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List of LGBT Americans in the United States Congress


List of LGBT Americans in the United States Congress

This is a list of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans in the U.S. Congress. This list only includes individuals who came out, with the exception of Stewart McKinney.


Photo Senator State Party Term Notes
Craig Larry Craig Idaho Republican 1991–2009 Outed in 2007
Baldwin Tammy Baldwin[1] Wisconsin Democratic 2013–present First openly gay person to be elected to the Senate

House of Representatives

Photo Representative State Party Term Notes
McKinney Stewart McKinney[2] Connecticut Republican 1971-1987 Died (Complications due to AIDS)[3][4][5][6][7] Out to several friends, but not to the media or his constituents.
Bauman Robert Bauman Maryland Republican 1973-1981 Came out afterward
Studds Gerry Studds Massachusetts Democratic 1973-1997 First member of Congress to come out as gay (in 1983); First openly gay committee chairman (Merchant Marine and Fisheries, 1990–1995)
Hinson Jon Hinson Mississippi Republican 1979-1981 Came out afterward
Frank Barney Frank Massachusetts Democratic 1981-2013 First LGBT member of Congress to be married while in office
Dreier David Dreier California Republican 1981-2013 Out to colleagues and friends, but not to the media or his constituents.
Gunderson Steve Gunderson Wisconsin Republican 1981-1997 Outed on the floor of the House in 1994
Kolbe Jim Kolbe Arizona Republican 1985-2007 Came out in 1996 after voting for the Defense of Marriage Act
Huffington Michael Huffington California Republican 1993-1995 Came out as bisexual in 1998, the first bisexual to have been elected to Congress.
Foley Mark Foley Florida Republican 1995-2006 Came out after congressional page incidents.
Baldwin Tammy Baldwin Wisconsin Democratic 1999-2013 First lesbian to be elected to Congress
Schrock Ed Schrock Virginia Republican 2001-2005 Outed in 2004
Michaud Mike Michaud Maine Democratic 2003-2015 Came out in 2013. Ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 2014
Polis Jared Polis Colorado Democratic 2009–present First gay parent in Congress
Cicilline David Cicilline Rhode Island Democratic 2011–present
Maloney Sean Patrick Maloney New York Democratic 2013–present
Takano Mark Takano California Democratic 2013–present First non-white LGBT person to be elected to Congress
Pocan Mark Pocan Wisconsin Democratic 2013–present
Sinema Kyrsten Sinema Arizona Democratic 2013–present First out bisexual to be elected to Congress

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