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List of Phi Sigma Kappa chapters

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Title: List of Phi Sigma Kappa chapters  
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Subject: Phi Sigma Kappa, List of social fraternities and sororities, Phi Sigma Epsilon
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List of Phi Sigma Kappa chapters

The Chapter Roll of Phi Sigma Kappa is as follows:

List of Chapters

Chapter Colonized Chartered School State Status Charter Range Reference
N/A 1873 University of Massachusetts Amherst Massachusetts Active 1873-Present

Beta 1888 Union College New York Inactive 1888-1997

[i] 1889 Cornell University New York Active 1889-Present

1891 West Virginia University West Virginia Active 1891-Present

Epsilon 1893 Yale University Connecticut Inactive 1893-1929 [1]

Zeta 1896 City College of New York New York Inactive 1896-1973

University of Maryland Maryland Active 1897-2002

Theta 1897 Columbia University New York Inactive 1897-1933 [1]

1899 Stevens Institute of Technology New Jersey Active 1899-Present

1899 Penn State University Pennsylvania Active 1899-Present

1899 George Washington University Washington, D.C. Active 1899-Present

2013 1900 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Colony 1900-1997

1901 Lehigh University Pennsylvania Active 1901-Present

Xi 1902 St. Lawrence University New York Inactive 1902-2004 [7]

1902 MIT Massachusetts Active 1902-Present [8]

Pi 1903 Franklin and Marshall College Pennsylvania Inactive 1903-1983 [9]

Rho 1903 Queen's University Ontario (Canada) Inactive 1903-1914 [9]

Sigma 1903 St. John's College Maryland Inactive 1903-1940 [9]

Tau 1905 Dartmouth College New Hampshire Seceded [a] [i] 1905-1956 [1]

Upsilon 1906 Brown University Rhode Island Inactive 1906-1939 [1]

Phi 1906 Swarthmore College Pennsylvania Inactive 1906-1991

Chi 1906 Williams College Massachusetts Inactive 1906-1966 [9]

1907 University of Virginia Virginia Active 1907-Present [1][10]

Omega 2009-2010 1909 UC Berkeley California Inactive 1909-1992 [3][11][12]

1992, 2013 1910 Emporia State University Kansas Colony 1910-1989

See also Phi Zeta
2011 1910 University of Illinois Illinois Active 1910-2008

1910 University of Minnesota Minnesota Active 1910-Present

Gamma Deuteron 1911 Iowa State University Iowa Inactive 1911-1939

2013 1915 University of Michigan Michigan Colony 1915-2003

1915 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts Active 1915-Present

Zeta Deuteron 1917 UW–Madison Wisconsin Inactive 1917-1927

Eta Deuteron 1917 University of Nevada at Reno Nevada Inactive 1917-1997 [10]

Theta Deuteron 1921 Oregon State University Oregon Inactive 1921-2005

Iota Deuteron 1923 Kansas State University Kansas Inactive 1923-1941 [1]

1923 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Active 1923-Present

Lambda Deuteron 1923 University of Washington Washington Inactive 1923-1992

Mu Deuteron 1923 University of Montana Montana Inactive 1923-1972

Nu Deuteron 1923 Stanford University California Inactive 1923-1973

1925 University of Tennessee Tennessee Active 1925-Present

1925 University of Alabama Alabama Active 1925-1988

2011 1925 Ohio State University Ohio Active 1925-1938

1925 Gettysburg College Pennsylvania Active 1925-Present

Sigma Deuteron 1925 University of Nebraska Nebraska Inactive 1925-1941 [1]

Tau Deuteron 1926 Carnegie-Mellon University Pennsylvania Inactive 1926-1937

Upsilon Deuteron 1926 University of North Carolina North Carolina Inactive 1926-1936

1926 University of Kentucky Kentucky Active 1926-Present

Chi Deuteron 1926 Washington State University Washington Inactive 1926-2005

Psi Deuteron 1926 University of Oregon Oregon Inactive 1926-2002

1927 Pittsburg State University Kansas Active 1927-Present

1927 Truman State University Missouri Active 1927-Present

N/A 1928 University of Southern California California Active 1928-2003

Alpha Triton 1928 Wesleyan University Connecticut Inactive 1928-1952

Beta Triton 1928 Knox College Illinois Seceded [h] 1928-1955 [1]

2001 1929 University of South Carolina South Carolina Active 1929-1963

1930 Eastern Illinois University Illinois Inactive 1930-1986 [18]

1930 Northeastern State University Oklahoma Active 1930-Present

1930 Purdue University Indiana Active 1930-Present

Epsilon Zeta 1930 Fort Hays State University Kansas Inactive 1930-1979 [10]

1931 Central Missouri State University Missouri Active 1931-Present

Epsilon Eta 1931 Southeastern State University Oklahoma Inactive 1931-2001 [10]

Epsilon Kappa 1931 UW–Stevens Point Wisconsin Seceded [b] 1931-1998 [19]

See also Chi Pentaton
1934 Eastern Michigan University Michigan Active 1934-Present

Epsilon Theta 1935 University of Northern Iowa Iowa Inactive 1935-1998 [10]

2000 1935 University of Central Arkansas Arkansas Active 1935-1994

1936 American University Washington, D.C. Active 1936-Present

1938 Northwest Missouri State University Missouri Active 1938-Present

Zeta Triton 1932 1939 Montana State University Montana Inactive 1939-2009

Epsilon Xi 1941 Central Michigan University Michigan Inactive 1941-2010 [11]

1942 University of Akron Ohio Active 1942-Present

Epsilon Pi 1943 Western Illinois University Illinois Inactive 1943-2003 [21]

1946 Henderson State University Arkansas Active 1946-Present

Theta Triton 1947 University of Texas Texas Inactive 1947-1976

Iota Triton 1947 University of Connecticut Connecticut Inactive 1947-1972

Kappa Triton 1947 Fresno State University California Inactive 1947-1959

Epsilon Sigma
See also
1947 Northern Illinois University Illinois Inactive 1947- ??

1948 Ball State University Indiana Active 1948-Present

Lambda Triton 1948 University of Rhode Island Rhode Island Inactive 1948-1999

Mu Triton 1948 Boston University Massachusetts Closed [h] 1948-1953 [1]

Nu Triton 1948 Hartwick College New York Closed [h] 1948-1955

Xi Triton 1948 San Jose State University California Inactive 1948-1966

Omicron Triton 1948 UC Davis California Inactive 1948-1973

Pi Triton 1948 Eastern Washington University Washington Inactive 1948-1952

Rho Triton 1949 San Diego State University California Inactive 1949-1959

1949 Indiana University Indiana Active 1949-1972

See also Mu Pentaton
1990 1949 UW–Milwaukee Wisconsin Active 1949-1972

Tau Triton 1949 Baldwin Wallace College Ohio Inactive 1949-1955

Upsilon Triton 1949 Muhlenberg College Pennsylvania Inactive 1949-1955

Phi Triton 1949 Idaho State University Idaho Inactive 1949-1993

Chi Triton 1949 Arizona State University Arizona Inactive 1949-2001

1950 Hobart College New York Active 1950-1997

Epsilon Upsilon 1950 UW–Whitewater Wisconsin Inactive 1950-2007

Omega Triton 1950 Florida Southern College Florida Inactive 1950-1986

Alpha Tetarton 1950 Linfield College Oregon Inactive 1950-1952

1950 Kent State University Ohio Active 1950-Present

1950 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York Active 1950-Present

Epsilon Psi 1950 SUNY Geneseo New York Seceded 1950-1953 [23]

1991 1951 University of Florida Florida Active 1950-1959

Epsilon Tetarton 1952 Washington College Maryland Inactive 1952-1972

Epsilon Chi 1952 SUNY-Oswego New York Inactive 1952-1954

Phi Beta 1952 UW–Eau Claire Wisconsin Seceded [c] 1952-1985

Epsilon Omega 1950 1952 UW–Stout Wisconsin Seceded [c] 1952-1985 [25]

Zeta Tetarton 1954 East Tennessee State University Tennessee Inactive 1954-1986

Phi Delta 1955 Black Hills State College South Dakota Inactive 1955-?

Phi Gamma
See also
1956 Western Michigan University Michigan Inactive 1956-1980 [10]

Phi Epsilon 1956 Rider College New Jersey Inactive 1956-2011

Phi Lambda 1956 Parsons College Iowa Inactive 1956-1972 [10]

Eta Tetarton 1956 University of Houston Texas Inactive 1956-1993

Theta Tetarton 1957 University of Detroit Michigan Inactive 1957-1973

Iota Tetarton 1957 Tufts University Massachusetts Inactive 1957-1976

1957 Southern Illinois University Illinois Active 1957-1998

Lambda Tetarton 1958 Wagner College New York Inactive 1958-1982

Phi Zeta
See also
1958 University of Illinois Illinois Inactive 1958-1972

Mu Tetarton 1958 Youngstown State University Ohio Inactive 1958-1983

1959 Rutgers University New Jersey Active 1959-Present

See also Nu Pentaton
2013 1959
Clarion University Pennsylvania Colony 1959-present

Phi Kappa 1959 West Virginia Wesleyan College West Virginia Seceded [c] 1959-1985

Phi Iota 1959 Northland College Wisconsin Inactive [c] 1959-1985

Xi Tetarton 1959 Michigan State University Michigan Inactive 1959-1973

2012 1958 Shippensburg University Pennsylvania Colony 1958-2000
2013- present

Omicron Tetarton 1959 Tennessee Wesleyan College Tennessee Inactive 1959-1979

Rho Tetarton 1959 Loyola Marymount University California Inactive 1959-1989

Pi Tetarton 1960 C.W. Post College New York Inactive 1960-1971

Phi Mu 1960 Concord University West Virginia Seceded [c] 1960-1985

Sigma Chi 1960 Shepherd University West Virginia Inactive 1960-2002

Phi Pi 1960 UW–Superior Wisconsin Inactive 1960-1976 [10]

1960 Midwestern State University Texas Active 1960-1990

1960 University of Tennessee at Martin Tennessee Active 1960-Present

Sigma Alpha 1960 UW–La Crosse Wisconsin Inactive 1960-1989

2012 1960 Rochester Institute of Technology New York Colony 1960-2004

Phi Tetarton 1960 University of the Pacific California Inactive 1960-1966 [1]

See also Phi Gamma
1961 Western Michigan University Michigan Active 1961-Present

Psi Tetarton 1961 Waynesburg College Pennsylvania Inactive 1961-1979

Phi Omicron 1961 St. Cloud State University Minnesota Inactive 1961-1978 [10]

1962 Cal State L.A. California Active 1962-Present

See also Tau Pentaton
2011 1962
Mansfield University Pennsylvania Active 1962-1978

Phi Xi 1962 Winona State University Minnesota Inactive 1962-1977 [10]

Alpha Pentaton 1963 University of New Mexico New Mexico Inactive 1963-1977

Phi Tau
See also
1963 Cornell University New York Inactive[d] [i] 1963-1985 [1]

1963 East Stroudsburg University Pennsylvania Active 1963-1997

Gamma Pentaton 1963 University of Utah Utah Inactive 1963-1993

Phi Rho 1963 Chadron State College Nebraska Inactive 1963-?

Delta Pentaton 1963 Northeastern University Massachusetts Inactive 1963-1992

1964 Valparaiso University Indiana Active 1964-Present

Epsilon Pentaton 1964 American International College Massachusetts Inactive 1963-1969

Zeta Pentaton 1964 UT-Pan Am Texas Inactive 1964-2013 [28]

Eta Pentaton 1965 Drexel University Pennsylvania Inactive 1965-1982

Theta Pentaton 1965 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Inactive 1965-1995

Phi Sigma 1965 Hillsdale College Michigan Inactive 1965-1990

Phi Phi 1965 UW–Oshkosh Wisconsin Inactive 1965-?

1966 Cal State Fullerton California Active 1966-Present

1966 UC Santa Barbara California Active 1966-1997

Lambda Pentaton
See also
1966 Ferris State University Michigan Inactive[e] 1966-1978

Mu Pentaton
See also
1966 UW–Milwaukee Wisconsin Inactive 1966-1971

Nu Pentaton
See also
1967 Clarion University Pennsylvania Inactive 1967-2008

Xi Pentaton 1967 Cal State Northridge California Inactive 1967-1970

Sigma Beta 1967 Southwest Missouri State University Missouri Inactive 1967-1995

Omicron Pentaton 1967 Edinboro University Pennsylvania Inactive 1967-1987

See also Epsilon Sigma
1967 Northern Illinois University Illinois Active 1967-Present

Rho Pentaton 1967 Northwestern University Illinois Inactive 1967-1976

Sigma Pentaton 1968 Quinnipiac College Connecticut Inactive 1968-1976

Sigma Delta 1968 St. Norbert College Wisconsin Inactive 1968-1994

Tau Pentaton
See also
1968 Mansfield University Pennsylvania Inactive 1968-1985

Sigma Zeta 1967
1968 UW–River Falls Wisconsin Inactive[f] 1968-1985

Phi Pentaton 1968 University of Arizona Arizona Inactive 1968-?

See also Lambda Pentaton
1968 Ferris State University Michigan Active 1968-Present[e]

Chi Pentaton
See also
1968 Eastern Michigan University Michigan Inactive 1968-Present

Sigma Gamma 1969 Wayne State College Nebraska Inactive 1969-?

Sigma Eta 1969 Southeast Missouri State University Missouri Inactive 1969-1998

Sigma Kappa 1969 La Salle University Pennsylvania Inactive 1969-1976 [10]

Upsilon Pentaton 1969 University of Hartford Connecticut Inactive 1969-1972

Sigma Iota 1969 UW–Platteville Wisconsin Inactive 1969-1991 [10]

Psi Pentaton 1969 University of Memphis Tennessee Inactive 1969-2001

Sigma Theta 1969 Hofstra University New York Inactive 1969-1972 [10]

Sigma Lambda 1969 University of Minnesota-Morris Minnesota Inactive 1969-?

Sigma Mu 1969 Manhattan College New York Inactive 1969-?

Omega Pentaton 1970 Bethel University Tennessee Inactive 1970-1973 [1]

Sigma Nu 1970 Slippery Rock University Pennsylvania Inactive 1970-1998

Phi Omega 1970 Minnesota State University-Moorhead Minnesota Inactive 1970-2005

Sigma Xi 1970 Bloomsburg University Pennsylvania Inactive 1970-1975 [10]

Phi Chi 1970 Bemidji State University Minnesota Inactive 1970-1976 [10]

Phi Psi 1970 University of St. Thomas Minnesota Inactive 1970-1975

Alpha Hexaton 1971 Salem College West Virginia Inactive 1971-1975

Beta Hexaton 1971 Purdue University Calumet Indiana Inactive 1971-1992 [10]

1971 Robert Morris University Pennsylvania Active 1971-Present

Delta Hexaton 1971 Susquehanna University Pennsylvania inactive 1971-2006

1971 Missouri Western State University Missouri Active 1971-Present

1970 1972 Virginia Polytechnic Institute Virginia Active 1972-2001

Zeta Hexaton 1972 La Salle University Pennsylvania Inactive 1972-1978

1972 University of Dayton Ohio Active 1972-1997

Theta Hexaton 1973 Nicholls State University Louisiana Inactive 1973-1986

Iota Hexaton 1973 Fairleigh Dickinson Metropolitan(Teaneck) New Jersey Inctive 1983-Present

1974 Stetson University Florida Active 1974-Present

Lambda Hexaton 1976 St. Joseph's University Pennsylvania Inactive 1976-1987

1976 Radford University Virginia Active 1976-2001

Nu Hexaton 1976 West Liberty State College West Virginia Inactive 1976-1977

Omicron Hexaton 1977 Oregon Institute of Technology Oregon Inactive 1977-1983

Pi Hexaton 1979 Occidental College California Inactive 1979-1995

1981 Northern Arizona University Arizona Active 1981-Present

Sigma Hexaton 1982 Illinois State University Illinois Inactive 1982-2005

Tau Hexaton 1983 Monmouth University New Jersey Inactive 1983-2010 [11]

1984 Fairleigh Dickinson, Madison New Jersey Active 1984-Present

1985 Towson University Maryland Active 1985-Present

Chi Hexaton 2010 1988 Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia Inactive 1988-?

Psi Hexaton 1989 McGill University Quebec Inactive 1989-1996

Omega Hexaton 1989 University of California at Irvine California Inactive 1989-2002

Alpha Septaton 1989 1990 University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Inactive 1990-2007

1990 Florida State University Florida Active 1990-Present

Gamma Septaton 1990 Bowling Green State University Ohio Inactive 1990-2002

Delta Septaton 1990 UW–Green Bay Wisconsin Inactive 1990-1994

Epsilon Septaton 1990 Frostburg State University Maryland Inactive[g] 1990-1995

1990 Johnson & Wales University Rhode Island Active 2013-Present

1991 Cal Poly California Active 1991-Present

Theta Septaton 1992 Marist College New York Inactive 1992-1995

1992 Penn State Altoona Pennsylvania Active 1992-Present

Kappa Septaton 1991 1992 Buffalo State College New York Inactive[g] 1993-2006 [33]

1994 Florida International University Florida Active 1994-Present

1995 University of Delaware Delaware Active 1995-Present

1993 1995 Marian University Wisconsin Active 1995-Present

1995 George Mason University Virginia Active 1995-Present

1996 Villanova University Pennsylvania Active 1996-Present

Pi Septaton 1996 Texas A&M University Texas Inactive 1996-1999 [10]

Rho Septaton 1999 Southwest Texas State University Texas Inactive 1999-2007 [10]

Sigma Septaton 2000 Delaware Valley College Pennsylvania Inactive 2000-2003 [34]

2003 Hope College Michigan Active 2003-Present

2005 Clemson University South Carolina Active 2003-Present

2006 Adelphi University New York Active 2006-Present [35]

2008 Georgia Southern University Georgia Colony 2008-Present [36]

2006 2010 Valdosta State University Georgia Active 2010-Present [37]

2009 2010 Auburn University Alabama Active 2010-Present [1]

2010 2012 New Jersey Institute of Technology New Jersey Active 2012-Present

List of Colonies of Phi Sigma Kappa

Interest groups may form Colonies, which in turn become Chapters as they earn a Phi Sigma Kappa Charter from the International Headquarters. A charter is a document which conveys from a governing body to a local group permission to operate as a chapter. A PSK Charter also signifies the date and location of the new chapter, and lists its founding members. In the event of a re-colonization, a new group may still refer to the original date of charter when citing the age of their chapter, even if theirs is a re-colonization.

Expansion Program

Phi Sigma Kappa supports a vigorous expansion program of two to four new chapters a year. Phi Sigma Kappa's new colonization efforts typically follow one of three methods:

  • At the request of a viable interest group
  • By affiliation of an existing local fraternity into Phi Sigma Kappa
  • As the result of planned expansion efforts by Headquarters staff.

The Fraternity takes special interest in re-chartering chapters at schools where it previously had a chapter. In such cases, significant funds may be available to support housing or scholarships that have been held in trust, awaiting re-colonization, by alumni of the original chapter.

The Fraternity maintains several full-time staff members dedicated to expansion and the support of interest groups, colonies and new chapters.

Naming Rules

Interest groups are named after the school. Re-colonized groups may refer to themselves by the original chapter designation (name), with the word "Colony" appended. Colonies at schools where Phi Sigma Kappa has not had a presence will be awarded a chapter designation from the main naming sequence as their induction ceremony nears. Regarding the 1985 merger, in cases where an original Phi Sigma Kappa chapter as well as a Phi Sigma Epsilon chapter were present on campus but where both are now dormant, the designation of any new group would normally be the name of the older original chapter. See also main section on Naming System

Where there is lack of progress or low membership, unsuccessful colonies may be disbanded before receiving a charter.

Chapter Colonized Chartered School State Status Charter Range Reference
2013 1900 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Colony 1900-1997

1910 Emporia State University Kansas Colony 1910-1989

2013 1915 University of Michigan Michigan Colony 1915-2003

2013- present

2011 1925
Ohio State University Ohio Colony 1925-1938

2012 1958 Shippensburg University Pennsylvania Colony 1958-2000

See also Nu Pentaton
2013 1959 Clarion University Pennsylvania Colony 1959-2008

2012 1960 Rochester Institute of Technology New York Colony 1960-2004

2012 N/A University of North Carolina, Charlotte North Carolina Colony N/A

Planned for Spring 2014 2008 Georgia Southern Georgia Planned Colony 2008-Present

Appalachian State Colony Estimated for 2014-2016 N/A Appalachian State North Carolina Planned Colony N/A

See also


  • a. ^ The Tau chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa separated from the national organization in 1956 over the issue of racial discrimination and became Phi Tau coeducational fraternity. Two months later, the short-lived policies that incited the separation were themselves dropped, and Phi Sigma Kappa became one of the first fraternities to welcome black students.
  • b. ^ The Epsilon Kappa chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa separated from the national organization in 1998 and became a local organization called Phi Sigma Chi fraternity. This is not to be confused with the NY-based multicultural fraternity of Phi Sigma Chi, with which the Stevens Point chapter has no connection. This now-local chapter has disbanded.
  • c. ^ These three chapters did not participate in the merger between Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Epsilon. A total of seven (these three, plus a schismatic group of PSE Lambda alumni who didn't transition into the new Epsilon Lambda, plus three revived chapters) would go on to form Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Further discussion on the Talk page.
  • d. ^ Cornell was the only school with both a Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Epsilon chapter when the two fraternities merged. Phi Sigma Epsilon's Phi Tau chapter was therefore released to join another national fraternity. It opted to disband, and the building was sold to Alpha Chi Omega sorority.
  • e. ^ Both Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Epsilon had chapters at Ferris State University. The Phi Sigma Kappa chapter closed in 1978. Phi Sigma Epsilon's Sigma Epsilon chapter became the Sigma Epsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa when the two fraternities merged.
  • f. ^ The Sigma Zeta chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon did not participate in the merger with Phi Sigma Kappa. It eventually became a chapter of Phi Sigma Phi but was then re-founded as a colony of Phi Sigma Kappa in 1996.
  • g. same name.
  • h ^ 1952's "Bedford Resolution" was one of the reasons that led to the expulsion of Mu Triton at Boston University, which lost its charter in 1954. Similarly, Beta Triton seceded back to local status in 1955. Hartwick College's Nu Triton was closed for the same reason, also in 1955.
  • i ^ There exists some confusion regarding two chapters named Phi Tau. ΦΣΕ's Phi Tau chapter at Cornell was existent from 1963 until the merger in 1985 when it disbanded in favor of the Fraternity's retaining the elder, original Gamma chapter of ΦΣΚ. This group should not be confused with ΦΣΚ's Tau chapter at Dartmouth, which, upon seceding from the national fraternity in 1956, renamed itself Phi Tau. Name similarity is purely coincidental.


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  • Phi Sigma Kappa National Directory
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