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List of Muslim historians

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Title: List of Muslim historians  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Lists of Muslims, Ibn al-Khatib, Tursun Beg, Islam-related lists, Mustafa Naima
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List of Muslim historians

This is a subarticle of Islamic scholars, List of Muslim scholars and List of historians.

The following is a list of Muslim historians writing in the Islamic historiographical tradition, which developed from hadith literature in the time of the first caliphs. This list is focused on pre-modern historians who wrote before the heavy European influence that occurred from the 19th century onward.


  • Chronological list 1
    • The historians of the formative period 1.1
    • The historians of the classical period 1.2
      • Iraq and Iran 1.2.1
      • Egypt, Palestine and Syria 1.2.2
      • al-Andalus and the Maghreb 1.2.3
      • India and Pakistan 1.2.4
    • The early modern historians 1.3
      • Turkish: Ottoman Empire 1.3.1
      • Arabic: Ottoman Empire and Morocco 1.3.2
      • Persian: Safavid Empire and Mughal India 1.3.3
    • The historians of the modern period 1.4
  • See also 2
  • Notes 3
  • References 4
  • See also 5

Chronological list

The historians of the formative period

First era: 700-750 (Ibn Zubayr and al-Zuhri's histories no longer exist, but they are referenced in later works).

Second era: 750-800

Third era: 800-860

Fourth era: 860-900

Fifth era: 900-950

The historians of the classical period

Iraq and Iran

Egypt, Palestine and Syria

al-Andalus and the Maghreb

India and Pakistan

The early modern historians

Turkish: Ottoman Empire

Arabic: Ottoman Empire and Morocco

Persian: Safavid Empire and Mughal India

The historians of the modern period

See also


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