy for six weeks. Lilimae is angry with Cathy and slaps her. Gary gives Empire Valley to Greg. Abby and Peter sleep together. Ben tells Val he has to get away and leaves. Paige Matheson shows up and tells Mack she is his daughter.

NOTE: First appearance of Paige Matheson (Nicollette Sheridan).
160 30 "The Longest Night" Joseph Scanlan David Paulsen 15 May 1986 (1986-05-15)

Paige tells Mack her mother died a year ago. Karen has gone missing. Eric sees his mother's car parked at Lotus Point. Abby and Peter sleep together. Paige tells her story to Michael. Gary finds Peter's car at Abby's and takes Olivia off to stay in a hotel. Mack reports Karen missing to the police. Gary and Olivia find Jill waiting for him at the hotel. Cathy tells Ben she never wanted to hurt Val. Val goes to the beach house and finds evidence of Ben and Cathy's affair. She smashes the place up. Karen wakes up in a cellar having been kidnapped. Eric accuses Greg of having something to do with Karen's disappearance. Gary goes to find Val on the beach. Karen comes face to face with her kidnapper.

NOTE: Final appearance of Cathy Geary (Lisa Hartman).

Season 8: 1986–87

Season eight of Knots Landing consisted of 30 episodes which aired between September 18, 1986 and May 14, 1987.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
161 1 "Just Disappeared (Part 1)" Joseph Scanlan Bernard Lechowick 18 September 1986 (1986-09-18)
Karen's kidnapping continues. The police tap the phone at Karen's. The kidnapper takes Karen from the cellar up to a furnished room and locks her in. Val finds Ben at home after he decides not to go on tour with Cathy. Greg tells Peter that he's not going to clean up Empire Valley until Lotus Point has gone bankrupt. Peter tells Jill who tells Gary. Ben goes to meet a female called Jean who is a spy and is using a boutique as a cover. They kiss. She asks him to spy on Greg. He says he doesn't do that any more. She tells him he's finished with it when 'they' say he is. The kidnapper tells Karen that she hasn't been kidnapped, just disappeared.
162 2 "Distant Echoes (Part 2)" Nick Havinga Diana Kopald Marcus 18 September 1986 (1986-09-18)
Gary asks Greg why the arsenic in the water is increasing. Ben tells Jean he is not interested in her offer. Gary tells Abby he will run against Peter for the state senate to put pressure on Greg. Gary's campaign gets under way supported by Jill. Peter asks Jill why she's running the campaign against her brother, she says he's changed and she's only interested in one thing now, Gary. Laura asks Greg if he knows anything about Karen's disappearance. Karen's kidnapper gets her to cut her hair.
163 3 "Reunion" Joseph Scanlan Lynn Marie Latham 25 September 1986 (1986-09-25)
Mack hears that Karen's car has been found. Abby tells Peter she wants him to win the election though she is supporting Gary publicly. Karen's kidnapper says he's not doing this to her, but to her husband. He says that when he was in prison he had no contact with is wife for a year and he wants Mack to feel what he did. He also mentions how much Karen looks like his wife. Jean tells Ben he should be on Greg's side in the election campaign. Greg tells his campaign team that they need people like Ben on their side. Karen asks the kidnapper what happened to his wife, he says he didn't find her until she'd died. Greg watches a broadcast of Ben saying he thinks Greg will clean up the pollution. Then he gets a visitor, Phil Harbert, who he went to law school with, who turns out to be Karen's kidnapper.
164 4 "Past Tense" Nick Havinga Sandra Smith Allyn 2 October 1986 (1986-10-02)
Phil asks Greg if he sees much of Mack. Mack tells the police to say publicly that they've got the kidnapper's fingerprints from Karen's car and an arrest is imminent. They do and word gets back to Phil. A flashback shows how Mack and Phil fell out. Phil lets slip Karen's name to Greg who figures out what's going on and tells him he better undo it before tomorrow. Lilimae tells Mack to call his daughter cause it will mean something to her. Phil tells Karen that if there's no evidence they can't convict him of anything. Karen tries to find hidden exits from the room. Phil sets fire to the house.
165 5 "Slow Burn" David Jacobs Joel J. Feigenbaum 9 October 1986 (1986-10-09)
Karen realises the house is on fire and tries to put out the fire at her door. Greg tries to trace Phil's car and finds it registered in a false name and goes searching for his address in his car. Karen pulls up the floorboards to escape the fire. Eventually she finds a window and breaks it to escape. Phil sees the house explode into a fireball. Phil finds Karen running on the road, tries to run her down and crashes the car. Karen hides in the bush. Greg finds the burned out house. Abby blackmails Peter to back off attacking Gary's campaign. In daylight Karen finds Phil asleep on his car and runs off to a local farmhouse, where he catches up with her. She hides in a barn. He starts smashing in the door with an axe when Greg arrives. Greg tells him to head back east. Mack gets a call from a sheriff about Karen. Mack and Karen are reunited. Karen returns home.
166 6 "For Appearance's Sake" Joseph Scanlan Bernard Lechowick 16 October 1986 (1986-10-16)
Laura is finding out more about Karen's abduction than Greg wants to know about. Karen finds out about Mack's daughter. Karen searches photofits. Olivia is given a warning. Olivia warns off Jill. Karen meets Paige. Gary tells Abby that Olivia was suspended from school. Olivia starts smoking pot again. Laura show Greg photofits of Karen's kidnapper. Greg puts Peter back in line. Olivia is warned by Abby not to use her as her excuse. Lilimae is suspicious of Paige. Mack is told that Phil Harbert was put onto the police by Greg Sumner. Phil phones Greg and asks for help. Greg says he doesn't even know him. Abby and Peter sleep together, Gary walks in on them, he asks Abby which tie would look better on camera. He tells Peter he will be late for the debate if he doesn't hurry up. Gary is phoned when Olivia is locked up by the police. Gary is late for the debate with Peter. Phil turns up at Greg's office. Phil points out a fact to Greg. Karen and Mack show up in Greg's outer office.
167 7 "All Over But the Shouting" Robert Becker Dianne Messina & Lou Messina 23 October 1986 (1986-10-23)
Mack and Karen accuse Greg. Mack says he'll find everything out and put Greg away. Jean is waiting at home for Ben, he tells her to get out. Greg convinces Phil to come onto the payroll rather than turn them both in to the police. Peter publicly questions Gary's campaign. Jean wants Ben to back Peter's campaign. Greg tells Phil to stay put until he can get him to Hong Kong. Laura tells Karen and Mack how she thought about Karen on the night she escaped from her kidnappers because Greg was away all night. Mack questions the police about Greg. Ben endorses Peter on TV. Abby is upset about it. Gary tells Jill he is not surprised that Abby let the broadcast go ahead. Mack checks out Greg's tyres (which Greg has changed). Phil is trapped in his hotel room waiting for Greg's call. Paige buys Michael some clothes. She comes onto him, he backs off but succumbs in the end. Olivia blames herself for Gary losing the election. Phil orders a pizza and gets recognised. Greg arranges to meet him and Laura thinks he did a good thing calling the police. The pizza delivery guy calls Mack.
168 8 "Pressure Points" Nick Havinga Dianne Messina & Lou Messina 30 October 1986 (1986-10-30)
Greg tells Phil to wait for him at a phone booth. The police surround his hotel room. He sees the police but waits in the phone booth across the street denying people access to it. Greg shows up but drives off when people recognise Phil. Phil runs into the road and gets run over. Mack tells him not to die because he needs to know why he kidnapped Karen, then says he's going to then kill him. Phil gets taken to hospital. The doctors tell him he's dying. Phil tells Mack that Greg put him up to the kidnapping and dies. Mack tells Karen that it was all Phil and that he lied about Greg. Sylvia wants $5,000 more a month from Peter to keep her mouth shut. She tells him to ask Abby for the money. Greg notices Paige for the first time. The pharmacist tells Peter that too many of Sylvia's Beta Blocker's could cause cardiac arrest. Peter tells Greg that he doesn't care about being senator. Abby threatens Peter and he tells her that she is threatening her share of what's his. Peter increases the number of Sylvia's pills.
169 9 "Brothers and Mothers" Robert Becker Diana Kopald Marcus 6 November 1986 (1986-11-06)
Peter is still adding to Sylvia's pills. Michael and Paige sleep together. Greg tells Peter to be prudent and nothing will stand between them and the White House. Karen, Mack, Eric and Michael agree that Paige should move in with them. Val's book gets optioned by a TV Network. Abby tells Peter to follow Greg's advice. Eric finds Michael and Paige together. Eric calls Michael stupid and they fight. Karen finds the mess and wants to know what happened. Eric says it was his fault that they had a fight but refuses to say why. Paige moves in. Jean tells Ben to just give out the facts on Greg, but she knows more than he does. Peter gets more pills for Sylvia but flushes them down the toilet. Jean tells her lover that it was hard enough to get Ben to spy on Greg, imagine how he is going to react when he finds out his real assignment is to kill him.
170 10 "Over the Edge" Nick Havinga Lynn Marie Latham 13 November 1986 (1986-11-13)
Lilimae tells Val that she doesn't trust Paige. Peter gets Jill out of being in bed with Gary to tell her that he can't believe he almost killed Sylvia. Ben turns up looking for Sylvia and wonders what the senator and his opponent's campaign manager are doing together. Gary tells Jill she should just dump Peter and not be his shoulder to cry on. Mack tells Paige that her hotel called and one of her cheques bounced. She takes some jewellery to sell. Jean scratches Greg's car to get his insurance information from him. Ben and Mack discuss Jill and Peter and think she was lobbying him. Abby phones Peter and lets him know that Sylvia is with her and at the ranch she tells him that Sylvia knows he was trying to kill her. Abby tells him to leave, then Gary does. Peter suggests they fight about it and Gary says he'll just knock out all his teeth and break both his arms. Peter leaves. Greg tells Peter that moving Sylvia to a clinic would please him, no end. Sylvia lets Abby know that it's in her best interests to make sure she's looked after. Jean finds Greg at a restaurant and they start chatting. Gary and Abby reminisce and have sex. Gary gives Jill an ultimatum to stop seeing Peter. Jill tells Peter that she trusts Gary enough to tell him that they are brother and sister. They argue and Jill falls down a hillside.
171 11 "A Turn of Events" Kate Swofford Tilley Lawrence Kasha & Michael Filerman 20 November 1986 (1986-11-20)
Peter panics with Jill at the foot of the hillside and drives off but he stops and drives back. Abby tells Sylvia that she'll get her a lawyer. 'It'll help her sleep better at night'. Ben wonders if Galveston millions put Peter in office. Abby tells him they'll be no skeletons in Peter's closet. Abby tells Ben "why don't we wait until Hollister does something newsworthy". Peter reports Jill's accident. Paige buys a VCR for Mack and Karen, Mack doesn't read the instruction manual. Mack hears about Jill. Karen calls Gary. The police presume it was attempted suicide. Ben phones Greg wondering if Peter has a comment. Greg phones Peter's answering machine and tells him to call, immediately. Greg questions Peter. He tells Peter not to underestimate the press. Jean tells Ben that the timing is right, that's what they've been waiting for. Greg tells Peter that he will talk to Ben. Sylvia sees a lawyer who then sees Abby and gives her Sylvia's letter which was to be released in the event of anything strange happening to her. Lilimae finds out that Karen doesn't trust Paige either. Gary questions Peter about his involvement with Jill. Karen finds Michael and Paige sleeping together. Greg questions Ben. Sylvia gives a special letter to Olivia for safe keeping. Karen tells Mack about Paige and Michael. Abby turns up at the hospital to see Gary. A caller tells Ben that Jill was with Peter when the accident happened.
172 12 "Touch and Go" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Joel Okmin & Tom Citrano 27 November 1986 (1986-11-27)
Ben tells Peter he has an eye witness who saw Peter at the scene of Jill's accident. Gary and Peter hear that Jill lost her baby in the accident. Karen tells Paige that she doesn't think it was a good idea for her and Michael to sleep together. Paige tells her it won't happen again. Mack talks to Michael. Jean tells Ben that if he buries Peter with the story she will disappear. Abby tells Peter she can't kill the story. Greg tells Peter to avoid lying. Michael tells Karen he's in love with Paige. Paige tells Mack that it wasn't love with Michael and that it's over between them. Paige gives Mack a letter to him from her mother. Greg introduces Ben and Mack to the eyewitness who saw Peter at the scene of Jill's accident. The witness turns out to be bogus. Jean tells Ben that the witness was never intended to stand up in court and that they were just starting a rumour to see what it would turn into. Paige and Michael sleep together again. Mack and Ben check the library of police tapes of 911 calls looking to find Peter's call but the tape is missing. Greg has the tape at home. Jill regains consciousness but asks to see Peter not Gary.
173 13 "The Inside Man" Paul Tucker Linda Salzman 4 December 1986 (1986-12-04)
Jill tells Peter she will pretend that he wasn't at the accident, but when she tells people their relationship is over that she'll mean it. Greg writes Peter's will which Peter refuses to sign. Lilimae and Val find cash in Ben's pocket that Jean gave to him. Ben lies to Val about the money. Abby tells Peter that his so called Mother is now staying with his so called brother. She tells him that he could just say that Jill is his sister to get him off the hook but that he can't be Greg's brother if Jill is his sister. Greg offers Ben a job. Olivia passes her driving test. Paige meets Peter (who she's been reading about in a magazine). Ben tells Mack he's sorry he asked for his opinion about working with Greg. Karen tells Val that the letter Mack got from Anne wasn't from Anne but was written by someone else. Jean wants Ben to take the job with Greg. Paige goes to dinner with Peter instead of meeting of meeting with Michael. Karen and Mack wonder what else Paige has been lying about. A gravestone is shown with Paige's name on it.
174 14 "Gifts" Nicholas Sgarro Bernard Lechowick 11 December 1986 (1986-12-11)
Karen tells Val that Paige's presence has had a devastating impact on her family. Paige lies to Michael about her date with Peter. Michael tells Eric, Karen and Mack that he can't live his life with their interference and will be moving out as soon as he can. Ben moves into his office working for Greg and Peter. Michael asks Olivia for the lend of money, which she doesn't have. Abby and Gary buy Olivia a new sports car. Paige hangs up the phone on a return call to Karen from Mr Winston, Paige's grandparents. Peter apologises to Ben. Jean's lover asks her what will happen when Ben finds out that she isn't CIA. She says they'll just have to up the stakes. Ben buys ponies for the twins. Michael sees Paige with Peter at the Mall after he bought her a gift. Val tells Karen that Laura is pregnant. Olivia takes Lilimae for a drive in her new car. Michael decides not to move out. Mr. Winston phones Karen and thinks it a sick joke that she suggests Paige is still alive. Olivia and Lilimae have a crash in the car.
175 15 "Truth Will Out" Timma Ramon Scott Hamner 18 December 1986 (1986-12-18)
Karen tells Mack that the real Paige is dead. Olivia tells Abby, Val and Ben that the accident wasn't her fault. Karen tells Paige that she doesn't believe she is who she says she is. Lilimae asks to see Abby in the hospital. She tells Abby that she found some white powder on the floor of Olivia's car, she gives the bag of it to Abby. Olivia tells Abby it wasn't her's. Olivia tells Lilimae that what she found wasn't her's. Gary finds the photo album of Jill's that names her as Dorothy Simpkins and that mentions Peter referring to her as his sister. Jill asks Gary to get married. Abby won't give Olivia her allowance. Greg tells Laura he isn't happy about their 'happy accident'. Paige tells Michael that she really loved him. Karen finds a newspaper article about Paige's death. Abby follows Olivia in her car. Abby finds Olivia buying white powder. Mack phones Mr. Winston and finds out that Anne Matheson is still alive.
176 16 "The Unraveling" Nicholas Sgarro Dianne Messina & Lou Messina 1 January 1987 (1987-01-01)
Mack tells Karen that the real Paige is dead and Anne is alive. Abby gets Olivia to hand over all her drugs. Karen and Mack confront Paige. Karen tells Mack she doesn't want Paige staying with them any longer as she doesn't know who she is. Olivia tells her friend how she let Abby find baking soda, knowing she wouldn't know the difference. Olivia tries to get money from refunded clothes, which fails. Jill finally tells Gary that Peter is her brother. He tells her he wants to marry her. Mack gets Mr Winston to confront Paige. Abby gets Olivia to do a urine test. Greg discovers that Jean and Ben were at college together. Abby attends a police lecture on kid's cocaine use. Olivia tries to start selling cocaine. Abby tells Olivia she's going to lock her in with her.
177 17 "No Miracle Worker" Kate Swofford Tilley Bernard Lechowick 8 January 1987 (1987-01-08)

Abby sleeps in Olivia's room to stop her using drugs. She then smashes the bathroom door in when Olivia locks it. Finding Olivia has hidden drugs in the bathroom, she removes the bathroom door and tells Olivia she will no longer have any privacy at all. Olivia gets Brian to pick up some schoolwork books from her friends, but they contain drugs. Olivia takes Abby's keys but she finds out and they fight. Abby gets Olivia's room wired up by a security firm so she can't go out. When Abby finds out how Olivia is using Brian to bring her drugs, Olivia tells Abby that the dealers are expecting their money or they will take it out on Brian. Brian returns home with bruises which horrifies Olivia so much that she finally gives up all of her hidden drugs to Abby and agrees to get clean. Meanwhile, Mack goes East to see Anne.

NOTE: First appearance of Anne Matheson (Michelle Phillips).
178 18 "My True Love" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Lynn Marie Latham 15 January 1987 (1987-01-15)
Olivia finally attends one of Gary's AA meetings. Jean gets Ben to bug Greg's office, but Greg finds it. Mack and Anne miss their flight to L.A. Olivia apologises to Brian. Abby tells Gary the divorce settlement is not enough. Anne and Mack get back to Knots Landing, but Paige has left and turned up at Peter's. Ben hacks Greg's computer for Jean.
179 19 "Never Trick a Trickster" Joel Coppoletta Alan Goldfein 29 January 1987 (1987-01-29)
Greg shows Ben the bug he found. Paige returns. Jean follows Greg's computer. Greg discovers the hack on his investments. Abby and Gary haggle. Jean tells her brokers to buy. Laura questions Greg about their unborn baby. Paige tells Anne she isn't going back with her. She tells Mack and Karen. Peter tells Ben that he thinks it's embarrassing that Greg is paranoid about people hacking his business dealings. Ben informs Jean. Paige leaves Peter's. Anne tells Karen that she's staying in Knots Landing as long as Paige is. Jean tells Ben his assignment is to kill Greg.
180 20 "A Plan of Action" Kate Swofford Tilley Lawrence Kasha 5 February 1987 (1987-02-05)
Ben refuses to co-operate with Jean, but she implies that his family will also suffer. Val tells Ben that someone tried to run her off the road. Paige takes a job at Lotus Point. Ben lets Val know about his past as an industrial spy. Greg suggests Laura should maybe go back to the cul-de-sac. Peter and Olivia meet. Ben picks up Val, Lilimae and the kids and they prepare to leave town so they'll be out of danger, but Jean knows their every move and follows them in her car.
181 21 "Survival of the Fittest" Michael Preece William Devane 12 February 1987 (1987-02-12)
Ben tells Jean he wants $1 million to kill Greg. Laura moves back to Knots Landing. Greg leaves a message for Laura saying that he hopes their child will be more of her than of him. Ben gets Mack to invite him to a ball game where he tells him what's going on. Mack says he will help them. Everyone attends the opening of a club at Lotus Point. Greg agrees to meet Ben at the office to pick up some papers. Greg and Laura reconcile. Greg shows up at the office, Ben points a gun at him and explains the situation and asks him to find a way out of it. Ben tells him to write a suicide note. Gary and Jill announce to Val and Karen that they're getting married. Val runs off. A gunshot is heard in Ben's office.
182 22 "In Mourning" Nicholas Sgarro Alan Goldfein 19 February 1987 (1987-02-19)
Jean tells her colleague that Greg is dead, that she heard it happening and saw a body bag leaving. Val and the kids are brought home in a van and bodyguards posing as construction workers to protect them move into the house. Val tells Karen that Ben is on a business trip. Jean threatens Val. Jean leaks a story to a newspaper that Greg is dead which everybody reads. Abby tells Peter he'd better be prepared to take over Galveston Industries. Jean shows up to see Greg and sees Laura who is visited by Peter who has brought men around to make a list of who gets what. Peter makes a statement to the press in which he tries to say as little as possible about Greg's disappearance. Val goes to see Laura and Greg shows up. Val wonders if Ben is dead.
183 23 "Nightmare" Bill Duke Dianne Messina & Lou Messina 5 March 1987 (1987-03-05)
Jean's superior tells her she needs to kill Greg. Greg tells Mack that he will handle Jean and that they should handle her buddy. Greg tells Peter that he doesn't like him trying to take his empire every time his back is turned. Greg buys Jean a drink. Val goes looking for a gun. Mack punches Jean's superior and the bodyguards drive off with him. Jean tells Greg she's sentimental about resurrections. Val finds and takes Gary's gun. Lilimae tells Gary and Karen about Jean and her clothing store. Mack tells Karen everything about what's been going on with Greg and Ben. Greg tells Jean all her friends have been neutralised when she pulls a knife on him. He pulls a gun on her. Mack and a cop bust in and arrest Jean. Val breaks into Jean's store and almost shoots a cleaning woman by accident. Val gets home to find Ben waiting. Ben has a nightmare about Jean shooting Val.
184 24 "Neighborly Conduct" Lawrence Kasha Lynn Marie Latham 12 March 1987 (1987-03-12)
Karen asks Laura about letting Anne rent her house. Ben confronts Greg about him sending Jean out of the country rather than putting in her prison and Greg fires him. Gary tries to take Jill to get married but she's not sure because of his relationship with Val. Anne invites Al Stahler to dinner with her and Karen and Mack. Olivia becomes a spokeswoman at the Student Council. Peter changes his plans to join Abby and Olivia. Abby manipulates Peter away from Paige to stay with her, Paige stays with Olivia. Karen tells Anne that she doesn't stand a chance with Mack. Paige tells Peter that Abby is using him and that Olivia has a letter from Sylvia, only to be opened in the event of her untimely death. A package is delivered to Anne which ends up at the Mackenzies. Ben obsesses about Jean, but Mack tells him that she is still in Paraguay.
185 25 "Deadly Combination" Beth Brickell David Marlow 26 March 1987 (1987-03-26)
Val goes to Greg's to question him about Jean. Laura comes in and Val tries to apologize to her but Laura is angry at her over the incident with Jean and tells her to leave. Ben tells Val that they have to move. Val tells Ben she won't touch his 'blood money'. Karen questions Mac about his dinner with Anne. Val discovers Ben on the lawn when she goes out to collect the morning paper. Abby gets Peter to appoint Olivia as a drugs advisor. Peter carries on with Paige but asks her about Olivia. Val and Ben get a security alarm fitted but later panics when Lilimae sets it goes off. Karen tells Mack she wants Anne to leave. Mack tells Anne that he loves Karen, not her. Anne phones Mack to arrange a farewell breakfast as she is leaving, but then writes a suicide note to him and takes some pills.
186 26 "Our Secret" David Jacobs John Leasure 2 April 1987 (1987-04-02)
Anne lies unconscious. Mack phones to cancel their breakfast but gets no answer. Paige tells Peter that Olivia is in love with him. Ben gets Mack to burgle his house to demonstrate a new alarm system to Lilimae and Val. Mack visits Anne and sees her unconscious through the window when she doesn't answer the door. He smashes the window and gets her to hospital. Peter has dinner with Abby, Olivia and Brian then sleeps with Abby. Ben gets furious when Lilimae turns the alarms off and doesn't reactivate them. Mack doesn't know what to do about Anne. Olivia tells Michael about Peter. He warns her off, she won't listen. Greg informs Peter of Sylvia's death. Michael tells Karen about Olivia and Peter and Karen tries to warn Abby. Gary and Jill discover Peter at the airport picking up Sylvia's remains. Olivia and Peter exchange gifts, they kiss.
187 27 "Breakup" Joe Coppoletta Dianne Messina & Lou Messina 9 April 1987 (1987-04-09)
Mack and Karen pick up Anne from the hospital. Olivia tells Abby about her kiss with Peter. Gary tells Peter to invite Jill to Sylvia's funeral. Paige tells Olivia that Peter's mother died and tries to get Olivia to read Sylvia's letter. Ben goes to ask Abby for his job back but changes his mind. Sylvia's funeral takes place and Abby discovers Peter kissing Olivia. She warns Greg to get Peter back in line or she will go to the press about them not being brothers. Mack hears Anne on the phone to Karen telling her she was trying to wake him up about his life. Peter tells Greg about the letter Olivia has from Sylvia. Olivia goes to Peter's apartment and sees Paige. She walks off and posts Sylvia's letter to Gary. Anne tells Mack she's heading out East again but tells him that Paige's real father is Greg.
188 28 "Parental Guidance" Nick Havinga Lawrence Kasha & Michael Filerman 30 April 1987 (1987-04-30)
Abby asks Gary not to read the letter Olivia sent him, he agrees. Laura gives birth to a baby girl. Greg tells Mack he is not Paige's father. Peter tells Abby he wants to marry her, not Paige. Abby tells him to ditch Paige, which he does but then Abby ditches him. Ben thanks Gary for stepping aside regarding the twins. Jill intercepts Gary's mail from Olivia and burns it. Mack tells Paige that he's not her father and that Greg is. She cries and says Anne was just being vindictive, but thinks that Peter must've known, which was why he broke it off with her. Ben leaves for an assignment in South America.
189 29 "Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate" Joseph Scanlan Lynn Marie Latham 7 May 1987 (1987-05-07)

Laura and Greg name their baby Meg. Greg tells Paige that he isn't her father. Abby fires Paige but Karen rehires her. Ben phones Val and tells her that he'll keep in touch with her as he's on the move. Greg tells Peter to settle down with someone. Peter thanks Jill for burning Sylvia's letter but she throws him out. Val phones Ben's news service who have no listing of him. Olivia confronts Paige about Peter, but Paige tells her about Peter and Abby. Olivia shouts at Abby about her involvement with Peter. Now enemies, Paige and Abby have a confrontation. Paige and Peter argue at Lotus Point and she throws plates at him. After vigorously washing her hands, Abby comes out of the bathroom at Lotus Point to find Olivia leaning over Peter's dead body. They look at each other questioningly.

NOTE: Final appearance of Ben Gibson (Douglas Sheehan).
190 30 "Cement the Relationship" Nick Havinga Bernard Lechowick 14 May 1987 (1987-05-14)
Abby tells Olivia to go home, change clothes and act normal. Abby frantically hides Peter's body. Olivia is distraught and goes to see Gary but won't tell him anything. Val is certain Ben will never come back home. Abby buries Peter's body at Lotus Point where a children's playground is about to be built. She notices Peter's car and takes it to the airport where she leaves it. Gary questions Abby about Olivia's behaviour. Mack tells Paige that he called Anne and she admitted that he is her father but Paige remains unsure. The following day, the cement foundation gets poured over Peter's body, but Abby's relief turns to horror when Karen later points out a large crack in the cement which may mean it has to be dug up.

Season 9: 1987–88

Season nine of Knots Landing consisted of 29 episodes which aired between September 24, 1987 and May 12, 1988.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
191 1 "Missing Persons" Joseph Scanlan Lynn Marie Latham 24 September 1987 (1987-09-24)
People wonder where Peter has got to. Val is distraught when she doesn't hear from Ben but she makes amends with Laura. Greg kisses Paige to prove he isn't her father. Experts say the crack at the Lotus Point playground is a structural problem and they'll have to replace the concrete. Abby objects but is overruled by Karen and Gary. Val tells Lilimae she isn't sure Ben will be coming back. Mack and Paige discover that they are both allergic to cantaloupe so he must be her father. The cement is dug up and Peter's body is discovered.
192 2 "The Trouble with Peter" Nick Havinga Parke Perine 1 October 1987 (1987-10-01)
Karen closes Lotus Point for a few days. Gary tells Jill about Peter's body being found. Mack offers Jill the chance to be involved in the investigation. Greg wants to know if Abby is going to inherit anything from Peter. A detective begins questioning everyone about their involvement with Peter. The police find Olivia's locket on Peter's body, but don't know who the initials "OC" belong to. A memorial service for Peter is held. Gary overhears Olivia telling Abby that she doesn't want to go to the service. Gary tells Abby he knows that Olivia killed Peter, she slaps him and leaves with Olivia.
193 3 "Under Pressure" Nicholas Sgarro Bernard Lechowick 8 October 1987 (1987-10-08)
The police decide to talk to Olivia. Greg tells Abby he will see that she's convicted for Peter's murder rather than have her inherit what's his. Olivia turns up at Val's avoiding the police. Karen tells Val to phone Gary but she gets no answer when she does. Mack is suspicious of Paige's phone calls to Peter the day he died. Olivia talks to the police. Mack lets an elderly man named Al use his office but he invites loads of homeless people to stay in it. The police get fibres from Olivia's jumper and arrest her, but Abby tells the police that she killed Peter, not Olivia.
194 4 "Half-Truths" Nick Havinga Joel J. Feigenbaum 15 October 1987 (1987-10-15)
Abby tells the police that Peter's death was an accident. The police take both Abby and Olivia in for questioning. Olivia and Brian stay with Karen. Abby gets out on bail. Paige is having nightmares. Gary finally gets Olivia to admit that she thinks Abby killed Peter. Gary talks to Abby and then Mack. Abby and Olivia talk and realise that they both thought each other had killed Peter. Mack suspects Paige. He asks her to tell him what really happened the day Peter died.
195 5 "There are Smiles" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 22 October 1987 (1987-10-22)
Paige is revealed as Peter's killer. She tells Mack that his death was an accident. Abby retracts her confession. Jill tells Gary she can't handle his relationships with his ex-wives any more. Val buys a sports car. The police decide not to prosecute Paige. Val argues with Gary about the twins. Abby tells Greg that he'll need to pay her what Peter owed her. Mack wants Paige to apologise to everyone for what she put them through over Peter's death. Greg tells Paige she's lucky Mack is her father and not him. Laura tells Karen she is resigning from Lotus Point. Paige tells Abby she's sorry that Abby ever got off the murder charge and that none of it would've happened if Abby hadn't made Peter break up with her. Abby tells Paige that she put her and Olivia through a lot of trouble over it and sooner or later she'll make her pay for it. Laura suggests to Greg that she may not have much time left to worry about things.
196 6 "The Gift of Life" Kate Swofford Tilley Bernard Lechowick 29 October 1987 (1987-10-29)

Laura tells Greg she has an inoperable brain tumour. He takes her from doctor to doctor looking for a different diagnosis. Laura tells him she's not seeing any more specialists. Greg says he's not going to Meg's christening because he's seen his last church. People hold a farewell party for Laura at Lotus Point. Greg visits a doctor Laura refused to see. His car gets towed away and he wanders the streets. Meg gets christened while Greg sits in his car. He eventually goes into the church. Laura decides to go to a clinic alone, Greg says she's going there to die without him and it isn't being fair to him. She says she doesn't want him to see her die. She phones Karen to say goodbye and gives Meg to Greg and leaves for the clinic alone.

NOTE: Final appearance of Laura Avery Sumner (Constance McCashin).
197 7 "Say Uncle" Robert Becker Erica Byrne 5 November 1987 (1987-11-05)
Gary is upset when he discovers Val is holding a birthday party for the twins and didn't tell him. Gary tells Val that the twins can call him "uncle" as long as he can see them, but she refuses. Greg interviews prospective nannies for Meg but tells them the position is temporary until Meg's mother gets back. Gary tells Lilimae that he is the twins father. Val tells Lilimae that Gary is unreliable and she doesn't need any help to raise them. Michael rescues a drowning girl at the beach. Lilimae takes the twins to see Gary in the park. Al and Lilimae become friends. She discovers that he lives in his car.
198 8 "Love In" Kate Swofford Tilley Dianne Messina 12 November 1987 (1987-11-12)
Abby's first love Charles Scott shows up to book a convention at Lotus Point. Karen and Abby have recollections of Charles. Michael takes Jody (who he saved at the beach) home to meet Karen and Mack. Eric returns with his new wife, Linda. Val lets Gary see the kids. They kiss afterwards. Abby has dinner with Charles. They tell each other what they've been up to since they were together.
199 9 "Flight of the Sunbirds" Roy Campanella II Bernard Lechowick 19 November 1987 (1987-11-19)

Al asks Lilimae to marry him. Lilimae says they should live together, not get married. They eventually drive off together. Greg receives word that Laura has died.

NOTE: Final appearance of Lilimae Clements (Julie Harris).
200 10 "Noises Everywhere (Part 1)" David Jacobs Bernard Lechowick 3 December 1987 (1987-12-03)

Everyone gathers at Greg's after Laura's death including Richard Avery. When Richard discovers that nobody went to the clinic with Laura when she was dying, he takes his anger out on the others. Gary tells Val that he respected how Laura turned her life around. Val argues with Karen about how Karen didn't tell her Laura was dying. Richard wants to know why Greg keeps Peter's ashes on the coffee table. Greg says he always wanted to be the centre of attention. Laura's remains are sent to the wrong mortuary. Mack says Laura is determined not to come back. Everybody laughs. Mack helps Greg pick out a casket for Laura.

NOTE: Richard Avery (John Pleshette) returns. This episode is largely improvised.
201 11 "Noises Everywhere (Part 2)" David Jacobs Lynn Marie Latham 10 December 1987 (1987-12-10)

Everyone is gathered at Greg's after Laura's funeral. Jill finds out from Richard that Peter's ashes are on Greg's coffee table and she steals them. Jill asks Paige how she can sleep at night after Peter's death and then whacks her in the back with her bag which contains the urn of Peter's ashes. Mack takes his frustrations out on Karen, Michael and Paige. Jill scatters Peter's ashes off a mountainside. Laura's close friends watch video messages she left and Val and Karen cry watching them. Greg watches the rest of the tape by himself and cries.

NOTE: Final appearance of Richard Avery (John Pleshette). This episode is largely improvised.
202 12 "Weak Moment" Lorraine Senna Ferrara John Leasure 17 December 1987 (1987-12-17)
Gary and Val sleep together. Greg discovers Paige is the assistant at the art gallery. Gary tells Jill that he doesn't love her. Jill blames Val and tells her that she's leaving Gary. Charles and Abby avoid phoning each other, then he shows up at Abby's home with a gift when she is out and Olivia invites him to stay for dinner. Val throws Gary out. Abby tells Charles that she can't accept a gift from him, but he asks for a second chance. Jill leaves Gary but later returns. Mack and Karen plan a trip to Tahiti until Greg turns up looking for a babysitter for Meg. Charles takes Abby for a drive, they end up sleeping together.
203 13 "Only 'Til Friday" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 7 January 1988 (1988-01-07)

Greg phones Mack from home whilst pretending to be in New York. Mack and Karen suffer sleepless nights with Meg crying. A devious Irishman named Johnny Rourke heads to Knots Landing to see his former girlfriend Paige. Paige delivers Greg's painting and questions why he isn't in New York like he told Mack and Karen. He replies "I am in New York." Val tells Gary they should just be ex-husband and wife. Jill tells Gary that she told Val that he's a free man and that Val must not want him any more if she doesn't want to see him. Charles' wife phones and he decides he has to go back home and leave Abby. A woman named Patricia Williams and her 12 year old daughter Julie move into Laura's old house. Greg phones Karen to say he has been held up in New York. Johnny buys a gun in a bar. Charles returns to Abby and tells her he loves her.

NOTE: First appearance of Patricia Williams (Lynne Moody).First guest appearance of Johnny Rourke (Peter Reckell)
204 14 "Ties That Bind" Joe Coppoletta Lou Messina 14 January 1988 (1988-01-14)
Johnny asks Paige for $20,000 to keep her secrets but she tells him she no longer has any secrets from her family and tells him to clear off. Johnny introduces himself to Mack as Paige's old boyfriend, and Mack invites him to stay. Charles introduces his wife Judith to Abby when she unexpectedly arrives. Meg starts having convulsions but Patricia quickly diagnoses the problem and helps get them to hospital in time. Mack wonders how she knew what to do, but she says the same thing happened to her own daughter. Paige gets hold of Greg when Mack can't and Greg joins Mack at the hospital. Johnny lands a job as musician at the local bar. Judith tells Abby that Charles will always come back to her. Meg's convulsions were caused by an ear infection and she recovers. Greg overhears Mack and Karen noticing Meg's first word is 'Mack'. Charles asks Abby to marry him.
205 15 "Another Modest Proposal" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Robert Porter 21 January 1988 (1988-01-21)
Meg returns home with Greg. Abby tells Charles that it isn't legal to have two wives at once and tells him to come back when he's told Judith he's divorcing her. Val and Gary argue about the twins. Johnny notices someone, whom he recognises from the bar, acting strangely and breaks into his cabin at Lotus Point and finds a fridge full of money. He takes some and escapes out the back door. He later returns the money and asks the man for a job. Jill tells Gary that he doesn't have to see the twins on Val's terms as she is a lawyer and can help him. Charles tells Judith that he intends to marry Abby and Abby accepts his proposal. Greg brings Meg back to stay with Karen and Mack after Mack told Karen they would not look after her again. Mack is very pleased to have her back much to Karen's surprise.
206 16 "If Not Now, When?" Kate Swofford Tilley Lynn Marie Latham 28 January 1988 (1988-01-28)
NOTE: First appearance of Frank Williams (Larry Riley).
207 17 "In Too Deep" Jerome Courtland James Stanley 4 February 1988 (1988-02-04)
208 18 "The Blushing Bride" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 11 February 1988 (1988-02-11)
209 19 "Lawfully Wedded" Lawrence Kasha Bernard Lechowick 18 February 1988 (1988-02-18)
210 20 "Bouncing Babies" Nicholas Sgarro William Devane 25 February 1988 (1988-02-25)
211 21 "A Fair Race" Lawrence Kasha Lynn Marie Latham 3 March 1988 (1988-03-03)
212 22 "Full Disclosure" Joseph Scanlan Alan Goldfein 10 March 1988 (1988-03-10)
213 23 "Her Letter" Robert Becker Bernard Lechowick 24 March 1988 (1988-03-24)
214 24 "Mother Knows Best" Joseph Scanlan Julie Sayres 31 March 1988 (1988-03-31)
215 25 "With a Heavy Heart" Michael Preece Lawrence Kasha 7 April 1988 (1988-04-07)
216 26 "Just Desserts" Kevin Dobson Don Mueller & William Devane 14 April 1988 (1988-04-14)
217 27 "Discovery" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 28 April 1988 (1988-04-28)
218 28 "The Perfect Alibi" Kate Swofford Tilley Lynn Marie Latham 5 May 1988 (1988-05-05)
219 29 "The Perfect Crime" Joseph Scanlan Bernard Lechowick 12 May 1988 (1988-05-12)

Season 10: 1988–89

Season ten of Knots Landing consisted of 28 episodes which aired between October 27, 1988 and May 18, 1989.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
220 1 "Suicidal" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 27 October 1988 (1988-10-27)
221 2 "Borderline" Kate Swofford Tilley Lynn Marie Latham 3 November 1988 (1988-11-03)
222 3 "Deserted" Lorraine Senna Ferrara M.J. Cody & Chuck Bulot 10 November 1988 (1988-11-10)
223 4 "The Pick-Up Game" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 24 November 1988 (1988-11-24)
224 5 "Sex and Violence" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 1 December 1988 (1988-12-01)
225 6 "A Weekend Gataway" Andre R. Guttfreund Lynn Marie Latham 8 December 1988 (1988-12-08)
226 7 "The Briar Patch" Kate Swofford Tilley Bernard Lechowick 15 December 1988 (1988-12-15)
227 8 "A Fine Romance" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 29 December 1988 (1988-12-29)
228 9 "A Many Splendored Thing" Nicholas Sgarro John Leasure 5 January 1989 (1989-01-05)
229 10 "Cabin Fever" Joseph Scanlan Lynn Marie Latham 12 January 1989 (1989-01-12)
230 11 "Merger Made in Heaven" Joe Coppoletta Bernard Lechowick 19 January 1989 (1989-01-19)
231 12 "Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Lead Pipe" John Pleshette Lynn Marie Latham & James Stanley 26 January 1989 (1989-01-26)
232 13 "Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Wrench" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Bernard Lechowick 2 February 1989 (1989-02-02)
233 14 "Without a Clue" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 9 February 1989 (1989-02-09)
234 15 "The Spin Doctor" Andre R. Guttfreund Lynn Marie Latham 16 February 1989 (1989-02-16)
235 16 "Poor Jill" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 23 February 1989 (1989-02-23)
236 17 "Double Jeopardy" Kevin Dobson Lynn Marie Latham 2 March 1989 (1989-03-02)
237 18 "A Grave Misunderstanding" Timma Ramon Chuck Bulot & M.J. Cody 9 March 1989 (1989-03-09)
238 19 "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 16 March 1989 (1989-03-16)
NOTE: Final appearance of Jill Bennett (Teri Austin).
239 20 "Birds Do It, Bees Do It" John Pleshette Bernard Lechowick & Lynn Marie Latham 23 March 1989 (1989-03-23)
240 21 "Giganticus II: The Revenge" Joe Coppoletta Lynn Marie Latham & James Stanley 30 March 1989 (1989-03-30)
241 22 "Dial M for Modem" Joseph Scanlan Lawrence Kasha 6 April 1989 (1989-04-06)
242 23 "That's What Friends Are For" Lawrence Kasha Stephen Tolkin 13 April 1989 (1989-04-13)
NOTE: First appearance of Danny Waleska (Sam Behrens).
243 24 "The Perfect Opportunity" Michele Lee James Stanley 27 April 1989 (1989-04-27)
NOTE: Final guest appearance of Johnny Rourke (Peter Reckell).
244 25 "Straight Down the Line" William Devane Lynn Marie Latham 4 May 1989 (1989-05-04)
245 26 "The Heat of Passion" Nicholas Sgarro Joel Okmin 11 May 1989 (1989-05-11)
246 27 "Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out (Part 1)" Jerome Courtland M.J. Cody & Chuck Bulot 18 May 1989 (1989-05-18)
NOTE: Final appearance of Abby Cunningham (Donna Mills). However, she will briefly return in the final season.
247 28 "Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out (Part 2)" James Scanlan Bernard Lechowick 18 May 1989 (1989-05-18)

Season 11: 1989–90

Season eleven of Knots Landing consisted of 29 episodes which aired between September 28, 1989 and May 17, 1990.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
248 1 "Up The Spout Again" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 28 September 1989 (1989-09-28)
249 2 "Poetic Justice" Nicholas Sgarro Bernard Lechowick 5 October 1989 (1989-10-05)
250 3 "Prince Charming" Joseph Scanlan Lynn Marie Latham 12 October 1989 (1989-10-12)
251 4 "Close Call" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 19 October 1989 (1989-10-19)
252 5 "Best Interests" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 26 October 1989 (1989-10-26)
253 6 "When Push Comes to Shove" Nicholas Sgarro M.J. Cody & Chuck Bulot 2 November 1989 (1989-11-02)
254 7 "Mixed Messages" Joseph Scanlan Lynn Marie Latham 9 November 1989 (1989-11-09)
255 8 "The Good Guys" Robert Scheerer Bernard Lechowick 16 November 1989 (1989-11-16)
256 9 "Perfect Couples" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 30 November 1989 (1989-11-30)
257 10 "Never Judge a Book by Its Cover" Nick Havinga Lynn Marie Latham 7 December 1989 (1989-12-07)
258 11 "Twice Victim" John Pleshette Bernard Lechowick 14 December 1989 (1989-12-14)
259 12 "What a Swell Party This Is" Nick Havinga Dianne Messina 21 December 1989 (1989-12-21)
260 13 "Oh Brother" Kevin Dobson Bernard Lechowick 4 January 1990 (1990-01-04)
261 14 "Road Trip" Lorraine Senna Ferrara James Stanley 11 January 1990 (1990-01-11)
262 15 "My Firstborn" Lawrence Kasha Lynn Marie Latham & James Stanley 18 January 1990 (1990-01-18)
263 16 "Out of Control" Andre R. Guttfreund Bernard Lechowick 25 January 1990 (1990-01-25)
264 17 "My Bullet" Anita W. Addison Bernard Lechowick 1 February 1990 (1990-02-01)
265 18 "The Ripple Effect" Peter Ellis M.J. Cody & Chuck Bulot 8 February 1990 (1990-02-08)
266 19 "The Grim Reaper" Lawrence Kasha Lynn Marie Latham 15 February 1990 (1990-02-15)
267 20 "Wrong for Each Other" Kevin Dobson Dianne Messina 22 February 1990 (1990-02-22)
268 21 "Good News, Bad News" Michael Peters Bernard Lechowick 1 March 1990 (1990-03-01)
269 22 "Devil on My Shoulder" Michele Lee Lynn Marie Latham & Dianne Messina 8 March 1990 (1990-03-08)
270 23 "Home Sweet Home" Lawrence Kasha James Stanley 15 March 1990 (1990-03-15)
NOTE: Final appearance of Olivia Cunningham (Tonya Crowe) though she will briefly appear in the 1997 mini-series Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac..
271 24 "Only Just Begun" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Bernard Lechowick 29 March 1990 (1990-03-29)
272 25 "The One to Blame" Michele Lee Dianne Messina 5 April 1990 (1990-04-05)
273 26 "My Love Always" Nicholas Sgarro Lawrence Kasha 26 April 1990 (1990-04-26)
274 27 "If I Die Before I Wake" Joseph Scanlan James Stanley 3 May 1990 (1990-05-03)
275 28 "The Fan Club" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 10 May 1990 (1990-05-10)
276 29 "Let's Get Married" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 17 May 1990 (1990-05-17)

Season 12: 1990–91

Season twelve of Knots Landing consisted of 27 episodes which aired between September 13, 1990 and May 16, 1991.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
277 1 "Return Engagement" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Bernard Lechowick 13 September 1990 (1990-09-13)
NOTE: First appearances of Claudia Whittaker (Kathleen Noone) and Kate Whittaker (Stacy Galina).
278 2 "Blind Side" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 20 September 1990 (1990-09-20)
279 3 "God Will" Jerome Courtland Bernard Lechowick 27 September 1990 (1990-09-27)
280 4 "Dead But Not Buried" Nicholas Sgarro Dianne Messina 18 October 1990 (1990-10-18)
281 5 "What If?" Jerome Courtland Parke Perine 25 October 1990 (1990-10-25)
282 6 "You Can Call Me Nick" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 1 November 1990 (1990-11-01)
283 7 "Do Not Attempt to Remove" Joseph Scanlan Bernard Lechowick 8 November 1990 (1990-11-08)
284 8 "The Best Laid Plans" Michele Lee James Stanley 15 November 1990 (1990-11-15)
NOTE: Final appearance of Danny Waleska (Sam Behrens).
285 9 "Side by Side" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Bernard Lechowick 29 November 1990 (1990-11-29)
286 10 "The Lady or the Tiger" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 6 December 1990 (1990-12-06)
287 11 "Asked to Rise" Kevin Dobson Bernard Lechowick 13 December 1990 (1990-12-13)
288 12 "A Merry Little Christmas" William Devane James Stanley 20 December 1990 (1990-12-20)
289 13 "The Unknown" Nicholas Sgarro Dianne Messina 3 January 1991 (1991-01-03)
290 14 "Simmer" John Pleshette Bernard Lechowick 10 January 1991 (1991-01-10)
291 15 "A Sense of Urgency" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Dianne Messina & James Stanley 31 January 1991 (1991-01-31)
292 16 "Always on Your Side" Jerome Courtland Lynn Marie Latham 7 February 1991 (1991-02-07)
293 17 "In the Dog House" Joseph Scanlan Dianne Messina & James Stanley 14 February 1991 (1991-02-14)
294 18 "Call Me Dimitri" Nicholas Sgarro Lynn Marie Latham 21 February 1991 (1991-02-21)
295 19 "Bad Dog" Joseph Scanlan Dianne Messina & James Stanley 28 February 1991 (1991-02-28)
296 20 "Gone Microfiching" Kevin Dobson Mimi Kennedy 7 March 1991 (1991-03-07)
297 21 "Upwardly Mobile" Neal Ahern Lynn Marie Latham & Dianne Messina 28 March 1991 (1991-03-28)
298 22 "An American Hero" Joseph Scanlan James Stanley & Dianne Messina 4 April 1991 (1991-04-04)
299 23 "Where There's a Will, There's a Way" Michele Lee James Stanley & Dianne Messina 11 April 1991 (1991-04-11)
300 24 "The Last One Out" Nicholas Sgarro Bernard Lechowick 25 April 1991 (1991-04-25)
Val and Gary remarry again. Michael quits the Sumner Group.
301 25 "A Horse is a Horse" Anita W. Addison Scott Hamner 2 May 1991 (1991-05-02)
302 26 "Play, Pause, Search" William Devane James Stanley & Dianne Messina 16 May 1991 (1991-05-16)
NOTE: Final appearance of Michael Fairgate (Patrick Petersen) though he will briefly appear in the 1997 mini-series Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac.
303 27 "Dead Skunk" Lorraine Senna Ferrara James Stanley & Dianne Messina 16 May 1991 (1991-05-16)

Season 13: 1991–92

Season thirteen of Knots Landing consisted of 22 episodes which aired between September 12, 1991 and April 9, 1992.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
304 1 "The Gun Also Rises" Lorraine Senna Ferrara John Romano 12 September 1991 (1991-09-12)
305 2 "The Question Game" Nicholas Sgarro James Stanley 19 September 1991 (1991-09-19)
306 3 "Eye of the Beholder" Jerome Courtland James Magnuson 26 September 1991 (1991-09-26)
307 4 "I, Claudia" Nicholas Sgarro Donald Marcus 3 October 1991 (1991-10-03)
308 5 "Home Again, Home Again" Michele Lee John Romano 31 October 1991 (1991-10-31)
309 6 "Business with Pleasure" Menachem Bonetski Rachel Cline 7 November 1991 (1991-11-07)
310 7 "1001 Nights of Anne Matheson" Nancy Malone James Magnuson 14 November 1991 (1991-11-14)
311 8 "House of Cards" Kevin Dobson James Magnuson 21 November 1991 (1991-11-21)
312 9 "Victoria's Secret" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Donald Marcus 5 December 1991 (1991-12-05)
313 10 "Lost at Sea" Michael Lange Donald Marcus 12 December 1991 (1991-12-12)
314 11 "Holiday on Ice" Menachem Bonetski Rachel Cline 19 December 1991 (1991-12-19)
315 12 "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down" William Devane Tricia Brock & John Romano 2 January 1992 (1992-01-02)
316 13 "The Torrents of Winter" Neal Ahern James Magnuson 9 January 1992 (1992-01-09)
317 14 "Fair Warning" Robert Becker John Romano 16 January 1992 (1992-01-16)
318 15 "Letting Go" Joan Van Ark Rachel Cline & James Magnuson 23 January 1992 (1992-01-23)
319 16 "Baths and Showers" Robert Lewis James Magnuson 30 January 1992 (1992-01-30)
320 17 "Denials" Kevin Dobson Lisa Seidman 6 February 1992 (1992-02-06)
321 18 "Dedicated to the One I Love" Nicholas Sgarro Joel Okmin 27 February 1992 (1992-02-27)
322 19 "Trials and Tribulations" Craig Denault Ray Goldstone 5 March 1992 (1992-03-05)
323 20 "Sea of Love" Charles Siebert Harry Stern & Stephen Black 12 March 1992 (1992-03-12)
324 21 "Do You Love Me?" Michael Lange Suzanne Childs 2 April 1992 (1992-04-02)
325 22 "Little Girl Lost" Michele Lee Lisa Seidman 9 April 1992 (1992-04-09)
NOTE: Final appearances of Frank Williams (Larry Riley) and Valene Ewing (Joan Van Ark), however, she will briefly return in the final season.

Season 14: 1992–93

Season fourteen of Knots Landing consisted of 19 episodes which aired between October 29, 1992 and May 13, 1993.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
326 1 "Found and Lost" Nicholas Sgarro Ann Marcus 29 October 1992 (1992-10-29)
327 2 "Lovers and Other Strangers" Lorraine Senna Ferrara Lisa Seidman 5 November 1992 (1992-11-05)
328 3 "The Children's Hour" Jerome Courtland James Magnuson 12 November 1992 (1992-11-12)
329 4 "Rescue Me" Nicholas Sgarro Ann Marcus 19 November 1992 (1992-11-19)
330 5 "Love and Death" Menachem Bonetski Lisa Seidman 3 December 1992 (1992-12-03)
331 6 "The Price" Michele Lee James Magnuson 10 December 1992 (1992-12-10)
332 7 "Bye, Bye Love" Reza Badiyi Ann Marcus 17 December 1992 (1992-12-17)
333 8 "A Death in the Family" Nicholas Sgarro Donald Marcus 7 January 1993 (1993-01-07)
334 9 "Some Like it Hot" Michele Lee Lisa Seidman 14 January 1993 (1993-01-14)
335 10 "The Invisible Man" Kevin Dobson Rocci Chatfield 21 January 1993 (1993-01-21)
336 11 "The Getaway" Nicholas Sgarro James Magnuson 28 January 1993 (1993-01-28)
337 12 "Call Waiting" Beth Brickell Donald Marcus 4 February 1993 (1993-02-04)
338 13 "Farewell, My Lovely" Nicholas Sgarro Lisa Seidman 11 February 1993 (1993-02-11)
339 14 "The Way Things Were" Jerome Courtland William Devane & Don Mueller 18 February 1993 (1993-02-18)
340 15 "Hints and Evasions" Joan Van Ark Ray Goldstone 25 February 1993 (1993-02-25)
341 16 "My Kingdom for a Horse" Victor Lobl Howard Lakin 4 March 1993 (1993-03-04)
342 17 "Day of the Assassin" Nicholas Sgarro Donald Marcus & James Stanley 11 March 1993 (1993-03-11)
343 18 "Just Like Old Times (Part 1)" Jerome Courtland Lisa Seidman 13 May 1993 (1993-05-13)
NOTE: Abby Cunningham (Donna Mills) and Valene Ewing (Joan Van Ark) return.
344 19 "Just Like Old Times (Part 2)" Jerome Courtland Ann Marcus 13 May 1993 (1993-05-13)
NOTE: Final appearance of Claudia Whittaker (Kathleen Noone).

The Knots Landing Block Party

A one-hour non-fiction special in which the cast and crew discuss their time on Knots Landing as it concludes its 14-season run on May 13, 1993. Constance McCashin also appears.
# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 1 "The Knots Landing Block Party" Joel Okmin Joel Okmin 13 May 1993 (1993-05-13)

Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac: 1997

Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac is a 1997 television miniseries that aired on CBS in two two-hour parts on May 7 and May 9, 1997

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 1 "Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac (Part 1)" Bill Corcoran Ann Marcus, Lisa Seidman & Julie Sayres 7 May 1997 (1997-05-07)
Paige leaves Greg because she wants a baby and he doesn't. Mack and Karen celebrate their wedding anniversary with a party at Gary and Val's. Abby prepares to move out of the cul-de-sac to a house in Malibu, but the IRS seize all of her assets due to unpaid taxes so she moves in with Karen. Mack begins a class-action lawsuit against Greg on behalf of his former employees, but the case hinges on a document that is missing. Val's latest book "Hostage" is to be turned into a film and the studio team her up with a scriptwriter named Clay McKinney. Meg tries to find out who her biological father is. Kate reappears in Knots Landing with a four year old daughter named Molly and tells Gary he is the father. Anne also returns and goes to stay with Greg. Abby tells Greg that she can get him the missing document if he pays her $1 million so she can pay the IRS her back taxes. He agrees so she gets a job working with Gary and Karen at their new construction company where the document is stored. Clay gets drunk and makes advances towards Val. They argue and she pushes him away and leaves his home. The following morning, Clay is found dead in his pool.
2 2 "Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac (Part 2)" Bill Corcoran Ann Marcus, Lisa Seidman & Julie Sayres 9 May 1997 (1997-05-09)
The police find one of Val's earrings next to Clay's pool, but Val denies it is hers. Greg agrees to settle the lawsuit with Mack and no longer needs the document, but Abby has already arranged for Robert Simons, an old boyfriend, to steal the document. However, he is interrupted by a security guard whom he accidentally kills so he sets fire to the warehouse to cover his tracks. Mack is going through a mid-life crisis and moves out of the house which upsets Karen. Meg finds out Greg is her natural father and goes to visit him where he plays her the tape recording her mother Laura made for her before she died. Abby, still desperate for money, snoops around in Greg's business affairs for something she can use against him. Instead, he offers her a job overseeing a business operation in Thailand. Val finally tells the police what happened at Clay's house, and they accept his death was accidental. Karen and Mack reconcile, and Karen's son Michael returns home with his fiancé to tell Karen she is going to be a grandmother. At the same time, Abby's son Brian announces that he and Kate are also expecting a baby of their own so Abby is to be a grandmother too.

Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again: 2005

Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again is a non-fictional 90 minute reunion special that aired on CBS on December 2, 2005.
# # Title Director Original airdate
1 1 "Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again" Michael Dempsey 2 December 2005 (2005-12-02)


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